Most of  DC’s post were short and simple , nothing more and nothing less . However he will always get a legion of fanboy commenting his post . People asked why and I will give my interpretations for the reason why today . Before anything , I will be first to admit that I don’t read his post regularly and seriously don’t find them any good . Though , there is this one great post about Mircosoft , and how he earn money through anime blogging  . That one is a must read because it is quite insightful , economic wise .  It teaches you about business trick and so on.

Well , to get back on track ,there are  lots of reasons for his popularity and I will share some of my deductions today .

Reason number 1 :

He is some sort of a celebrity  . He gained lots of exposure after he dances on Tokyo street with his Stormtrooper suit on . This helped him to get attention from the media and  got the chance to appear on television . This exposure than in return helped to generate lots of reader . Liking a blog is something really subjective , I always thought that this blog really sucks and I do think that lots of others thought of that too but strangely , RocketHam seems to like it here . What I want to say is that, even if  you think a blog sucks , there will be readers for it if it hit the right spot .Hence , if only 10% of the readers that DC gained from media exposure or his stormtrooper videos  liked his blog,  Danny had already gotten himself quite a lot of readers .

Reason number 2:

He is a dream come true , a successful example of earning tons of money just by blogging . You me and everyone can be fans of anime(or rather fans of Japan) , it is our hobby but it stay as a hobby . But for Danny , he brought that hobby a step further and make it his job and earn big bucks through it .  Not only that , I bet you heard a lot of tales about how surviving in Japan being a foreigner can be hell but Danny survived and became more sucessful  then most people out there . He surely can be a great source of inspiration and a successful example that people look up to .

He gave people this” hope” of attaining success just through anime . I quoted the word hope for some reason because there are lots of work behind DC’s success . For one , he is a smart businessman and know a trick or two in using anime in a business . I won’t go on with this because it might be really offensive . Think about it in economic sense and everything should be clear . I won’t deny his passion as a fan of Japan though , he is just really smart and could earn money while being passionate  at the same time, killing two stone with one bird . Nothing wrong with that but rather , something commendable.

Reason number 3:

He started his blog pretty early . If I am not wrong , he started blogging as early as pre 2004 or something . Don’t really know the exact time because I am no fan of his  . Starting early when there is a lack of competitor just means that you can get all the attention you want  . I don’t think this need any more explanation .

Reason number 4:

I am different from lots of anime fans because I am very in touch with the mainstream and know how most of them felt about anime  . With that , I met quite a lot of “mainstream” people who read Danny Choo’s blog and actually liked it . The reason why they liked it is because , it is full of easy to read short passages and lots of eye fulfilling pictures .

You see , all those “mainstream” guy is very different from us , they are lazy to read through hundred of words for a blog post . They want something fast and easy to read  , preferably with lots of picture just to waste their time . For us ,a thousand words essay about how so and so anime is this  and that is interesting and contain lots of substance  . However , it is just a wall of boring tl;dr for the mainstream readers. In return , Danny’s short post can be so lacking for us but  interesting for the impatience mainstream readers.

Yes , I am implying that the mainstream can be stupid at times because they don’t take the time to ponder about things . Apathetic might be more suitable than stupid I guess , but they are apathetic about lots of stuff – even important one ,so it isn’t too far fetch to say that they can be quite lacking in  common sense. Well , I digress.

Reason number 5:

He has a nice persona , you might say that he is destroying whatever anime scene in Akihabara or whatever shit but no one actually care about those . Those are just circle jerk discussion . What others can see is him , building up the  feed exchange community and is very friendly in real life and internet .  That’s why even though I don’t really care about his blog or even if he is really destroying whatever fucking anime scene in Akihabara , I can’t hate on him . It is a fact that he is a friendly guy and have good personality . This good personality of him then again make his reader feel accustomed to his blog and continue reading it .

Reason number 6:

If you suck up to him comment in his blog , you might attain some readers because there are just too many visitors on his site . The chance of someone clicking your profile and find your blog is high . I tried it before and gain quite a few hits within minutes . Well , I am not arse enough to do it again  as I don’t really care about readership like I did in the past so yea .

To make things clear , I am not sucking up on DC or anything . I stay on neutral ground .The reason why I make this post is because many people asked why he is so popular , that’s why I felt like pondering and talking about it.Though I won’t say that the reasons I gave were facts but I guess that they  weren’t too far-fetch .