So like it had been long since the last update right? I have been thinking a lot of stuff recently , like the purpose of life, how philosophy is more of how to win in an argument rather than giving you answer to question and lots of stuff about issue such as gender roles and whatever. Then I gave up thinking and went to sleep because in my sleep , I can enter the Suikoden world and become the Suikoden hero .

Recently , I have been reading this Haruki Murakami’s book call “Wind up Bird Chronicle”. Actually , I have been reading it since like 1 month ago and is halfway finishing . You know , other than food , I consume everything very slowly .My reading time only consist of when I am in the toilet shitting or when I am transporting .Think of the nightmare I had especially reading when I am shitting . Some books describe the details such as inserting weird stuff into ass and how fucking painful it is so explicitly , I almost fainted a few times when I shit .

So yea , let’s talk about boobks today . Books are awesome because they help in regulating your sleep . That’s all.

Books is too wide a topic so let’s narrow it to light novel . I have read a few light novels , namely the whole of Twelve Kingdom , some GTO spinoff and such . Not a lot but enough . People always have this misunderstanding that light novel is actually very sophisticated and doesn’t have any clichĂ© such as maid costume and such because it is a “novel” but they are wrong . Light novel is just anime in written form and have shit like Harem and whatsoever as well . Kanokon ,Inukami , Nogizaka Haruka , Shakugan no Shana , Zero no blah blah blah and Haruhi originated from light novel and with that , you should know that it isn’t anything like your usual novel . Of course , there are a few notable exception such as Kino no Tabi and Twelve Kingdom which are truly good and novel like , but they are just the few exception . The rest are just otaku pandering fare like your moe moe anime and such . Hell , lots of moe moe anime actually originated from light novel .

I am bullshitting in this part because I don’t really know the trend in Japan , but I bullshitted that light novel is actually worse in terms of pandering than manga because it gears more toward a more niche otaku crowd . Manga is more mainstream hence the pandering isn’t so excessive like with light novel scene . Of course , maybe it is just that most of the light novel here in Singapore are all the pandering type while in truth , in Japan , light novel is as mainstream and popular like manga then I have nothing to say except that I am wrong and you odd to hang me inside some oil pot and make me an oily man.

With that , I will end of this Rumbling Hearts section and wish everyone a happy birthday because I am sure that out of the million users that read this blog everyday , one of them bound to be born today . Oh , how I wished.