So the total real readers for IWICSYI is 4 ! I take it that the other million of views come from virga bots or some Russian spammers  .

Well , so the result is out! 1 for Philosophy and 3 for Holydream without s .  Personally , I have read some philosophy books and threw them into the dustbin after 5 pages . You know , before I enter philosophy , I always thought that it is a study about life and death and those kind of cool and deep questions . However , out of the 3 books that I read , all started with the topic “Nothing” . I can’t remember about them very well but 3 of them goes on about fallacy and how when you say something is  a non-existing , you don’t need to give examples how they are non-existing because they do not exist in the first place. In other words , if I said that God doesn’t exist , you can’t argue back by saying   how can I prove that it doesn’t exist because there is nothing there for me to prove in the first place .Hence , you can only provide its existence to counter me back but I don’t need any proof to say that it doesn’t exist because the lack of proof  is already  a proof for saying that so and so thing is non-existing .

I don’t know about you man , but that sounds to me like a course note for ” How to Win in an Argument 101″ rather than dwelling about issue of life and death .

What about Holydream then? What the fuck is that anyway? If you meant the Holydreams Holydreams , he doesn’t need to be studied ,  he is too easy to study , we shouldn’t even bother about his existence. Unless he doesn’t comment about this , then he might be worth studying . Otherwise , there isn’t anything worth to study about him . I am so disappointed that so many stupid guy choose this stupid option . Something as boring and plain like Science might be a better and useful choice but well  , people thought that they are cool and funny when they choose this kind of stupid option . This is how poll work , the stupidest and most unrelated option will win . I put this stupid option to test this theory and boy , how I am unsurprised by the result .

I am sad that no one choose the art of salacious video even though I  don’t know what it meant but hey , at least it sounds cool .

So what can we conclude in the end? We can conclude that if Stolid Blogger won in the poll , then I have to study IWICSYI which is  myself the whole day long .

On an unrelated issue , the reason why Mac Donald provides you with toilet paper napkin is not for you to wipe your mouth , it is for you to suck out oil from French Fries .