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You know , at first it look like such an innocent show with innocent kids running around making “puni,puni” sounds and being kids themselves like how Totoro works . But then , after mid way , things started to turn nasty .

1) Every parents sort of accepted  someone who openly says that he liked big breast as a kindergarten teacher. No offences or conflicts occur when Anzu said that her teacher is “hitting” on her  . Also , that kindergarten teacher is one horny fuck . Definitely a great model example for aspiring noble teacher .

2) If this show is realistic, then Japanese parents must be the most open minded living things in earth . What’s with characters having onii chan and otousan tendency  while one loved her teacher and no one is to be blame and everyone seems ok with it .  What?!

3) Loli pandering , seriously , the archetype is there and children don’t act the way they acted in the show . Some bloggers said that it is clean and innocent and I say that they are bullshitting . There are so many lolicon innuendo lying around , no one can really treat it as clean and innocent . The ending loli yuri kiss is one big fucking example plastering on your face .

4) The whole series is just so wrong , what’s with teenage girl marrying with her teacher? If there are conflicts then it might be ok but everyone just fucking simply accepted it! Come on , people make a huge fuss and everything when teacher does that . Teachers are supposed to be model example and have clean records , marrying one’s student or accepting horny bastard as kindergarten teacher are definitely not clean records. Those are just so wrong and unrealistic.

You know how conflicted I am when I watches this show? I enjoyed seeing  the innocent kids acting innocent and cute while laughing at some of its jokes . However , when it is so clear that they are focusing on loli , everything looks so  morally wrong , so much so that a bastard like me feels that this isn’t correct . I wished it to be some Totoro second but it just have to cater to lolicon . Yes , it isn’t as bad as Kodomo Jikan and looks clean(no obvious fanservice) and innocent at face value , but it is a fact that innuendo is hiding under the disguise  of those innocent farce.

They can surely make it really clean and innocent if they cut down on those relationship gimmicks . Just create a children show and show how cute and innocent  childrens are like Neighbourhood Totoro and everything can be good ,but they just need to pander to lolicon . Not that I didn’t expect it to be like that , it is shown during midnight 12  anyway . How can any innocent , inoffensive series air during  midnight 12am! I am disapointed that it is so morally wrong , I expected it to be cleaner .  However , it remains as a fact that some parts are indeed  innocent and is enjoyable to watch . The next episode seems to be more “normal” so I will give it another chance . If they started with those loli gimmicks again then I have to drop it .

If you still believe that it is a clean show then replay that fucking yuri loli kissing ending songs 100 times . Now I am reminded on why I didn’t watch Potemayo after 2 episode , it is because there are lots of sexual innuendos in that seemly cute and innocent show . It is actually worst than Hanamaru Kindergarten but I think I am the only one that thought so . Well , whatever , people are blind anyway.

Funny how that work , I don’t really mind about 400 years old or 18 years old loli lookalike but I am offended by 5 years old animated loli . Maybe it is because I am so used to see real life 18 years old girl acts like infant , so much so that I find 18 years old loli to be more belivable than  a 5 years old loli .


After the fall season , I know for a fact that there are no shitty season , it ‘s just that I didn’t look hard enough for the goond one. But then maybe there is no shitty season because I am easy to content , just give me one exceptionally above average series for a season and that season will be a great season for me .

However , after saying so much rubbish , I am only following a few series . I am thinking of dropping Ookami Kakushi because lol  , Ryukishi 07 isn’t my cup of tea . I gave him chances , but I failed to see his charm, maybe his charm can only be seen through by his game and not his anime adaption but well, never mind . Whatever , you know how I think of his story . With that , I think I am just going to follow 3 to 4 series .

Durarara!! is definitely one , that one is great and I always have a penchant for Brain’s Base series , even if it is something about shitty animated melon can .

Second series I am following will be Sora no Woto . Like I said before , I thought that K-on episode 1 is good and has potential and I see the same potential for Sora no Woto . Hey , at least Sora no Woto got great music that I once expected from K-on(which fails in this compartment when I thought that it will be good because “Don’t Say Lazy” is quite catchy). I always like series with music element. What’s with badly done but better than K-on one like lol “Lemon Angel Project”  and what not.

Thrid series will be shocked! Hanamaru Kindergarten(haven’t watch it though) because I am a lolicon in disguise … not . Haha , I like children because they are cute, not because I fap to them or find them moe .I excpected it to be clean and innocent like lots of bloggers had said .

As manly as I am , a child cuteness pander to me , can’t help with that , I like using Pikachu rather than Zapdos.

In real life. I love to teach and interact with children as well because I want every children to be as manly as me when they grew up,  just the thought of everyone turning into someone like Holydreams makes my blood boils . Oh , I hate annoying kids though , that is also another reason why I like to interact with them so they won’t turn annoying when they are older and makes me hate them and want to punch their guts out and throw them into the sea to let hippopotamus eat them .
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One fine day ,Kanokon waked up early and messes with the Saturday 10 am  happy children time slot .


Recently , I have been contemplating about what  moe really is . As we all know , moe is an abstract idea , vague and used without any rules . The origin said that it is a type of feeling , an affection  , or like what Ken Akamastu said ” a feeling of wanting to protect , a “brotherly love” ” towards character. These affection are mostly causes by attributes of a characters . These attributes mostly are flaws that helped in inducing sympathy or relatability(do we even have this word ? says yes but well… …)/approachability due to being on similar  ground/level . Beware of the word mostly here , there are other attribute as well but this one is one of the few prevalence one .Let’s provide some examples.

Example 1: Makoto from Kanon is moe due to her flaws that helped to induce sympathy . Her weak body , failure in  interacting and other flaws  put herself into a level that is lower than losers . This inspired sympathy from losers because they have similar flaws albeit , not as bad . The “not as bad” helped in turn ,inspired the spirit of wanting to protect because loser understand the characters very well and they know that they wanted that kind of protection they are providing to the characters . Then this understanding of the character and having the sense of protection then again  give them a sense of self-confidence.

This type of moe is  having someone more flawed than you  while the next example although is also about flaws , but the flaws are there to bring someone of a higher ground lower till the extend of approachable.
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I have a penchant for  story with Taoism/Buddhism  attributes  ,  if a series dealt  with them  , I will be hooked immediately.  With that said , I entered Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai without knowing a single thing about it (ok , I know that there is a Gurren Lagann lookalike episode that inspire Gurren Lagann the series itself . Oh , and also DBZ Super Saiyan parody) . That’s why when this series introduce about Yin Yang spiritual and later on , Taoism about the four directional beast[Four Symbol] , I am very impress and shock . Coupled that with wacky over the top Gainax comedy style and fun to listen Osaka dialect  , I know that I will like this series for sure .

Not only that , the series execute its over the top comedy very well . The exaggerated facial expression  and unrealistic movement are really comical and engaging. Not to mention , the random encounters like people turning into mushroom and dragon appearing are just comedic gold . I always liked random plot anyway .

Though this style of comedy doesn’t work for everyone as shown in people’s reaction  toward Gurren Lagann’s jokes . I am surprised after I found out that   many of my friends whom I introduced Gurren Lagann to  didn’t find its comedy  funny .  Rather , they find that it lacks of any appeal and thought that it is shit . Funny how that work because I laughed my ass out for the first few episode of Gurren Lagann . I thought that it resemblance FLCL and those super robot references were genius! It is so intentionally cliché that it turns really unique . Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai shares similar comedic style (no super robot reference as for episode one yet though) but that is to be expected because both have similar staffs working on it.

To end off , even though I think it is enjoyable , it might spiral down into something bad because if they keep it as consistently as episode 1 is , there will definitely be lots of raving reviews about it . However  , in truth is that most people said that it is heavily flawed .

Well , if it being heavily flawed is a fact, then  I am interested in finding out the reason why . Also ,popular opinions even though are mostly always right (not joking) , there is still a chance that they are wrong . I am willing to bet for that chance . I enjoyed the first episode anyway , so why not?

Update: FUCK MAN ! Anyone that say that it is heavily flawed can go and die. Episode 2 is frigging rpg parody! Legitimate and canon rpg parody! The best type of parody in the world man! It is Mahoujin Guru Guru again!

Next episode will be Gurren Lagann ancestor.

Man , I love this show .

Update 2: You know how I always wish that there is this kind of show whereby the director goes crazy and anyhow mix and mash every random thing about robot , knight and anything else  to create the most unique and random series in the world while obviously having lots of fun screwing around? My wish finally came true .

Man , I love this show .

This is why I love Brain’s Base . They have the ability to create such seamless and engaging dialogues . You know , the characters aren’t talking about anything serious or whatever , it is actually mundane rattling but it felt so natural , I am like watching a real life interaction between friends . The humour is also subtle and not forceful .  I can enjoy the whole series just by watching the dialogues .

However , Durarara isn’t about dialogues only , it has great execution and characterisation . Yes , they have a huge cast of characters but each and everyone felt different and identifiable . Of course , you can’t possibly remember everyone by episode 1 , I definitely can’t but I am sure with 5 more episodes , every characters will be memorable . This is as of expected by Baccno creator . I admit that I have a hard time remembering Baccano’s characters at first ,  but unknowingly , I remembered everyone and their characteristic after 4 episode or so . I can’t remember all their names now but I know what have they done and what’s their attributes . This is really a feat considering the large cast . For one , I already forgot who’s who in Ookami Kakushi .

Beside the large cast , the animation is really great as well . Though the outsiders and crowd were discoloured but that was to be expected so you can identify which characters belong to the main cast and which isn’t . They have many characters afterall . The action scene and the jazz music makes you hype up about it and all in all , there is little to nitpick about .

The plot is intriguing as well , so much so that  I actually care about it . Though I have little to no comment about the story as it is just starting , but I can see lots of potential for a fun ride .

I can go on rattling about how great it is but I won’t . It isn’t fair because I liked it so much , I can’t pinpoint down any flaws about it.

Do catch it , it simply is the best series this winter season .

PS: People only notice the Spice and Wolf reference but actually , before the Spice and Wolf segment , Baccano’s opening was played on the huge screen . I think I am one of the few that saw the Denpa Teki Kanojo reference in Akikan! as well because at that time , not many people actually know about it .

0.00- 1.23 : Dragon rider(knight , whatever) 07 san trying to create the mysterious atmosphere but failed with boring execution again . I am less than intrigue.

1.50: What’s with that face?!

2.17-2.19 : Woah ,everyone look the same! Even the male character look the same!

3.02 : I bet that this girl is that black thing with scythe , like she is some wolf or god who can reset the time until you are happy .

3.09: FlyingDog , nice sponsor name . This anime is about wolf anyway , I can see the link .

3.19: Chang-er town? Chang-er as in that girl who live on the moon? Wolf is heavily related with moon , I can see the deep symbolism now . Chang-er is some sort of god as well . Wohoo , deep .

3.27: Is that a Benz? Must be Benz.

4.04: Ok , it isn’t a Benz , but at least it uses signal! Hey , in other anime , they don’t do signal when car turns.

4.28: Hahaha , you know how SC said that Busu Kawai is very intriguing even though it is fucking ugly? Mana here is the great example .

4.49: Why does everyone look like plastic doll!? Oh , Peach-Pit did Rozen Maiden before so they are just  meta referencing. Understandable ,  anything Dragon rider san do must be very deep with lots of layers , even though character design isn’t his problem .

5.00: Woah big eyes , make that big and lifeless eyes . Do you know , anime characters have big eyes because it is easier to showcase emotion through  details of the eyes? I don’t know because I am just bullshitting .

5.14-5.16: Nice way of introducing yourself . Come , give girly women lookalike a hug . Man , why don’t girls greet me like that ? I am more handsome than that girly man!

I bet that there must be some deep reason like parasite affecting one’s brain or debating about magic from non magic to explain why girls get attached to that girly man . No no , not your usual harem fare here . Even if it is , fans won’t care because it is psychological.

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Ending for Dragon Quest 1, there , I spoilt it for you.

Want to be a Dragon Warrior , the true descendant of Roto? Wearing that cool blue armour and getting to date hot princess? Being a king in the end where evil swamp bloom into beautiful flowers? Grinding easy to defeat 6hp metal pieces to reach top-level? What are you waiting for! Come on down and download the Dragon Quest I+II SNES version to enjoy all the above services ! You get to fight dragon and save princess , the upper most dream of every little boy .

We might not have the latest CG interactive cut scene but we have our proudest 16 bit sprite with cute slime drawn by the famous Akira Toriyama! With beautiful 16bit rendered background and tiny cute little figures , travelling around the world  fighting slimes and dragons , we can ensure a fantastic treat for every hardcore gamer out there. To play , just go to any rom site and shamelessly download it . It’s just so easy!!

Download now and you will get not one but two games into one! So go here and here now to download the best game in the world .

Membership registration each sold separately.

Ending for Dragon Quest 2 , there , I spoilt it for you , again .

I do agree that pandering isn’t really commendable  but I can see that lots of people are following the moe haters crowd just because it seems cool and all . Everyone is just copying and restating the same shit all over again  , it started to annoy.

I went to MAL forum thread of Sora no Woto and many people(this guy admit that he judge the plot too fast though) are calling it moeshit while they love the  so call moeshit like K-on(this guy is sure funny. Talk about how moe is overused yet gave 9/10 for K-on) and Lucky Star themselves ! What!  They don’t even really know what moe really is . Moe does not equate to cute .Cuteness might induce moe but moe doesn’t mean cuteness . In other words , cute is some sort of subset of moe not the equation. For one , moe itself isn’t a genre or anything , it is a feeling . but like every Japanese words out there , its meaning got changed drastically(bastardise) . Now moe series is equals to cute pandering series .  I am not one to complain  though as I misused the word moe and hentai as well because I am lazy ,but the user up there seriously show no understanding of the word moe  .

Not to mention ,people are like oracle and can predict that Sora no Woto will be the same old moeshit  like  K-on . Cool! Although I did say that it is ok that one set an expectation after episode 1 but this is no expectation at all! This is total biasness due to prejudice set by  K-on ! This total biasness is stubborn like the second type of expectation I wrote on my previous post . It can’t be change , before we enters a series , we already have prejudice about it . What we wanted to do with this prejudice is to spot all its flaws and ignore everything else.

I have prejudice for Higurashi because it already aired 2 years ago before I watched it . K-on is 4koma in nature,  that’s why one can deduce that it will be pointless ,but does Sora no Woto has any source material to back up that it will like K-on? Except from the uncanny resemblances that has nothing to do with plot line , there isn’t any evidence that Sora no Woto will be  like K-on at all!  Episode 1 was sure pointless by itself but can you seriously say that there will be no plot in sight for the subsequent episode when it has such a massive setting? Only time will tell and before that , we should all shut up . Let’s us make our stand after more episode were shown . If  it became another cake eating pointless pandering series , then I will definitely join in the crusade( like it matters anyway )but right now , I definitely can’t do that becuase it has no obvious flaws like bad animation or bad directing or anything offensively bad that annoys me.

People don’t understand that the similar character design is there for marketing purposes but not because they wanted to create a K-on second . In other words , they just want to lure you in because you thought that it will be K-on second .Though I am not really sure that they aren’t making a K-on second but like I say , only time will tell .

To make thing clear ,I am not defending Sora no Woto definitely , I don’t even find it to be such godly tier series that I need to defend it . I just find the whole “follows the cool crowd” notion a bit tiring . It is ok to see a few strong argument and hatred but when this hatred and argument got copied and pasted for the 1000th times , the strength got diluted and turn into mere annoyance.

Though I admit that I did follow the cool crowd before but that’s just the mistake of youth .I tried to stand on neutral ground nowadays . “But you disliked Higurashi!” , you said.  Actually , I find Higurashi to be decent , the reason why I say that I disliked it is because of over estimation and prejudice that comes with that . My dislike just means that it should be a great series but failed to be one and turn into a decent series .

I will let you in to a secret , I actually thought that K-on is a good show when it first aired ! OMFG! How wrong was I  after knowing what was installed for the subsequent episodes . Seriously though, K-on episode 1 shows lots of potential : Band started out weak but get awesome after sheer determination and training . Manly tears inducing material such as  hard work winning all . A test of friendship through dramatic conflict . Awesome music and awesome concert scene that rock my socks and so on .

However , from episode 2 onwards , we know that none of that happened . Everyone is fucking lazy and doesn’t practise . All they did were pointless shit like eating cakes . Yui acted like a fucktard friend during episode 2 . The music are shitty fluffy songs that weren’t even good . The concert is no “God Knows” at all and finally , there isn’t any tension and drama  . What we got in the end was a fairly well animated pointless series that somehow appeal to the mass . No shit get me as annoyed as I will than being pointless . I dropped Seitokai because it was pointless as well .

I always set my expectation of a series after episode 1 . I speculate what will be installed  in the later part of a series and this often help me not to get disappointed by a series because my speculations were almost always correct .  Even if it was wrong , if it exceed my expectation in a good way , I will like the series even more! Hey , no harm at all doing that right? However there were 2  problems for this – firstly , when a series  turns into shit when it has so much potential and secondly  , your expectation  was shaped by others( prejudice before entering a series or halfway through the series/bias) .

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