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The reason why I don’t watch stuff like Naruto , Bleach and One Piece is not because I hate them but rather , they are too long for their own good . You see , if I take the time of watching Naruto to watch other shorter series , it will sum up to quite a lot of series . This in return diversify my enjoyment and allow me to get exposed to lot of better series. It is like giving up a big chicken that I won’t be able to finish in my lifetime for lots of bite size nuggets that have different tastes that might be more delicious than the big chicken .

Also , for long series with no end at sight , what if they get boring? Should I just drop it and waste the huge amount of time that I had invested or continue to grind the shit out of it when I can use those time to watch better series? And this is actually my dilemma with Gintama .

Gintama was pretty good and it acted like Doraemon or Family Guy where you can breeze through a few episode at once . Not to mention , you can randomly watch any episode and not lose out on anything most of the time . However , it wasn’t that awesome enough for me to waste 100 of episodes time because I can use those time to watch series that I enjoyed more. For one , I am at episode 31 now and to be honest , I didn’t laugh out loud at all . It has its moment but its moment isn’t that “moment” than the moment of the other series like Eureka 7.

So what now? Should I just drop it or continue with it? I am thinking of buying the manga but comedy work better with animated form most of the time because of the voice over and movement . For now , I will wait and if it ever end at lesser than 250 episodes , I might pick it up again . If it went never-ending like One piece or Naruto than I will have to drop it .

One of my biggest flaw as an anime fan is that I suck at marathoning anime . I used up lots of energy just by watching one episode.Also , I have too many hobbies , for one , I have about 200+ volumes of manga  and 8 to 10 novels left unread.

In the end , I wished for more series  like Major – condensing 60+ volumes of material with only 130 episode while having a good pacing . That’s what I called making good use of time .


The Bad:

The Love Machine’s personality was too convinient- he love to have fun that’s why he  turned into a retard in the end.

Lazy ending , the love machine was too easily defeated by playing some card game .Why not a battle of maths instead? Since the Love Machine need Kenji’s skill to break the 8000+ digits security in the first place , I take it that it has lousy maths skill so a battle of maths might be more secure than a battle of card game right? Oh , I forgot that  they have to make Natsuki useful , that’s why .

All the elite programmers had died , no one can stop an AI . Also , after they successfully breached into the system everyone just leave it at that and don’t bother to find ways to kill the Love Machine even after it causes so much trouble.

The main character Kenji was pretty useless even until the end .
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it will be Naruto .

I don’t blog in bad english because I wanted to , but rather I don’t know English well enough to blog fluently. Strange enough , lots of people out there are better than me in English but choose to write like 12 years old because to them , blogging isn’t a platform for you to share your thoughts but rather , a diary where you should write incoherent internet speak . To them , they have never spare a thought for their readers as they treated blogging as writing a personal diary , if you don’t like it ,then don’t read it.

I always thought the “if you don’t like it ,then don’t read it”  retort  is the most lazy and cliché defend seconded to “Do better before criticising”   . I believed that the reason why one will post on a public domain is  that he/she wants to share their thoughts to the world and is prepared for any disagreement because you literally ask for it when you made your thoughts public . For one , if I don’t read it , how do I know that I won’t like it? Also , if I really don’t like it , what’s the reason ? Like I said , you write a public blog to share your thoughts , in other words , you are sort of writing for the readers . That’s why if a reader dislike it , their reason should be valued because hell , you are writing for them in the first place . Unless if they are trolls  .

To end off , I think that everyone should tried their best in writing coherently because publishing their thoughts to the public is a testament that you are blogging for the readers . If you are blogging it like a diary ,then MS Word will be enough .

My inspiration for this post

Here is the specific excerpt that inspired me .

I am currently  18 years old(19 this year) male XD ^^;

this blog made mainly  to share my though, and I study overseas atm so I can’t show you my collection no not for now!

-if you asking why this blog name moemoekyun I am not K-ON! fanboy or mio big fan  ^^;; I use mio catchphrase hahhahaha I make this blog when re-watch K-ON! eps 4 lol >_> and sudenlly ritsu and yui said moemoekyun and my fingers ninja type moemoekyun in seconds LOL hahhahahha but I like mio in maid uniform form^^

and scarlet devil mansion is taken from touhou  my main love for now

the main reason I start blogging ‘I want to get rid from and’ XD

people act him like as “otaku emperor” that’s why I am try to get my own world with blogging

call me an otaku if you think me as otaku for now I can’t call myself as an otaku yet!

for now : otaku just word that danny used to call himself. if businessman/capitalism/celebrity like danny choo consider himsef as an otaku I have no idea what Is the meaning of otaku @_@ I must admit he have charm and nice community but he isn’t otaku XD

collection career :

I build gundam since I was 8,and start collecting figures since 3 years ago not so many since i don’t have so much money ^^

I mainly go with manga,anime  and game I am not really influenced for now only few H game and touhou

sorry for my lack of English language ^^

I know , me criticising on other’s english is the biggest joke but man , seriously. My English can’t possibly be any better than him/her( Most likely him because anime is porn and boys like porn while girls hate it because they shit pink shit) , my friends can definitely attest to that. Hell , the amount of grammar mistakes that I couldn’t spot in this post should be more than enough .

Oh , and I really hate emoticon .

If you know my top 10 anime , you will find that it is full of inconsistency with lots of oddballs such as Kanon 2006 and KGNE popping out like shit among flower bed . Sometimes I am also baffled by my own preference in anime and thought to myself why I liked those show when I usually prefered show that is of their opposite spectrum. Not to mention , I actually agreed on their flaws and complains pointed out by others . If you don’t know yet , one of my favourite hobby is plodding through the internet , searching for flames on Kanon 2006 because it is really fun reading all the criticisms. I guess it is some sort of masochism but well , liking anime and proclaim that you liked anime while wearing a Tengen Toppa Cospa shirt when anime are being looked down at as some dirty nerd entertainment is sort of masochism as well . I guess I am used to it and is able to treat it as something natural or something .

However there must be reasons why I liked such flawed series in the first place and after much contemplation , I came out with some .
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You see , most arcade/rpg video game to anime adaption are bad ,like real bad with shitty animation and storyline that make no sense . Even the much-lauded best game to anime adaption like Street Fighter II the movie and FF7 Advent Children have storyline that were pulled out from someone ass . No , their story isn’t simple like fuck but rather , stupid and make no sense at all . However surprisingly , Fatal Fury ova 2 has at least a coherent story about Terry Bogard standing up again after failure . The Fatal Fury Movie although full of corny lines , tried to have a story that is at least passable . Yes , their story isn’t complex nor good but at least it make sense and that is one great job well done considering their source material . The first ova suck ass though because it was really bad , better than K-on but still bad objectively .

Not only did Fatal Fury win at trying to have a coherent plot , their fight scenes are actually good . Let the video do the talk instead.

now , compare to this shit – Fate Stay Night the anime.

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Spiral energy , contain boobie robot and polygon man  .

Anime blogs are good at everything except for being informative . You can have lots of strong opinions but seldom you will see post with strong facts . You will also read lots of “About” page and see lots of description about how so and so blogger dwell on about Japanese anime culture or something but all they tell you are gravure idols and stuffs that no one don’t know .

The reason why I am saying this is because every time when I want to read up  more about the anime culture and  what’s behind it , I have a hard time finding great source . Recently , after I bullshitted about Light Novel , I wanted to research more about it and  the trend of Light Novel in Japan but all I got were sweeping generalisation on how it is very “popular” and nothing else . You see , popular is too general and I don’t really know how popular is popular.  Unlike anime where I know exactly how mainstream or niche a series is , I have no idea at all how Light Novel is seen in Japan . Is Light Novel as mainstream as manga or is it as niche as late night anime? How is its status compare to “real” novel?

There is seriously a lack of attention on Light Novel when compare to other medium . Even Eroge/Visual Novel have enough information for us to get the gist of it .

Yes , we have some reviews about it here and there but what about information of its trend and its nature in Japan? Near to none I will say (or at least I can’t find any).

So to those that at least know a thing or two , can you please tell me more about Light Novels ? All I want to know is the trend of Light Novels (in Japan), how it is view in Japan ,  niche or mainstream (in Japan), status when compare with “real” novels(in Japan) and the nature of it(in Japan) . Nature as in “ewww , for stinky otaku” or ” ewww for fucking nerds” or ” wow , cool shit” , or ” everyone from young to old read it”  and stuff like these . You can spare me the details about how it contain anime graphic and stuff that I can find in wikipedia , tvtropes and other sites like those .

* Spare me stuff about foreigner(countries outside of Japan) takes on Light Novel as well. Oh , and I had read the one and only ranobecafe and . Informative but still lacking in terms of trend in Japan.

Astro Fighter Sunred – A heart warming series of Good vs Evil , Rabbit Vs  Hero .

P.S Chinese sub is funnier ; English sub make me fall asleep.

And that anime is : Ga-rei zero. Prequel of the manga series Ga-rei. Read the rest of this entry »


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