1. I finally found and bought the Welcome to NHK novel today . I hoped that it will be good because it’s manga sucks .

2. Loli porn gets you in jail for 6months ,  American please be aware . Though in Singapore , if I remember correctly , owning and watching  of any porn is considered a crime . Yea , our Media Development Access block porn site . Ha! And American bitch about freedom of speech just because they can’t read virtual children get rape.

3.Oh , and Nana (the comic) is a porn book in Singapore . In other words , if I call 999(our police number) to raid any comic book store that sells Gantz , it will be on the headline tomorrow. Something like ” Comic Store sell PORNOGRAPHY book , THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!” and lots of idiotic parents acting concern will appear.

4.The Spring Season actually look awesome . See my twitter updates to know what show I will be following . I need to tell you what show I am watching because I have great taste and if you follow my lead , you won’t be sorry …  or so I wished.

5. It will be Chinese New Year soon and like always , I will not bath and stay at home , avoiding all the visit because I am lazy.

6. If you think that I only say that I am awesome and cool in internet , then you are wrong . I said it everywhere even on serious final year project presentation to all the school’s important people because I am really that cool , in real life and internet.

7.It had been 3 weeks  and counting since I last watched any anime , this shows how hardcore I am .

8. Wohooo , Cross Game manga is ending , time to purchase it . My biggest dream now is to own every single Adachi’s work but Touch is a hell bitch to get.

9.I think my first $80 per 3 month purchase will be the two Ghost In The Shell season box set . If I felt really good about it , then I might really stop pirating anime .

10.Kimi Ni Iru Machi volume 7! Ha , finally out ! Oh and Bakuman 6 , though Bakuman is getting suckier and suckier . The Deathnote pair always have this problem of having an awesome first volume then drag the fuck out of things after awhile .