And that anime is : Ga-rei zero. Prequel of the manga series Ga-rei.

The first episode was pretty redundant, to be honest. It merely introduced a few one-episode characters who died at the end of the episode. The only link it has with the later episodes are : Yomi, monsters that appear randomly, the guy whose name that I don’t know (er, I think he’s some expedition leader’s son or something).

Oh and blue butterflies are nice too. Possible pairing with Yuyuko of Touhou (Pink Butterflies), or Beatrice of Umineko (Gold butterflies). And other butterfly-related characters.

Few things I’ve noticed from this show :
1. It’s uncensored. Hell, and that scene appeared just when my niece was walking past me.

2. The skirts are amazingly short, and there’s no panty shots. I mean, wow? It’s uncensored but no panty shots? Not like I want it but it’s quite shocking, come to think about it. So how short is it? Well, imagine the heroine has a cut at around her upper thigh area, and her friends could comment to her, in school, “Where did you cut yourself?” That’s how short it is. I mean, that’s how short their school skirts are.

3. Quite a few familiar concepts, such as Nanoha version of using cartridges to strengthen the weapons. (Not sure if there’s any precedents before Nanoha). Kaguya’s sword reminded me of Signum’s sword (Forgot its name).

4. I still don’t really get why people can fight in such beautiful(?) moves and patterns, evading, counterattacking those seemingly complex moves, yet die upon 1 simple stab? I mean, I seriously don’t get it. Maybe someone could explain more about this?

5. A supernatural team driving a car, wanting to save Japan, but is always stuck in a traffic jam? And ramming other cars just to push forward? Wow. And a sub-par(aka useless) team having helicopters as a mode of transport.

6. I have no idea why Mei ripped her clothes before she bled to death.

7. Iron(the one which people use to iron their clothes) is the weapon of choice when one’s sword is sent for maintenance.

8. I see Pocky as Pocky. Does that mean Pocky is a sponsor?

9. Episode 10 was exact replicate of episode 2 (for about half of episode 10 that is).

Ok I know I suck doing an anime review.


Anyway, for the earthquake post, I was just wondering how many people would fall for the “because fallacy”.

Option 2 seemed to be the more believable choice as there was a reason linked to the cause of the flood (due to earthquake), whereas option 1 merely states that a flood occurred.

It’s something like merchandising a product. With more reasons to support your point, people will be more believing of the product. For example, comparing between merely stating that your washing powder can wash off stains and explaining how your washing powder works (ie the sodium cyclamate will attack the fatty acids, xylitol denatures the proteins, saccharine bleaches the shirt to spotless white etc). People would tend to believe in the latter’s promotion about his washing powder being better than the former’s as it SOUNDS more convincing, as there were reasons how the washing powder could clean your shirt better.

Oh before you quote me for the above reasoning how washing powders clean your shirt, do note that xylitol, saccharine, and sodium cyclamate are artificial sweeteners and do not help in any of the processes of washing your clothes (except the part where it might have dirtied your clothes)

So, all in all, I’m not good with explaining the whole thing, but I think more or less one should be able to get it, I hope.