Anime blogs are good at everything except for being informative . You can have lots of strong opinions but seldom you will see post with strong facts . You will also read lots of “About” page and see lots of description about how so and so blogger dwell on about Japanese anime culture or something but all they tell you are gravure idols and stuffs that no one don’t know .

The reason why I am saying this is because every time when I want to read up  more about the anime culture and  what’s behind it , I have a hard time finding great source . Recently , after I bullshitted about Light Novel , I wanted to research more about it and  the trend of Light Novel in Japan but all I got were sweeping generalisation on how it is very “popular” and nothing else . You see , popular is too general and I don’t really know how popular is popular.  Unlike anime where I know exactly how mainstream or niche a series is , I have no idea at all how Light Novel is seen in Japan . Is Light Novel as mainstream as manga or is it as niche as late night anime? How is its status compare to “real” novel?

There is seriously a lack of attention on Light Novel when compare to other medium . Even Eroge/Visual Novel have enough information for us to get the gist of it .

Yes , we have some reviews about it here and there but what about information of its trend and its nature in Japan? Near to none I will say (or at least I can’t find any).

So to those that at least know a thing or two , can you please tell me more about Light Novels ? All I want to know is the trend of Light Novels (in Japan), how it is view in Japan ,  niche or mainstream (in Japan), status when compare with “real” novels(in Japan) and the nature of it(in Japan) . Nature as in “ewww , for stinky otaku” or ” ewww for fucking nerds” or ” wow , cool shit” , or ” everyone from young to old read it”  and stuff like these . You can spare me the details about how it contain anime graphic and stuff that I can find in wikipedia , tvtropes and other sites like those .

* Spare me stuff about foreigner(countries outside of Japan) takes on Light Novel as well. Oh , and I had read the one and only ranobecafe and . Informative but still lacking in terms of trend in Japan.