You see , most arcade/rpg video game to anime adaption are bad ,like real bad with shitty animation and storyline that make no sense . Even the much-lauded best game to anime adaption like Street Fighter II the movie and FF7 Advent Children have storyline that were pulled out from someone ass . No , their story isn’t simple like fuck but rather , stupid and make no sense at all . However surprisingly , Fatal Fury ova 2 has at least a coherent story about Terry Bogard standing up again after failure . The Fatal Fury Movie although full of corny lines , tried to have a story that is at least passable . Yes , their story isn’t complex nor good but at least it make sense and that is one great job well done considering their source material . The first ova suck ass though because it was really bad , better than K-on but still bad objectively .

Not only did Fatal Fury win at trying to have a coherent plot , their fight scenes are actually good . Let the video do the talk instead.

now , compare to this shit – Fate Stay Night the anime.

What’s the difference? Let’s look at  Fate Stay Night first. The whole fight scene is  just bad with lots of static frames and lazy animation like panning the camera forward to show Archer running . Not to mention , everything is done with minimal animation. Just look at 2.13 to 2.22 , what the fuck is that? Still frames with little and boring movement .  That isn’t the only example, if you pay just a little bit more attention , it won’t be hard to notice more uses of still frames and panning.  It is ok to cut corner but it isn’t ok to cut so much so it make the whole sequence dull and boring .

Now look at Fatal Fury , although it uses some loop and static frame to cut corner as well but most of the time , it tried to animate every movement  . Even though 3.48 to 4.05 is just a looping of frames , it look better than still frame with little movement. Hell , at least they moved and move with style!

I don’t know man , if you still think Fate Stay Night battle’s is more exciting then lol , yea whatever , suit yourself bro .Also , let’s not forget that Fate Stay Night is a 2006 series while Fatal Fury is a 1993 ova .

The reason I used Fate Stay Night as an example because it contains lots of common attributes for action series in the digital animation era. Look at Shana , Kaze No Stigma , Murder Princess and even FMP first season (second half) . Most of them have limited movement similar to Fate Stay Night during their fight scenes and they are boring . No wonder why I thought that the school life romance comedy segment of FMP is better than its serious mecha battles . The point I wanted to make is that Fatal Fury’s fight scenes were great even when compared to today’s standard . So as an action series , it deserve the praise and a  better rating while stuff like Fate Stay Night should be ashamed when action is a big part of it .

The Fatal Fury Movie have even better animated fights due to its theatrical nature so I won’t elaborate on it .

Third reason why Fatal Fury anime is good because it serve its purpose well . The purpose is for Fatal Fury fans to look at their favourite character in animated form. As a fan myself , I will say that it is satisfying . The character design isn’t too far off from the original and their moves are more or less similar. The characters also acted like their game counterpart . Not to mention , the whole anime is actually enjoyable and not some snore fest or shitty piece of crap. It isn’t far fetch to say that it is a successful fan-service anime , hell , even Mai showed her boobs!

Though Fatal Fury is consider quite obscure when compare to giant like Street Fighter and FF7 . Maybe this is why Street Fighter II the movie and Advent children are more well received while Fatal Fury was constantly derided . Even though I said this , I will think that you can enjoy Fatal Fury Ova 2 and Movie  even if you are not a fan of it  . Man , at least it is more enjoyable than Kampfer .

Otherwise , I just have really bad taste becuase I actually thought that Spriggan was really cool too .