If you know my top 10 anime , you will find that it is full of inconsistency with lots of oddballs such as Kanon 2006 and KGNE popping out like shit among flower bed . Sometimes I am also baffled by my own preference in anime and thought to myself why I liked those show when I usually prefered show that is of their opposite spectrum. Not to mention , I actually agreed on their flaws and complains pointed out by others . If you don’t know yet , one of my favourite hobby is plodding through the internet , searching for flames on Kanon 2006 because it is really fun reading all the criticisms. I guess it is some sort of masochism but well , liking anime and proclaim that you liked anime while wearing a Tengen Toppa Cospa shirt when anime are being looked down at as some dirty nerd entertainment is sort of masochism as well . I guess I am used to it and is able to treat it as something natural or something .

However there must be reasons why I liked such flawed series in the first place and after much contemplation , I came out with some .

Reason number 1 – I like teenage emo angst( agony , tragedy).

Angst has a negative connotation because it present their characters as weaklings . Not to mention , they can be emotional manipulative  at times . However one of the reason why I like Japanese work such as their literature and anime so much is that it is full of angst. Look at their best seller: No Longer Human and Kokoro , man those books are full of agony where the theme is depressingly bleak with no hope insight.A more recent example will be Murakami’s Norwegian Wood . That book might as well be in animated form and be proclaimed as KGNE number 2 – with extra angst , suicide and sex . I personally call them the unhealthy books because they dampen your spirit. Look at this post for example.

Seriously , Japanese love to cry and make stuff for you to cry . It is like some form of spiritual foundation for their works . Just  look at those depressing porno games , angst filled rpg , tear jerker drama and fuckup anime .  Most of them are highly acclaimed  because people there digged these kind of stuff. Just so happen , I am those kind of people as well .The reason why I liked these angst/agony   is because I like conflicts in my story . Those conflicts might be depressing but if I  felt sad after watching something  , it just meant that the work had succeeded in affecting me one way or another .

Kgne and Kanon2006 are high with the theme of angst , that’s why I liked them enough to place them high up on my list.

Reason number 2 – I like  characters that people hate .

You hate Takayuki? Man I loved him because he causes so much troubles . These troubles in turn became conflicts and this conflicts again became agony and tragedy . These agony and tragedy then roundabout with reason number 1 .

You see , I have this really weird rating for characters such that I don’t care about their personality . I only care about the story/plot they provide me with , be it angst or crowning moment of awesome . One of the reason why I liked Simon more than Kamina beside Kamina being a loud mouth whom steal all the limelight when it was Simon that does all the work behind it is that Simon provided me with  more crowning moment of awesome and angst. You see , his first love liked the person he admire the most, he  lost his beloved brother-like figure  ,  lost lots of comrades and  his wife disappeared  after their marriage. What’s more , he became a  Ronin in the end . Man , what a tragic hero – the best kind of hero for me .

This strange quirk of mine when it come to characters might be the reason why I seldom hate any of them – be it weak , shitty , moe , lousy , cut board, horny or others . This might also be the reason why my taste sometimes diverge a lot from others ; people care a lot about the character personality.  People might hate or like an anime when their characters are moe , however for me , I am totally apathetic about their stereotype . They might have the most generic personality but if they provide me with things that I enjoyed – especially emo drama , then they will be good character in my book .

A great elaboration will be stating my favourite character in Clannad . At first , I liked Nagisa because I thought that she will provide me with lots of good drama because she has  the higher percentage of dying. However , after season 1 , she was pretty much useless in most of the arcs and her short before story arc of creating the drama club was boring , that’s why I don’t like her that much in the end . Then come After Story , OMFG! Her arc sucks more than ever with long drawn boring scenario of graduating and such . Even her much lauded death did nothing to me . What’s worse , she got revived in the end , fuck! In other words , Nagisa turn from a character that I liked to some dull character in the end .

The side characters’ stories are good though and by that , I meant that the After Story first 12 episode are better than the rest of the series . However side characters being side characters , they weren’t flashed out enough for me to like them . So in the end , I didn’t like anyone in Clannad. If I am forced to like any of their characters , then  I will say that it will be either Tomoya , Sunohara or Rocker Electrician Guy or the other side characters since I quite liked the story they provide.

In the end , you see , the reason why I like Kanon 2006 is because I find the stories of their characters to be fascinating and unique and that is enough for me . I can ignore their stupidity and moe moe traits if they can provide me with great drama . In other words , people may want to protect those moe characters but I wished for their death and suffering because that will ensure great drama .  In the end , no one die and everyone is happy though . That itself is ok as well because at least the characters had gone through  enough suffering  for my enjoyment.


In the end , I guess I am a plot guy . I care more about the character’s stories rather than the character themseleves , if that make any sense. As for my top ten anime , I will share it after I finished Haibane Renmei and Eureka 7 though please be assured that KGNE and Kanon 2006 will be in there. I might do a top twenty because top ten isn’t enough .