I don’t blog in bad english because I wanted to , but rather I don’t know English well enough to blog fluently. Strange enough , lots of people out there are better than me in English but choose to write like 12 years old because to them , blogging isn’t a platform for you to share your thoughts but rather , a diary where you should write incoherent internet speak . To them , they have never spare a thought for their readers as they treated blogging as writing a personal diary , if you don’t like it ,then don’t read it.

I always thought the “if you don’t like it ,then don’t read it”  retort  is the most lazy and cliché defend seconded to “Do better before criticising”   . I believed that the reason why one will post on a public domain is  that he/she wants to share their thoughts to the world and is prepared for any disagreement because you literally ask for it when you made your thoughts public . For one , if I don’t read it , how do I know that I won’t like it? Also , if I really don’t like it , what’s the reason ? Like I said , you write a public blog to share your thoughts , in other words , you are sort of writing for the readers . That’s why if a reader dislike it , their reason should be valued because hell , you are writing for them in the first place . Unless if they are trolls  .

To end off , I think that everyone should tried their best in writing coherently because publishing their thoughts to the public is a testament that you are blogging for the readers . If you are blogging it like a diary ,then MS Word will be enough .

My inspiration for this post   http://moemoekyun.wordpress.com/.

Here is the specific excerpt that inspired me .

I am currently  18 years old(19 this year) male XD ^^;

this blog made mainly  to share my though, and I study overseas atm so I can’t show you my collection no not for now!

-if you asking why this blog name moemoekyun I am not K-ON! fanboy or mio big fan  ^^;; I use mio catchphrase hahhahaha I make this blog when re-watch K-ON! eps 4 lol >_> and sudenlly ritsu and yui said moemoekyun and my fingers ninja type moemoekyun in seconds LOL hahhahahha but I like mio in maid uniform form^^

and scarlet devil mansion is taken from touhou  my main love for now

the main reason I start blogging ‘I want to get rid from figure.fm and DC.com’ XD

people act him like as “otaku emperor” that’s why I am try to get my own world with blogging

call me an otaku if you think me as otaku for now I can’t call myself as an otaku yet!

for now : otaku just word that danny used to call himself. if businessman/capitalism/celebrity like danny choo consider himsef as an otaku I have no idea what Is the meaning of otaku @_@ I must admit he have charm and nice community but he isn’t otaku XD

collection career :

I build gundam since I was 8,and start collecting figures since 3 years ago not so many since i don’t have so much money ^^

I mainly go with manga,anime  and game I am not really influenced for now only few H game and touhou

sorry for my lack of English language ^^

I know , me criticising on other’s english is the biggest joke but man , seriously. My English can’t possibly be any better than him/her( Most likely him because anime is porn and boys like porn while girls hate it because they shit pink shit) , my friends can definitely attest to that. Hell , the amount of grammar mistakes that I couldn’t spot in this post should be more than enough .

Oh , and I really hate emoticon .