The Bad:

The Love Machine’s personality was too convinient- he love to have fun that’s why he  turned into a retard in the end.

Lazy ending , the love machine was too easily defeated by playing some card game .Why not a battle of maths instead? Since the Love Machine need Kenji’s skill to break the 8000+ digits security in the first place , I take it that it has lousy maths skill so a battle of maths might be more secure than a battle of card game right? Oh , I forgot that  they have to make Natsuki useful , that’s why .

All the elite programmers had died , no one can stop an AI . Also , after they successfully breached into the system everyone just leave it at that and don’t bother to find ways to kill the Love Machine even after it causes so much trouble.

The main character Kenji was pretty useless even until the end .

The gray area:

Kenji is there to give hope to nerd . The whole message that Kenji embodied was that if you have any unique skill like Maths , you can make it big and win the best girl in the end even if you are a nerd. Is this bad or good? It really depend on your ideal.

One of the theme conveyed by Kazuma is that , don’t fret about being an outcast/geek , there are always places where you truly belong to . What’s more , you might  even be really popular at there . This was showcased by the Bunny King Kazuma being really popular in OZ but Kazuma himself look like some ostracized geek who got bullied before in real life. It this good or bad? I don’t know and Kazuma’s present wasn’t flash out enough . He might looked like an ostracized geek who glued behind his computer screen 24hours/7 but he might be a really popular guy ! I don’t really know man .

The Good:

The “OZ” system was imaginative.

It touches on issue such as human being too reliable on machine , hence when the machines go haywire,  chaos ensure.

Family values .

Theme of standing up and fight the fight. Yes , Kenji was still the same old Kenji in the end but at least he dared to stand up during crucial time . I take it that he was just shy and soft-spoken ; it isn’t wrong being shy and soft-spoken right?  Even so , his contribution isn’t enough . In other words , he is still quite useless  even until the end .

The great grandma was strong  , even though the rest of the female cast were quite weak and useless .

The background music is good.

It was well animated , very fluid and engrossing.


It was enjoyable enough to outweight its flaws ; I really liked it . Maybe I have too  low of an expectation but I was really impressed by it.  Hey , at least it still some sort of exceed my expectation by a huge margin and everything looked nice . That’s enough for me for an anime to be good and enjoyable. It might look like I hated the show but I thought that it was really good . If it isn’t clear enough ,I actually gave it quite a high score in my book .