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Now that I have finished the legendary 3 Adachi’s Baseball series , let’s do a retrospective . First thing first ,for those that think  that Adachi can only churn out carbon copies of slice of life baseball series with the same character design , then you must have not really watch any of them at all.  Without  further ado ,let’s start our retrospective by going into details onto each series . Of course , there are full of spoilers but don’t you worry , I watched and read all 3 of them while knowing their spoilers but it doesn’t spoil any of my enjoyment . They aren’t series that focus on the result but rather , the process so no amount of spoilers will hinder the enjoyment for any of them. I also take it that you have watched and read all of them as I won’t provide any plot synopsis.

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Recently  I found out a dangerous trend for my viewing habits … … I had been giving either 9 or 10 for all the series that I watched this past few months . What does that mean? It means that my taste is too good and I couldn’t pick up any above average series to watch nowadays . My latest completed above average series was Nyan Koi and that’s like a few months ago . After that , I have been busy watching really great show , so much so that I felt like if I keep going on , I won’t remember how anime could be above average. So here is my challenge to you.  Recommend me an above average series for me to watch ! Below I will list down  some criteria.

MAL <- My MAL account to refer to as guideline.

1.Episode counts shouldn’t be more than 26 .

2.The anime shouldn’t be highly acclaimed or even great for your standard. (Series below 8.00 on rating site such as MAL and anidb is a great gauge , actually , please use those rating site as a gauge.)

3. Something that isn’t on my MangaList .

4. No sequel or prequel or spinoff or alternate version. If sequel added up to not more than 26 episode then it is ok. If sequel hasn’t air yet then it isn’t ok .

5.No Ovas , Movies or Shorts.

6.If it is a manga adaption , the adaption should be complete with a conclusive ending. Nyan Koi type of ending is considered complete for me.

7. Give me something which I will rate a 7 or a low 8 on my MAL list. Something that ranges from 73.5 to 79 in other words.

8. If it is Yaoi and it isn’t better than Ofuuri then don’t recommend it . If it is Yuri and it isn’t better than F Compo which also means that such series doesn’t exist , don’t recommend it .

9. No Shoujo series as well because they make my penis shrink .

10. Trashy fanservice and retarded Harem are welcome though because I seldom watch them so I don’t hate them as much as others. Though they must be above average . Midori Hibi and Kamisama Kazoku are great guidelines . Something like Grenadier fits in the bill as well.

11. Preferably no moe or little children as the main theme but well , that’s kind of difficult huh?

12. No ongoing series or series that haven’t air.

13. If it isn’t clear enough , any genre ranging from sports to romance to ecchi to harem to visual novel adaption to whatever except for Yuri , Yaoi and Shoujo is ok .

14. Something  that was not listed on my MAL account.

15. I don’t mind old school series .

Clearer guideline of what not to recommend :

Toradora , Code Geass and Bakemonogatari are highly acclaimed series even if you personally disagree  to that.

Clearer guideline of what to recommend :

Kurau Phantom Memory , Niea Under 7, Romeo X Juliet and errr if I  know  I won’t write this post right?

P.S. This is actually a motivation post for me to watch Kurau Phantom Memory or Niea Under 7 because no one will possibly recommend me an anime to watch in the first place since I don’t even have that many readers… … right?  Though I hoped that someone will prove me wrong.

Ok I’m pretty sure everyone knows I suck in doing any reviews.So this won’t be a review of any sort.

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STOMPer sharperner is grateful towards this gentleman who gave up his seat for his pregnant wife, even though his friends laughed at him for doing so.

The STOMPer said:

“I was taking bus service 56 back home with my pregnant wife.

“The bus was crowded.

“This kind gentleman gave up his seat for my heavily pregnant wife.

“His friends laughed at him but he remained cool.

“May god bless this kind gentleman for his chivalrous act.

That is our snakey there and man! His friends are pretty bastard eh? Laugh at his kindness act like some evil Satan reincarnation . They are so evil , if you say that they aren’t serial killers I won’t believe you . Haizz , teenagers nowadays , so evil and stupid . Stupid  asshole teenagers.

Oh and his bastard friend(s) is me of course.

In the end , I still don’t get some of the stuff because I am stupid but what can I say other than it being well done? I know what I can say : it really knows how to take its own sweet time and Dominic is useless . Now onto the N moments of Eureka 7.

Favourite Characters:

1.Axel thurston

2. William the Farmer

3. The Beams Couple

Crowing moment of awesome:

1.Axel Thurston sending the ref board to the new Nirvash.

Best episode

1. Episode 39

Best Song

1. Canvas

2. Sakura

3. First ending song

Other thoughts:

Woah , the show somehow understand me really well and did what I hoped  on many instances . When I hoped that Talho will change her outfit because it was getting too disturbing especially when the camera shots are so focused on her riduculous outfit , then boom ,on the same episode , she cut her hair and changed into a more ridiculous  outift.

When I felt that Axel Thurston isn’t getting enough screen time ,a chain of episode that focus on him happened.

I hoped that the Beams family will appear soon after Renton left them then boom , there are 3 episodes focusing on them after that and they died.

When Eureka grew those digusting green  shit , I hoped that they will disappear soon and true enough , they disappeared not long after .

Unexpected events

They  always unravel important plots when I least expected.

I never expect Eureka to be able to change form so many time.

In conclusion , I guess I am late for 5 years huh? Oh and : I CAN FLY!!!! I don’t know how nor don’t know why but I knew he will say that.

Wanting to test how many anime I know of , I login to a Chinese site that has a whole list of anime for you to download . To my surprise , I found out lots of anime that I never heard of . Before calling me a noob , let’s be honest , have you fucking heard of any anime with the name “Jungle no Ohja Ta-chan”? What the fuck is that? Though it look funny but still who the  hell heard of it? Just to test all of your knowledge , I will list down some anime that I found which I have no idea of .

1. Aka-chan to Boku

2.Jungle no Ohja Ta-chan

3.Super Radical Gag Family aka Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku

4.Asagiri no Miko

5.Ultimate Girl

6.Shippu Iron Leaguer


8.Gendou Otomei

9.Moeru ! Onii-san


10.Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger

I also noticed that my Harem knowledge is really lacking . There are tons of Harem that I have not heard of . Actually , it is more like they are all so similar , you don’t really know what’s what.

Of course , I have no idea for those Yaoi and lolicon fest as well . The Magical Girl genre is another killer while children shows are so massive , knowing all of them is quite impossible.

This shows that my genre coverage isn’t wide enough . Although I am sure that these unknown series stayed unknown for a reason . Though I don’t mind trying show like Aka-chan to Boku ,Jungle no Ohja Ta-chan and Super Radical Gag Family aka Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku because they actually look great.

For your information , I actually watched and know about Kuso Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy and Cho Hatsumei Boy Kanipan in which Cho Hatsumei Boy Kanipan  is quite a good children cartoon where a boy inventor compete in some inventor contest . It is like Doraemon with lots of interesting invention and wacky storyline . I highly recommend it . As for Gulliver , it isn’t the story of Gulliver travel to small human island but rather a boy gain the power of light to fight monster. It is actually quite repetitive like your usual monster per week but the light power were really cool , when I was 9 that is .

Now I have show off my obscure knowledge and done enough masturbation, it is your turn now!  What is the most obscure series you had watched ( complete or not ) and which is the most obscure series you know of ? Know of as in you heard of the name before .

Update: Haha , I found another of my childhood favourite ,”Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger” . I remember that the story turn quite dark during the last few episode where lots of their comrade died . It is a story about the 12 zodiac animal doing something . I am surprise to find that it was actually animated by Shaft . Take that, Shaft fanboy , real fanboy watches every obscure series like this , not those Shinbo wannabe show .

Both YAT Anshin Uchuu Ryokou and Mojaku are my childhood series as well .It is fun finding those cartoon you watched in the past. Man , now I remember why I like children cartoon .

If you don’t know who is Asano Inio , he is actually the author of Solanin and other emo Seinen  manga . So recently after Solanin , I bought another of his manga called Horograph . Yea , Japanese can’t spell but I am a weeaboo so I won’t call it Holograph .

So what is this Horograph all about? Do be frank ,I don’t understand some part of the story but don’t get it wrong ; I am not stupid because almost everyone else don’t get what’s going on as well. Instead , I am pretty smart because I got  some of the story’s elements that people need to reread in order to get it . To simplify it, the story is like its title , Holograph – the intermediate photograph (or photographic record) that contains information for reproducing a three-dimensional image by holograph. The story is a holograph itself where characters have many different form like a hologram . They intertwined together and form a never-ending sort of world . The male main character’s sister is actually his mother and such . This can happen because everyone has different form when view in different angle like a hologram .

Quite a mouthful huh? Know this and you will get the gist of the story though there are still parts where I don’t understand . I am not arse enough to analyse every single part of its metaphor nor am motivated enough to reread it since I more or less get it .

To be frank , I actually kinda dislike this kind of intricate story where you need lots of reread or re-watch to understand . Don’t get it wrong , I like complex story , but my beef is when it get so complex , it seems like the author is self masturbating in a sense that he  create these stories where only he and he get it  just to show how “deep” he is .  Not to mention , I always thought that re-watching and rereading just to “get” the story is a waste of time .Watch it once , don’t get then read more information about . If I get it after that then all is good but if I still don’t understand it then fuckoff and goodbye .

Though  people thought that this kind of series are smart because they must analyse and study it like some bible for years to truly grasp what it is .Bullshit I tell you .Understanding incoherent mass isn’t intelligent but rather , idiotic super intelligent to the level of Einstein. So what if you waste so many hours just so you understand a story? All it resulted to is you understanding the story and nothing else , fucking nothing else. Unlike analysing useful  stuff like physic or maths , analysing anime and manga is totally useless . You benefit nothing except of showing off that you “get” something . So you feel good  when you  understand some deep cartoon?  Good for you but I watch anime to enjoy it at one go, not to analyse  the shit out of it just so I can get my enjoyment ; it’s too tedious and I am lazy . While you waste all your time masturbating to your new understanding , I already came thousand of times by watching other stuff .

Not to mention , there are so many cases where anime and manga can be intelligent yet easy to understand at the same time . GITS might be heavy and full of shitty metaphor but it was easy to understand .  Planetes was well researched and full of useful knowledge about space and it was easy to understand . Those are then the truly intelligent series .

FLCL and DTB fall into the same category  of Evangelion with full of wtf but hey , there are exciting even though they make no sense! Though I won’t say I enjoyed Evangelion with its action and such .

Well , after saying all that , Horograph was still a great book and likewise,  Evangelion was still quite a decent series( The Rebuild was godly though) . As for Holograph , even though it was quite complicated , there are full of WTF psychotic maniac raping and killing  with nice sceneries of butterfly flying everywhere so all is still good . Actually , it  is more like the DtB category of ” exciting but don’t get it ”  than the “wtf is this plot” Evangelion.  Actually , I highly recommend it because its emoness make Osamu Dazai proud.

I browsed through some blogs  and forums  and the opinions of episode 39 weren’t as bad as I thought it will be . I thought it will be worse considering that it look so out-of-place and the animation sucks so much . Seriously, there is this one scene where everything is just one static picture for 5 second without anyone moving even when they are talking . People may think that it is cutting corner before preparing for the last epic arc but I beg to differ .

Although it might look like I am deluding myself but I thought that Bones is just paying an homage to Captain Tsubasa by degrading the animation to suit the style of the retro soccer anime .It might sounds like an excuse but the animation sucks so much , I don’t believe that it wasn’t deliberate.  You see , Eureka Seven do have some animation decals but the whole animation is still consistently high . However episode 39 look no better than an enhanced version of  Akikan  animation wise.  There isn’t much frames used for movement and lots of thing were being looped . Not to mention , lots of panning of static image to save cost. Even their soccer match was full of dull animation . Though they still managed to keep their character in proportion. In other words , the animation really sucks like Studio Deen level of sucks. Actually , it sucks too much to be true .

Irregardless , episode 39 really show how funny Eureka Seven can be .  What’s with the shouting of move name before shooting and the old classic exaggerated Captain Tsubasa moments such as tearing nets and combined power shoot .Not to mention , “Panther Shoot” and ” Golden Falcon Shoot”? Tell me that those aren’t the blatant ripoff of Kojiro’s “Tiger Shoot” and Tsubasa’s “Golden Eagle Shoot!” .  Also , there are lots of moments where they used lots of  budgeted animation trick  which can be found in Captain Tsubasa . One instance is the goalkeeper scene where Jobs failed to save the ball by jumping toward the totally opposite direction. How I laughed at that . Now that I remember , Jobs is actually parodying the bald head keeper from RJ7. This  added another layer of the comical fest.

In conclusion , episode 39 look more like a deliberation of sucking in animation to create jokes while paying homage to Captain Tsubasa. As much as I agree that Captain Tsubasa is repetitive and suffered heavily from the sport series cliché , it was my childhood .  I grew up shouting “Thunder Beast Shoot” while imagining electrical beast coming out whenever I kick a ball . It also exposed me to soccer which still stay as one of my hobby until this day . I might be some shit that doesn’t bath and go out now but I must say that I am pretty good at it when I was young . If I just strive a little harder and become less racist , I might make it big one day but well , I can dream .  With such nostalgic and genuine comedic moments , I will say that Eureka 7 episode 39 is one of my favourite episode of Eureka 7 .

I was really disappointed by Welcome to The NHK manga version due to its lack of focus and impact . What’s more , they totally forgot about the NHK conspiracy after a few chapters. Not to mention , the way it was panned out in manga form really sucks and doesn’t flow well. The whole tone of the manga can’t get you to treat the character seriously . Their jokes aren’t funny and the character’s motive and personality jumped here and there. There isn’t enough explanation for each character’s inner thoughts and the whole plot is just one big mess.That’s why I don’t have any idea why NHK was so highly acclaimed when the manga – the supposedly superior version sucks so bad . My interest of it depleted after that and I didn’t really give the anime a chance. However , I really wanted to find out the reason why NHK   captivate so many people and that is when I am got interested in the original novel .

Searching high and low for almost a year , I finally found  one at my local Border store. Man ! What an experience it was! After a few pages , I finally understand the charm and the much-lauded dark humour that everybody was talking about . The novel can be easily be one of the best that I read . It is so “human” yet funny at the same time . The strange mix of realistic and bullshit dialogue gave me a good and easy time breezing through it . The short paragraph also helped in easing through pages after pages . Nothing was dragged out and everyone’s motive and action sounds more plausible . All in all , I will go as far as saying that the manga version is an abomination of the original novel . A decayed adaption . Too harsh? Blame the original of being so good then .

That’s why to truly experience the real NHK , you must read the novel .

*The paragraphs below have little to no relevance to NHK. Press read more for fun .

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I find it funny that people brought up the number of rape cases to support their case that loli manga shouldn’t be banned . Sometimes they even argued that porn help relieve your sexual urge and stop you from becoming rapist. That’s why Japan has so few cases of rape because of their porno . Bullshit ! You know why Japan has such low rape cases? No , it is not because of the amount of pornography they produced every day but rather their culture  is still consider conservative and Asian treat scandalous act more seriously than other part of the world . We Asian love to “save face” where we treat one status and reputation really seriously . That’s why we have so many overblown custom during funeral and such just to preserve our pride. That’s why  we will always think twice before we act just to save our reputation . Not to mention , I am sure our conservative nature helped to cover up many other unreported rape case but I won’t be making such a sweeping statement .

Similarly , whether porn breed rapist or not is still debatable but it remain as a fact that it is something awkward and perverse within our “normal” society. You don’t see people openly admit that they watch porn because it is really embarrassing . Anime viewers should understand that their thinking is quite twisted thanks to the amount of fuck up thing they are exposed to .  Seriously , putting a cute moe girl as your avatar or desktop background isn’t cool , it is disgusting .

P.S. The title is a blantant ripoff of James Rolfe aka AVGN – “You Know What’s Bullshit”.


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