I don’t know what to update but recently , after watching the AVGN or rather James Rolfe talk  about filmography , I remembered that one of my childhood dream is to be a director because my mind is so full of shit ideas  and shit ideas are best presented by a movie format because I can’t write but I sure can act, or at least know a bunch of ape men who can act. However as I aged , I lost the passion and my imagination started to degrade . My brain is now so full of rationality , I can’t let it go wild like I did in the past . I am so upright now when I look back at my past , I thought to myself that I really did some dangerous stuff and spoke many outrages words .

Now my life is full of rationality  I always choose the rationale route and don’t dare to risk what I already attained . Information Technology was never my main interest but I knew that I do have a knack for it and can easily get great result without putting much effort . That’s why I choose it and gave up on my ideal major- Chinese and filmography. I know that I can’t possibly win China man in terms of Chinese but sure hell I can win many others with my IT skills.  As for filmography , it is just too risky .

Being so calculative like I am now,  I found out that I lost one of my most beloved skill- being funny .

Long gone were the day where I facilitate jokes on my mind all day long just to think of ways to make others laugh. Now all I can think of is how I should present myself as a mature adult . With realistic issues such as politics and others cramming into my mind , I don’t have any spare room to let my imagination run wild nor have time to think about how to be funny.

In conclusion ,let’s walk down the path of my history and watch one of my stupid idea that actually got materialised. Never will I imagine that I have so much balls and shit to conjure up such effort for such a useless project that gain us nothing . Hell no will I do that now because all that  just seems to be a waste of time . Without further ado , let me embarrass myself by showing how much of a retard I am with the video below .

PS:If you are interested , there are a lot more videos that we made under the related video here. I just embeded the less embarrassing one. Also , guess which retard I am in the video and win a prize . The prize will be me replying your guess with the answer “correct” .

Credits go to CJC [1] from ai-alieninvasion because he was like the vice president for the project . Without him not minding being as retarded as I am , the project won’t work out . Also thanks to everyone in the video who wasted their precious youth just because I have too much time and think too much for a useless project.

[1] Apparantly , he sometimes still does these videos for the lolz.