So after 2 long fucking posts that no one managed to read fully because it is either obscure shit or shit that no one care , I decided to bring post a hot topic that everyone knows- Higurashi . Oh no, not Higurashi again? Yea , it is Higurashi again because I have such a complicated history with it ,I felt like I should once and for all settle with it.

I posted about Higurashi right after I finished it , thinking that it is above average and  the last 3 episodes were good but  not as godly as others made it up to be . Then I finished its second season and honestly thought that the second season was much better due to its higher production values . Still not as great as other said it will be though . Then like every good anime fans , I  started to evaluate why Higurashi failed to captivate me when so many others were awe by it . It is after this evaluation , I found out that  the second season’s plot was quite stupid  and the first season was actually much better . However , it still stands that I enjoyed the second season more because I had never really care about the plot of Higurashi , I am just watching it for the sake of watching it so the better animated  one fares better for me .

That’s it , one simple reason why I never liked Higurashi is because I don’t really care about its plot and the plot is the only thing it could offer. I always heard people praising Higurashi because of how its suspense plot made you think and  excites you . However , for me , I never really care to know what’s happening , I just don’t feel the suspense at all . This might due to my past experience with these kind of mystery psychological thriller . I had watched too much series that I thought was at least 10 times more suspenseful than Higurashi hence its attempt of creating suspense seems weak .

Seriously , any two episodes of Kindachi made Higurashi’s suspense look like egg hitting rock and it only need 2 episodes when compared to Higurashi’s 26 episodes to build up the tension.

Not to mention , I watched Higurashi not long after I finished Monster and the amount of tension I felt during Monster is at least a million times more gripping than Higurashi. I then subconsciously made comparison with both of them and Higurashi just seems so gimmicky when compare to Monster.  Monster used realistic psychological  thrilling plot with mysteries that excite while Higurashi used the somewhat gimmicky and fantastical gore and crazy teenagers to create tension . I prefered realism in mystery  hence I disliked Higurashi’s mystery.

My next beef with Higurashi is that the characters followed your usual anime teenagers stereotype . With those stereotype , I just can’t possibly take them seriously . Even though you might argued that Kindachi is a teenager too  but he showed us his skill in solving mystery. On the other hand , what did Higurashi’s character do to show the hint of ability to be able to solved a somewhat intricate mystery? I will give it as much as the series hinting that the characters were smart but what they did throughout the series just doesn’t seems to make them  have the ability to solve anything .Instead , what they did with all those stupid games and killing people while being crazy helped to show that they are nothing more than you average emotional unstable teenager.

That’s it , I won’t go on anymore and I think I had elaborated enough . Bottom line : Higurashi failed at being what it suppose to be hence it didn’t captivate me like how it captivated others . I won’t even mention about how the last arc of Higurashi Kai was just one big lol deus ex machina that made the unbelievable more unbelievable to support why I thought Higurashi isn’t as good as others made it up to be . Final thing I want to say is that this poison of Higurashi seems to linger on every Ryukishi’s work so similarly , I  didn’t like any of them as well. Studio Deen’s shitty and boring animation doesn’t helped as well .

That’s all , no complaining of Higurashi anymore from me .

Final Stand: Higurashi is an ok series , nothing memorable and nothing godly about it . It failed to excite and it isn’t a must watch . It can be quite a decent fill in but I guess you don’t use a 52 episodes anime to act as a fill in . Final score just to spite fanboy: 76/100 , that’s my average score for above average anime . Something like Nyan Koi and guillty pleasure series such as Grenadier have similar scores .   However , I will recommend you to watch it because I think I am the only one who have such a poor rating for Higurashi and yes , saying Higurashi is only above average makes fans hate you.