Singapore is really a quiet and conservative country , we seldom have any tabloid news that causes lots of wave . That’s why when there is one big fucking tabloid happening like some highly acclaimed director having an affair , people sensationalize the hell out of  it and make a hill out of a mole . The funny thing is that before this scandal , everyone gave praise for this director . There isn’t any criticism for him generally. However when shit happened , everyone took the chance to take him down and attack him at all cost . People started to nitpick every single issue and make him look like a Satan reincarnation. Why did this happen? That’s because we have too much time in our hand and  our views are narrow as fuck  thanks to our peaceful time .

Hence to eradicate this narrow views , I had devised a cure for it – watch more anime . If you don’t know yet , anime viewers have the broadest mindset as we are exposed to lots of taboo subject such as bondage , lesbian , gay and incest . We watched so much of those , we are desensitized by it .We had also seen so much emotional drama about betrayal and emoness , something like affair look so minor . To be frank , we won’t even care if some political figure have an affair because we had already seen a fictional simulation via some sick ass doujin .

Not to mention , we are so preoccupied by our dakimura , we can’t be arse enough to care about some director having an affair . The only director we care are people like Shinichiro Watanabe and Nakamura  Ryosuke and even if they have an affair , we won’t care as they are people who make tv , not educator that teaches us not to have an affair . Even if their anime shared with us some educational moral values while they are having affair , it doesn’t matter as those values still stand if it is totally unrelated with having an affair .

So does anime helped to make the world a better place ? Sure hell it does as it make us mind our own business because we are too preoccupied by our hobby .

To end off , I will like to say that even though I don’t really like the director’s work due to his often deus ex machina shitty ending pulled out from someone ass and ate it back and pull it out again for every subsequent movie he made , I still have respect for him as it remain a fact that he sort of paved a path of film making in Singapore and all his award for his merit are still rightly deserved. Let’s not forget and deny all his good just because of a mistake he made.

PS: I never know that having an affair have anything to do with feminism . I guess feminist just love to dug any hole when they get the chance to stir some muddy shitstorm out of it even if that hole has little to no relation with their views. I always believe that feminist should start their activities within their own gender  to eradicate the sexism issue rather than attacking the other gender. Hey , all your fellow female are the one who love  Twilight ,the tale of wanting to be protected you know? We men are more of being apathetic rather than being true sexist . At least I am the apathetic one because I am a real man .