I was really disappointed by Welcome to The NHK manga version due to its lack of focus and impact . What’s more , they totally forgot about the NHK conspiracy after a few chapters. Not to mention , the way it was panned out in manga form really sucks and doesn’t flow well. The whole tone of the manga can’t get you to treat the character seriously . Their jokes aren’t funny and the character’s motive and personality jumped here and there. There isn’t enough explanation for each character’s inner thoughts and the whole plot is just one big mess.That’s why I don’t have any idea why NHK was so highly acclaimed when the manga – the supposedly superior version sucks so bad . My interest of it depleted after that and I didn’t really give the anime a chance. However , I really wanted to find out the reason why NHK   captivate so many people and that is when I am got interested in the original novel .

Searching high and low for almost a year , I finally found  one at my local Border store. Man ! What an experience it was! After a few pages , I finally understand the charm and the much-lauded dark humour that everybody was talking about . The novel can be easily be one of the best that I read . It is so “human” yet funny at the same time . The strange mix of realistic and bullshit dialogue gave me a good and easy time breezing through it . The short paragraph also helped in easing through pages after pages . Nothing was dragged out and everyone’s motive and action sounds more plausible . All in all , I will go as far as saying that the manga version is an abomination of the original novel . A decayed adaption . Too harsh? Blame the original of being so good then .

That’s why to truly experience the real NHK , you must read the novel .

*The paragraphs below have little to no relevance to NHK. Press read more for fun .

I always have little to say for things that I liked . I guess it is the same for most people as I seldom see any raving reviews that I can proclaim it as a great article . There are so many ways to criticise a work but when you really want to convey how much you like the work and thought that it was really good , few words came to  mind . All you can say are awesome , good , great and etc while detailing out why it was good . However ,most of the time, those details sounds really subjective and sometimes even shallow  .

On the other hand , criticism give an impression of you being impartial . Maybe because people are more critical when they criticise , their opinion sounds stronger and definite while when they praise something , it  give a sense of being lenient . But if you enforce some strictness in your praising , you tend to nitpick flaws that doesn’t really affect you but still write it out to show that you are unbiased. This will then led to the ambiguity of whether you really like a work or not. That’s why I really must take my hat off for those that can present their praise really well and show that you really like the work very much while voicing  strong opinions.

After digressing so much , I can only say that Welcome To NHK novel is awesome . Yea , I failed at writing reviews . It seems like I can’t  get others interested in work that I thought is great. Maybe something like

How many Aoi Bungaku characters does it take to change a lightbulb?The light bulb can’t be change because every woman is either too busy committing suicide or molesting young boy while every man is too busy persuading a woman to commit suicide or beat her up or have sex with her. For one , it has one of the most detailed sex scene that ever get broadcast on international tv , I suppose .

works better than  some long drawn essay . I should try to write more of these short lies that hold some truth to get people interested rather than writing some tl;dr. However , without writing tl;dr , I felt that I am not doing the work justice .

Bleh .

Well I will still like to ask , did you have any moment where you are motivated to watch or read a series just because I said it is good? I guess not even though I always thought that I am blessed with great taste and nothing else . So yea , go watch Sexy Commando or read Distant Neighbourhood aka Haruka na Machi e now!  Also , all these manga as well. I totally called Haruka na Machi e because I read it during 2005 , faster than all you dirty Gaijin that jumped onto my bandwagon . HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH!