If you don’t know who is Asano Inio , he is actually the author of Solanin and other emo Seinen  manga . So recently after Solanin , I bought another of his manga called Horograph . Yea , Japanese can’t spell but I am a weeaboo so I won’t call it Holograph .

So what is this Horograph all about? Do be frank ,I don’t understand some part of the story but don’t get it wrong ; I am not stupid because almost everyone else don’t get what’s going on as well. Instead , I am pretty smart because I got  some of the story’s elements that people need to reread in order to get it . To simplify it, the story is like its title , Holograph – the intermediate photograph (or photographic record) that contains information for reproducing a three-dimensional image by holograph. The story is a holograph itself where characters have many different form like a hologram . They intertwined together and form a never-ending sort of world . The male main character’s sister is actually his mother and such . This can happen because everyone has different form when view in different angle like a hologram .

Quite a mouthful huh? Know this and you will get the gist of the story though there are still parts where I don’t understand . I am not arse enough to analyse every single part of its metaphor nor am motivated enough to reread it since I more or less get it .

To be frank , I actually kinda dislike this kind of intricate story where you need lots of reread or re-watch to understand . Don’t get it wrong , I like complex story , but my beef is when it get so complex , it seems like the author is self masturbating in a sense that he  create these stories where only he and he get it  just to show how “deep” he is .  Not to mention , I always thought that re-watching and rereading just to “get” the story is a waste of time .Watch it once , don’t get then read more information about . If I get it after that then all is good but if I still don’t understand it then fuckoff and goodbye .

Though  people thought that this kind of series are smart because they must analyse and study it like some bible for years to truly grasp what it is .Bullshit I tell you .Understanding incoherent mass isn’t intelligent but rather , idiotic super intelligent to the level of Einstein. So what if you waste so many hours just so you understand a story? All it resulted to is you understanding the story and nothing else , fucking nothing else. Unlike analysing useful  stuff like physic or maths , analysing anime and manga is totally useless . You benefit nothing except of showing off that you “get” something . So you feel good  when you  understand some deep cartoon?  Good for you but I watch anime to enjoy it at one go, not to analyse  the shit out of it just so I can get my enjoyment ; it’s too tedious and I am lazy . While you waste all your time masturbating to your new understanding , I already came thousand of times by watching other stuff .

Not to mention , there are so many cases where anime and manga can be intelligent yet easy to understand at the same time . GITS might be heavy and full of shitty metaphor but it was easy to understand .  Planetes was well researched and full of useful knowledge about space and it was easy to understand . Those are then the truly intelligent series .

FLCL and DTB fall into the same category  of Evangelion with full of wtf but hey , there are exciting even though they make no sense! Though I won’t say I enjoyed Evangelion with its action and such .

Well , after saying all that , Horograph was still a great book and likewise,  Evangelion was still quite a decent series( The Rebuild was godly though) . As for Holograph , even though it was quite complicated , there are full of WTF psychotic maniac raping and killing  with nice sceneries of butterfly flying everywhere so all is still good . Actually , it  is more like the DtB category of ” exciting but don’t get it ”  than the “wtf is this plot” Evangelion.  Actually , I highly recommend it because its emoness make Osamu Dazai proud.