STOMPer sharperner is grateful towards this gentleman who gave up his seat for his pregnant wife, even though his friends laughed at him for doing so.

The STOMPer said:

“I was taking bus service 56 back home with my pregnant wife.

“The bus was crowded.

“This kind gentleman gave up his seat for my heavily pregnant wife.

“His friends laughed at him but he remained cool.

“May god bless this kind gentleman for his chivalrous act.

That is our snakey there and man! His friends are pretty bastard eh? Laugh at his kindness act like some evil Satan reincarnation . They are so evil , if you say that they aren’t serial killers I won’t believe you . Haizz , teenagers nowadays , so evil and stupid . Stupid  asshole teenagers.

Oh and his bastard friend(s) is me of course.