Ok I’m pretty sure everyone knows I suck in doing any reviews.So this won’t be a review of any sort.

Just a post stating I’ve completed Gintama, that’s all.

I have rather mixed feelings after these 201 episodes (my longest series after Cardcaptor Sakura, excluding Inuyasha which I had dropped). There were funny moments, boring moments, interesting sequences, amazing arcs, and numerous dull fillers with the random lol. I lol-ed at their parody of Perfect Perfume’s “Polyrhythm”, Katsura rapping a random song, Kagura parodying some Japanese singer and did some rock and roll of her own, and plentiful more parodies which I have no idea what they’re parodying but it’s funny as hell nonetheless.

To be honest the show ended off without much bang, just a simple arc bringing everything to a close.

So, should we weep over the end of a long, money-milking series which has brought tears to people, in one way or another, or be joyous that finally a new show could enter the market?

And yea, to be honest, first 50 episodes are rather crappy. At around episode 50+ there’s an epic arc, spans over 4 or 5 episodes, and things get crappy all over again until episode 70+(?) before there’s another epic arc, before waiting till episode 100+ for another epic arc. Yes I know my vocabulary is limited, and I do not deny the fact that I fail miserably for English in school.

Let us wait till April before one of its arc is movie-fied; possibly the only reasonable and the best arc of the whole series.

Oh well, it did make me laugh, so I guess that show ain’t that bad afterall?

Now if you may, let me continue my hunt for Ikkitousen, Koihime, Maid-Cafe, Angel Beats to statisfy my loli-ero-moe desires.