Recently  I found out a dangerous trend for my viewing habits … … I had been giving either 9 or 10 for all the series that I watched this past few months . What does that mean? It means that my taste is too good and I couldn’t pick up any above average series to watch nowadays . My latest completed above average series was Nyan Koi and that’s like a few months ago . After that , I have been busy watching really great show , so much so that I felt like if I keep going on , I won’t remember how anime could be above average. So here is my challenge to you.  Recommend me an above average series for me to watch ! Below I will list down  some criteria.

MAL <- My MAL account to refer to as guideline.

1.Episode counts shouldn’t be more than 26 .

2.The anime shouldn’t be highly acclaimed or even great for your standard. (Series below 8.00 on rating site such as MAL and anidb is a great gauge , actually , please use those rating site as a gauge.)

3. Something that isn’t on my MangaList .

4. No sequel or prequel or spinoff or alternate version. If sequel added up to not more than 26 episode then it is ok. If sequel hasn’t air yet then it isn’t ok .

5.No Ovas , Movies or Shorts.

6.If it is a manga adaption , the adaption should be complete with a conclusive ending. Nyan Koi type of ending is considered complete for me.

7. Give me something which I will rate a 7 or a low 8 on my MAL list. Something that ranges from 73.5 to 79 in other words.

8. If it is Yaoi and it isn’t better than Ofuuri then don’t recommend it . If it is Yuri and it isn’t better than F Compo which also means that such series doesn’t exist , don’t recommend it .

9. No Shoujo series as well because they make my penis shrink .

10. Trashy fanservice and retarded Harem are welcome though because I seldom watch them so I don’t hate them as much as others. Though they must be above average . Midori Hibi and Kamisama Kazoku are great guidelines . Something like Grenadier fits in the bill as well.

11. Preferably no moe or little children as the main theme but well , that’s kind of difficult huh?

12. No ongoing series or series that haven’t air.

13. If it isn’t clear enough , any genre ranging from sports to romance to ecchi to harem to visual novel adaption to whatever except for Yuri , Yaoi and Shoujo is ok .

14. Something  that was not listed on my MAL account.

15. I don’t mind old school series .

Clearer guideline of what not to recommend :

Toradora , Code Geass and Bakemonogatari are highly acclaimed series even if you personally disagree  to that.

Clearer guideline of what to recommend :

Kurau Phantom Memory , Niea Under 7, Romeo X Juliet and errr if I  know  I won’t write this post right?

P.S. This is actually a motivation post for me to watch Kurau Phantom Memory or Niea Under 7 because no one will possibly recommend me an anime to watch in the first place since I don’t even have that many readers… … right?  Though I hoped that someone will prove me wrong.