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My friend asked me an interesting question yesterday , ” Is Book Of Bantorra a good series?” whereas I answered ,” No . But I love it”. Unlike something as solid as Haibane Renmei or Planetes , I can’t possibly be insane enough to even say that Book Of Bantorra is a great series because it is not . That doesn’t mean that it was a shitty one but rather , it has too many flaws to be safely called solid in the first place . I always find myself lament about how Book of Bantorra will be one of the best series out there if they have higher production values and more competent storyboard just because of its unique approach in terms of plot . Though ,while lamenting about the lousy animation , I am at the same time impressed by the production team because they always managed to exceed my expectation.

There are two fatal flaws for BoOB(Book of Bantorra) – the pacing and the animation .

Firstly , the pacing is awkward. It felt like a lot of stuffs from the original novel were left out and this causes some of the story arcs to be somewhat anti climatic and make a character look shittier than he supposed to be. Did anyone know that Mokkania Fleur is actually some badass motherfucker who has one of the most touching storyline and  a fujoshi bait personality?  No one does because the anime crammed one whole book worth of material into 2 episodes whereby lots of stuff happened too fast and by the time you make some sense out of the plot , Mokkania was already dead. Yea , fucking dead . BoOB was fucking awesome because it kills everybody . You don’t know who it will kill next ; it might be your Mama , your Papa or even your unborn son who travels back to time. One thing can be sure though; BoOB will always kill important characters and that’s one of the reason why it is awesome but I will leave that on the later part of the post.

However , the shitting of the diarrhoea cake isn’t its pacing as the pacing isn’t so much of a problem when compare to its animation decay . Sometimes  the animation can be so bad , it  doesn’t make any sense! For one , you will find many instances where the enemies just stand there and wait for the characters to finish their words . Not to mention , you get classic lolz like this:

Let's count to 5! 1 , 2 , 3 ,4 , I HAVE FOUR FINGERS!

Yea , how can one take this show seriously when there are decays like these?  Elites sure can’t as only the kindest , greatest human being like me can disregard these four fingers and take the series seriously because I believe the power of love. That’s right , BoOb has the theme of power of love which  is like one fucking cliché that makes everyone puke semen like some reverse engineered  sexual intercourse but BoOB reverses reversed sex and makes it awesome again . In other words , it makes the story of power of love great. If you still can’t conjure out why this is awesome , let me use this analogy to illustrate it for you .

Power of Love is like an asshole , nothing but shit and std infected semen come out of it. However , when an asshole paired together with  BoOB ,  it will become the greatest body part that turns you on . When you look at an asshole , you don’t know whether it is some gay asshole or shit like that . However , when it is together with a BoOB , you will know that it will be one fine ass from some sexy lady . Ok , the lady might not be sexy but it at least won’t make you a gay when you get turned on by the asshole and that’s why Book Of Bantorra is awesome.

That makes a lot of sense all right but let’s move on to the next point – the characters.

Anime Fans  suck because they will drop a show just because of superficial reasons like BOOHOO , my favourite character died or BOHOOOOO the character design sucks . Yea like the purpose of letting a character die is not to let you cry in the first place. What I meant is that if a death of a character incurs so much emotion in you , so much so it makes you want to drop a show , it just means that the show is great because it succeeded in getting you emotional attached to it so how can that suck?  That can’t be suckage so pick up your balls and remember the deceased character you love in your heart and goes on with the show because it might just be another Dragonball Z.

Even if he/she stayed dead , we should cherish their sacrifice and learn from their story and be pleasure when we see them make a  cameo toward the end of the story . That’s true love for anime , true love for characters . It is something that buying some dolls or pillows and literally fucked them up couldn’t compete . Book Of Bantorra gave me that ability to love  and that’s why it is awesome .

With that out off the system , let’s just say that BoOB have lots of interesting characters that may or may not be killed . Not to mention , I kinda like the idea of the lack of main character . If you don’t know yet , Book Of Bantorra doesn’t have a main character because that’s the whole point of the story : Everyone is a saviour and no one is less important than others. With love , everyone will live on and the world will become the most beautiful place ever.

Before you said that the last line was retarded , let’s remember that Planetes conveyed the same thing .


Yea baby yea . The thing about blogging is that old post get buried down. I wrote about 382 posts within a year and a half and my favourite post that I reread 100 times always seems to go unnoticed . Then this ingenious idea of writing a post to promote my old post came to me and I said to myself like some mental retard , why not? So without further ado , let’s go!!

I will first provide a link to that said post and just copy and paste the content in its raw and actual form below the link. Then I will share some thoughts about it . Also , I will make this a weekly feature because a copy and paste update is more than no update. If I am really lazy , I will make this a daily feature . With that , I can go on for forever if I featured these recycle post as well .

    Cloud Strife ultimate goal is to hit Tifa .Tifa ultimate goal is to be hit by Cloud Strife , our ultimate goal is watch them hitting each others.
    So what’s your ultimate goal in life?

    Everyone have different ultimate goal , a virgin ultimate goal is to get laid , a Holydeams’ ultimate goal is to have lots of holy dreams , a Phoenix’s ultimate goal is everyone death so he can revive them with phoenix down , a Snake’s ultimate goal is to become a wolf while a IWICSYI’s ultimate goal  is to perform a Shouryuuken .

    But ultimately , everyone ultimate goal is to see  iwicsyi rise to it’s ultimatum zenith. So how high is iwicsyi zenith?  It not high actually , but it is definitely way way higher than now. To know exactly how high is it , just look down when you are watching Cloud hitting Tifa ,  so how high can that be? At most 30 cm  I said .  So if we use the ratio  1cm : 500k units  we will get 15000000 when it is 30cm. We then apply the addition formula, 15000000+(-) 5million , we will get 10million in total.

    You may ask , what does that 10million mean?Actually , it can be anything ! It just differ from person to person. Some may think of it as the blog stats while others may think of it as the number of posts . But my ultimate answer will be wanting to waste everyone time into thinking that this post will go somewhere due to the usage of  primary school mathematics and totally atrocious English. Thank for wasting (10million X 10 to the power of -5 )sec while reading this post .

    Yea , there you have it , our ultimate goal in this blog is to supply a platform for you to waste  your time off when you have nothing to do in the interweb. You can read our blog too while waiting for the video of Cloud hitting Tifa to finish it’s buffering. KTHXBYE

I like this post! End of thought.

I know a lot of people who watch anime but I couldn’t get into any conversation with them because what I watched is so varying from the majority . When everyone and their mother are watching stuff like To Aru Railgun and Seitokai , I am the lone warrior who watches Book of Bantorra . When everyone and their mother talk about Fate/Stay Night and Nanoha , all I see is an  animation decay and a Card Captor Sakura friend. I know Nanoha is more of a DBZ than Card Captor Sakura but fuck it man , I can’t tolerate the first few Card Captor Sakura clone episodes when I don’t even like Card Captor Sakura in the first place. So I am thinking of writing a list of series that I haven’t watch to show how noob I am.

Shagukan no Shana:

Firstly , it never ends . Secondly , I watched some youtube video of its best fight scene and it look as good as someone taking a diarrhoea and yea,  that diarrhoea line is a blatant ripoff. Not to mention , it felt too anime to my liking . Too anime meant that it plays by the stock stereotype for characterisation and the character design just spell generic and otaku pandering . Man , the brown  haired  main character with an anime prototype face is the best evidence . Also , Shana just looks like a noisy brat .

Zero no Blah Blah Blah Blah :

This is that magic summoning Rie Kugimiya show . Again , totally the same problem with Shana .


Too much hype , I am giving it a chance by not watching it during any hype because I think I can enjoy it . Though it seems like the hype  die down quite quickly for this one.  Maybe it is just a fad.


Oh , I fucking completed this alright and it is so pointless , it felt like I never watch it in the first place.

Code Geass:

Same with Bakemonogatari.


Too many iteration but believe me , I am working hard by starting from the first one . Hey , at least I complete one episode of it , just left 42 episode and a  few hundred more other series to go .


First few episodes are CS clone . It was too pandering for my taste . Lots of people I know with bad taste liked it .

Full Metal Alchemist:

Because I got money to spend .

Cowboy Bebop:

I watched this one on TV and  it looks sucky back then . However , after watching Samurai Champloo , Cowboy Bebob became  my number one most anticipated series that I will start someday .

Fate Stay Night:

Studio Deen .

Higurashi’s original vn might be  as good as others said it is and I am willing to believe in that but the anime adaptation  failed . I am sure it is the same case with Fate Stay Night especially after I watched the “best fight of F/SN”  on youtube .

One Piece:

Actually I did watch the anime until they reached Grand Line or something and wanted to continue it but the local cartoon channel stopped airing it . I also did read the manga till volumes 19 via renting  but yea , shit happened between me and the rental shop so I stopped  . Now it is just getting too massive and long for me to care. I guess One Piece doesn’t fit into the list but  I almost forgot all about it .


I read the first volume of the manga  and quite liked its concept . I also somehow have volumes 1 to 31 with me now but again , the never-ending syndrome warded me off.


Shitty ending , nuff said.

Princess Monoke , Nausicaa and Ponyo:

And I have all of them in my hard disk . I am planning a movies marathon after I finished Gankutsou and Book Of Bantorra to watch all those Satoshi Kon , Shinkai , Mamoru Oshii , Ghibli , Pretentious Studio 4 Degree films which I haven’t watch .


Recently , I found an interesting trend . Lots of people only managed to finish the first season of SAC and left 2nd gig hanging for some reason . Actually I know the reason , GITS SAC is too heavy ; it exhaust the shit out of you and make you feel like you have watched a 2hour film just after one episode.  I personally stalled it on episode 12 for the same reason .

To Aru Railgun:

This was pretty popular among people I  know . However , I can’t be arse enough to care about it and it was too anime to my liking .

Shoujo Series:

Never underestimate the power of fangirls . I don’t know why but fangirls are more rabid than fanboys . They can jack up the rating of mediocre series like Skip Beat , Junjo Romantica and Kimi ni Todoke . Somehow , lots of girls like something as stupid as Sengoku Basara as well . Why and how? I don’t know man but I do know that I have totally opposite taste from them .  I disliked most of the Shoujo series that I watched , the only one that I liked is Library War . That’s why I don’t bother checking up on any of them .

What’s the first anime which kicked you into this gooey perverted slum called anime fandom?

Those who started off this last decade most likely started off with Naruto or Bleach . For the  cool and stylish anti herd , it will be most likely some moe show like K-on or Nanoha . For the fangirls , it will be the like of Deathnote or some shitty yaoi Shoujo.  For those 90’s old kids , it should be either Dragonball Z or Gundam Wing . For those liars , they will say it is Cowboy Bebop or Lain even though the actual one is DBZ but what I am saying is that most people started off with these few series .

Me? Strange enough , I only watched Lain and K-on completely out of all the above because I am cool . The first actual anime that made me really start off this perverted hobby was GTO and it still remain as my number one favourite manga of all time . That might be the reason for my good taste because people tend to try stuff which they enjoyed for their future endeavour . I liked GTO because it was very manly . The jokes are so offensive and vulgar , it shaped my interest in comedy where penis jokes and dirty cheap shot gag fare better for me than those overrated “intelligent” jokes. I found out that the plot was surprisingly creative and great as well and that’s the reason why I am always digging out obscure series that have unconventional plot .

My point is that your starter anime might actually shape your taste in anime . If not , at least it shaped mine so I am interested to find out if others have the same experience as me . It might not be far fetch though because I found out that lots of people that start off with Lain dig complex and dark series while those that started off with Bleach and Naruto continued to stayed retarded . There are also this bunch of people that started off with stuff like Bleach but got into the fandom only after watching those moe show and unsurprisingly  , they most likely stayed as moe fan . The mecha fans have the same syndrome as well so hey , this theory which I bullshitted while writing this post might be correct!

So what’s the first anime that get you into this messed up hobby?   First anime as in the anime that made you interested in this hobby rather than the first one that you watched.

So recently  I have been busy playing some hentai game called Little Busters EX by Key . However , after playing for 2 fucking long days , I have only completed less than 10% of the game and yet to seen any h scene. Wtf is that?  If you look at the guide , there is this common timeline where you get to interact with every characters before choosing a girl to pin down and it seems like this common timeline take up the huge part of the game since it spanned so many choice and days but no , fucking no! It is just the beginning !  Once you choose a girl you wanted to pin down after the common timeline, you get to interact with her in details with those pointless plot about eating lunch and coping exam . After going through all those shit , it seems like yea finally time to pin her down but no! They just continue on and on with those pointless conversation.

I gave up and fast forwarded the game after choosing my favourite character , Mio as a candidate for me to pin down but then in the end what did I got? Nothing , fucking nothing! The h scene only appears after you finished her first true end! She has a 2nd true end before you get to see some action!  Not only that , she is just one out of the numerous character and it take almost one day to complete one timeline. Think about that!

Not to mention , Little Busters’ main character is shitty , where is Yuuichi? Where is Tomoya? Where did all the wit and sarcasm go? Why is Naoe Riki so boring and average?! Fuck man ! You know , it still make some sense that girls fall in love with Yuuichi and Tomoya but for Riki? He is so plain and boring and wimpy, his whole existence was to have some ass ! He even fucking cross dressed! How can people relate to him? How can  I put myself into his shoe when I played the game? Sigh… … and you thought that Key was capable of creating interesting male lead .

So fuck it , fuck it man . Wait for the  anime adaptation , it might be faster than reading the whole shit.

Having said all that , now  let’s get back to Mio’s storyline because I am a loser and no , she is not that K-on one .

I did not drop any show until recently . Seriously , no matter how bad a series is , I never drop it because I like to complete what I had done .  However when shits are taking up my precious hard disk space and my wallet isn’t growing enough for an external hard disk , I have to do it ! Jam it like “Take Me On” and become a real man .  Oh by the way , “Take Me On” is a really perverted hentai manga about almost every fetishes you can think of . It even has loli sex and cross dressing yaoi shit and their characters cum 100 times per day in the end , not kidding .  After I finished reading it, I don’t sympathize  hentai being ban or whatever any more  because only sick bastard can finish the whole 2 volumes.

So onto the series that I dropped!To be honest , my taste has been really good and I seldom pick a series that I wanted to drop . Actually , most of the dropped series are ongoing series which I picked up because I thought that I have too much time and 23 minutes per week is nothing at all. Oh! How wrong was I .

Oh and this completely ripoff ” The Cart Driver” blog by Scamp because I am not creative enough to laugh at Gintama’s joke .


This anime is sick . Yea I know , calling an anime sick when I finished “Take Me On” is like the biggest irony right? However this anime is sicker because it tried to hide the fact that it is sick . At least “Take Me On” didn’t hide the fact that it is dirty but Potemayo did it . Some people even said that it was so pure and innocent when middle school kids cross dressed and turned gay. Yea seriously , innocent my foot! I can’t tolerate its pretence and dropped it after 2 episodes .

Seitokai no Ichizon:

After finishing K-on! , I learned not to waste my time on pointless show . This series is so pointless , it is like staring at a white background for 23 minutes .

It is such a waste of time! Although I am a time waster but I know well enough that wasting time is supposed to be fun , not feeling like you are wasting your time so yea , fucking dropped on episode 2.

Kimi ni Todoke:

This series was all right but it was too long and I can’t tolerate anymore gayness from Kazehaya. I also learned that Shoujo series don’t like me as much as I don’t like them . So yea , dropped after 5 episodes , partly due to low hard disk space , low as in 100mb left.


Another all right show but too long and lack of hard disk space . I am coping with it well enough for the first few weeks but couldn’t keep up with it anymore because I am busy watching other shit like Sacred Blacksmith and 11 Eyes . Did I regret watching those over Kobato? Not at all!

Shangri La:

It was pretty boring and too long for its own good yet again . Now if some of the dropped series was 13 episode like that god awful Shining Tears x Wind , I might give it a try but 24 episodes is just too much. If I ever felt like watching an average series in near future , I might pick this up again but for now , dropped.

Tears To Tiara:

Boring , I thought it will be another Utawarerumono but it is not . I dropped it at episode 5 . If it was 13 episodes , I might pick it up again but well , fucking 24 episodes again .

That’s all for my dropped series! Yea , actually I dropped a lot of others but I don’t considered them drop because I am just sampling their first episode. The above dropped series are series which I truly thought that I can tolerate but well , lol .

By the way , Little Busters EX , the dirty version translation is out! Chinese translation that is , lol . Now I guess I will play it because I like to have my emotion be manipulated by cute moe retarded emo Key girls even though Clannad and Air kinda fail. Oh and Haibane Renmei was really good . Their symbolism is done right because it did not rely on an external source for symbolism but rather , created their own with their own setting .  The rest of what I think of it can be found on my twitter- the shit which no one read .

I thought that Senkou no Night Raid  deserve a post itself not because it was good but rather , it was treading on dangerous ground . The setting of Shanghai in 1930/1931 is when the Mukden(918) incident happened . Now , to be frank , I know shit about what happened back then . I just know that it led to the Second Sino Japanese War and that time period is really sensitive for China citizen . Now the complain is that people argued  that Senkou no Night Raid tried to glorify  the 918 incident and propagate that the Japanese are the hero . However from episode 1 , it was still unsure whether the anime is really doing so .  Now what I want to talk about is not how accurate it depict historical facts because I don’t even have any  idea of 918  before this  but I want to ask why did A1 choose such a sensitive timeline  for its anime.

After watching episode 1 , it gave me the impression that they aren’t going to use the setting nor deal with the 918 incident . They just want to make a cool spy action flick with some pseudo historical and political babble to create some [fake] depth . However that’s just an impression and the question of whether they are creating a propaganda series still remained and that’s the problem . First thing first , if they really only wanted to do a action flick , why choose such realistic and sensitive setting? Why not make it happen during other time or uses other setting? On the other hand , if they are going to make good use of the setting , what direction are they going to take? Propaganda or satire? This question is the biggest distraction because it makes you wonder which direction it takes rather than enjoying the show itself. Not to mention , historical accuracy  of the plot can be distracting as well. However , if it ends out being neither of a propaganda or satire , it will just be worse because it failed in expectation and goes back to the question why they choose the setting in the first place.

After saying so much and going nowhere , I never believe that anime have so much balls or revolutionary enough to take on such issue seriously. That’s why I am willing to bet that they aren’t going to touch on the 918 incident in details but rather just tread on safer ground and made a superpower action flick instead . Though A1 might really have enough balls to cast Japanese in negative light or be deranged enough to propagate that they are real heroes , we will never know and that’s why the answer to this question itself , no matter how big a distraction the question  is , gave enough reasons to follow the series till the end .

Giant Killing:

It takes a Deen to fuckup your anime .

Studio Deen really sucks huh? You can give them the best source material and they can still fuck it up . Long gone is the day where they can create godly and exciting animation like Kenshin ova. I don’t know what happen to them but their execution is always bad and boring . It’s not just animation that they are bad at, everything ranging from music to voice acting to pacing are horrendous .

Though , I am sure that the manga version of Giant Killing is great and the anime is just Deen being Deen . Studio Deen is actually worst than Gonzo because they suck even when they follow the original faithfully .With all that said , the anime did spark my interest for the manga  as I am sure that it will be 100 times better.

That’s not saying that the anime itself was bad though . I guess the source material is just so great that even if it undergoes the raping of Studio Deen , it can still turn out to be quite an above average show . My complain is that it shouldn’t just be an above average show  because I normally dig this kind of sport series and  think that it can actually be really good if another more competent studio adapts it . 3.5/5  Eastern Football Teams + dropped after I buy the manga  .

Arakawa Under The Bridge:

To be frank , I don’t find Zetsubou Sensei that funny but I  liked it . Why? Because it is interesting .  Arakawa Under the Bridge  again belongs to this interesting and mildly funny category .

As usual , you get tons of unnecessary photoshop filter complex thought provoking,  intelligent metaphoric static images stellar art work for you to masturbate to appreciate.This unusual direction works the first time round (Le Portrait de Petite Cossette , EF and Zetsubou Sensei) but it is getting old and add up to nothing is definitely the freshest and brilliant work of a genius that even Einstein couldn’t rival.

Oh and they have a Phoenix Wright parody and I totally didn’t laugh at it . Goes to show that even if I get it , it doesn’t mean that it will be funny .

3.5/5 moments which I  like it more when they happen in Sexy Command.

Mayoi Neko:

WOW ! This show is so average , I have nothing to say . 2.5/5 Funny looking fat cats.

PS: I watched about 6 minutes and gave up because it goes no where. But hey , I closed  that demon shown within 3 minutes so yea. To be frank , Mayoi Neko isn’t terribly bad but it was just too average for anyone to care.


I will  admit that the first minute of solo jamming was pretty good as expected from Kyoani . Then the op played and I laughed at how bad it was. After that , they went on with some useless recap and boring conversation  . I fast forwarded it and saw the  same old pointless conversation going on and on . Then they sing some school song and it sucks really bad . I closed the window and totally gave up . 2.5/5 pointless conversations.

The animation was great but that itself is a problem because why waste so much budget on this kind of show? You know , a Key adaptation rehearse might actually be better than K-on season 2 because at least it has something like a plot going on . I really hoped that Kyoani will do something different next time after earning so much money from all this shit because I do  like them as a studio . You might complain about K-on but you mustn’t deny that their animation is one of the most compelling and detailed one . Also , they can be funny if they want to as shown in FMP Fumoffu and  Kanon but K-ON’s  jokes are so bad , I forgot that Fumoffu -one of the funniest shit I ever watched- was produced by them.

Senkou no Night Raid:

Haha , I don’t know any history , all I know is watch cartoon and eat popcorn . 3.5/5 Funny Mandarin.

Though this is quite an interesting piece especially within the Chinese Fansub Group. Actually , their argument was much more interesting then the show itself.  I am also interested in reading some history guru posts on how wrong or how right Senkou no Night Raid is . It is a big fish and can create lots of controversy so why not?

I am recording down my manga/novels collection so that if I decided to sell them one day , it will be easier to compile a list.


Mushishi 10 vols end

Welcome to Nhk 8vols end

Bitter Virgin 1 -4 end

Cross Over  7vols end

Dna^2   5vols end

Hatsukoi Limited(MY) 5 vols end

Freeman  9vols end

Wild Life  1-27 end

Cooking Master boy – 17vols end

Angel Densetsu – 15 vols end

Rurouni Kenshin – 28 vols end

Monster – 18 vols end

F compo – 14 vols – borrowed(JX)

Chobit – 8 vols end

Kamisama Kaizoku  5vols end

Aria+ Aqua – 14 volumes end

Midori Day – 8 volumes end

Mar + Mar omega – 19 volumes end

GTO – 25 end

Suzuka – 18 vols – Borrowed(YK)

Samurai champloo – 2volumes end

Behind Master – 6 volumes end

Comic Party – 5 volumes end

Kami Kaze – 7 volumes end

Kami to sensou – 10 volumes end

MO Di – 1 – 13 vols  ongoing

Flame Of recca 33 volumes end

I”s 15 volumes end

Ichigo 100% 19 volumes end borrowed (JZ)

Slam dunk 1-31 end

Yakitate Japan 1-26 end

Cromartie High School 1-17end

Grenadier 1-7 end

Over Drive 1-17 end 1-7 borrowed  (Alaric)

Kimi no Iru Machi 1-7 ongoing

Honey and Clover 1-10 end

Komorebi no Moto de 1-3 end

Poppoya Love Letter 1 end Borrowed (JZ)

Umizaru 1-12 end

Someday dreamer 1-2 end

Someday dreamer spinoff 1-5end

Itsumo Misora 1-5end.

GetBackers – 1-39 end

Whistle 1-24 end

Eden , It’s an endless world 1-18end

Genshiken 1-9 end . Borrowed(YK)

Dragonball 1-42 end

Touch 1-14end( HK library version)

H2 1-34 end.

Solanin 1-2 end

Holograph 1 end

Full Metal Alchemist 1-23 end

Bakuman 1-6 ongoing

Amanchu 1 ongoing

Pluto 1-8 end

70,000 needles 1-2 ongoing

Yu Yu Hakusho 19 end Borrowed(JZ)

50+ series 730 volumes in total. Might miss out some .


Light Novel

Welcome to The NHK

Negative Happy Chainsaw

English name unknown

Sci Fic

Robot Complete , Issac Asimov

English Literature

Dubliner , James Joyce

The Great Gatsby,  F. Scott Fitzgerald

Japanese Literature

Wind up Bird Chronicle , Haruki Murakami

Norwegian Wood , Haruki Murakami

After Dark , Haruki Murakami

Kafka on the Shore , Haruka Murakami

Cracking Mountain – Osamu Dazai

No Longer Human – Osamu Dazai (on loan)

I am a Cat – Nastume Soseki

Kokoro – Nastume Soseki ( Chinese version)

That’s all for novels .  14 series .

Interested in:


Inio Asano other short stories

Haruka na Machi e 1-2 end

20th Century Boys and 21th Century Boys  24 volumes end

Cross Game 17 volumes end

Rough 12 volumes end

Katsu 17 volumes end

Miyuki 12 volumes end

Saikano 7 volumes end

Black Jack  17 volumes end , Osamu Tezuka version

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou 14 volumes end

Bokurano 11 end

Shadow Star 12 end

Hokuto no Ken 27 end

Orange Road 1-15 Taiwan version end

Maison Ikkoku 1-15 end

Hitohira 1-7 end

Vinland Saga (ongoing)

Giant Killing (ongoing )

Gantz (ongoing)

Berserk (ongoing)

Claymore (ongoing)

Mixim 11 (ongoing)

GTO Shonan 14 Days(ongoing)


Light Novels

FMP (ongoing , final chapter out soon or so I heard)

Bakemonogatari , Nisio Isin

Kara no Kyoukai, Nasu . Del Ray or whoever said that they are going to release it since the first chapter was complied in Faust USA or something .

12 Kingdom, Ono Fuyumi (read , but interested in collecting ) Ongoing(?)


Lord of the Flies , William Golding

Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky

Magic Mountain , Thomas Mann

Musashi, Eiji Yoshikawa

Legend Of the Galactic Heroes

Last Update: 08/04/2010

I don’t really know what to write about Angel Densetsu but every time after I finished a great work , I felt compelled to talk about it . It is like giving an end to a long journey and bidding farewell to a friend .

Angel Densetsu is an interesting experience . After finishing the first volume , I couldn’t really see how I will enjoy the series as it was rather pointless and aimless . Not to mention , it was a comedy that I couldn’t laugh at due to its repetitive nature . Just think about it , 15 volumes of ad nauseum formulaic comedy? That  just make me sick . That’s why I stalled on the first volume for almost a year until I started it again recently. Then gradually and slowly , when the plot kicks in and more and more interesting characters join in the group , I felt attached to it and couldn’t stop reading . The interaction between the characters although follows a similar formula of misunderstanding before realisation , keeps the whole pacing and mood going and in the end , what you get is the feeling of  happy and bitter sweet. Happy that I had read such a great comic , bitter sweet because I still couldn’t get enough of it . That’s how attached I am to it .

One of my biggest enjoyment was derived from the beautifully drawn characters. Yagi Norihiro , the author of Angel Densetsu and Claymore really has a knack in drawing  realistic yet beautiful characters . Just by looking at his art can be one satisfying ride. I personally like the sketchy art for the side story . They are both experimental and fun to look at  . People think that Angel Densetsu has bad artwork but I personally felt that it was clean , simple and nice to look at .  But I think I am the only one that thought that Adachi’s characters are beautifully drawn as well when everyone lament about it so maybe I am just weird.

I rattle on so much about it but I didn’t really tell you what’s it about right?  Well , it is a  story of

this guy and

this girl , together with

this bunch of retards.


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