I am at episode 12 now and I still don’t really care about it . That is a good thing though because I can just breeze through episode by episode effortlessly because I don’t get tired of it due to not really paying attention to it .I am in search of an above average series , remember? So Toradora is the perfect candidate for now .

My main complain is that it isn’t funny . One of the  main appeal of Toradora is its humour but I just couldn’t  get myself laughing at it . Maybe I got too used to Adachi’s dry and witty humour , Toradora over the top cutesy humour just seems so meh .Not to mention , most of the comedic situations relied on Taiga cutesy antics or Minorin  maniac antics . Maybe I have too much dose of  “Animal Squad” in Sunred , Taiga cuteness felt so forced and pandering . When I watch Taiga in action , I am always reminded of those dirty otaku fapping to her while laughing out loud because they have a bad sense of humour . Minorin acts are suppose to be funny but the execution failed . They are all so out of the blue and unnatural , I am more concern about whether she will be thrown into some mental hospital  than laughing at her.

With that  , Toradora is still quite a decent series due to its drama . I enjoyed the drama and hoped that the whole series will get rid of all those unfunny humour and just get serious on the drama because that’s what it is good at. Epsiode 13 is a good example on how Toradora can be good just because it focus almost entirely on drama rather than shitty comedy .

Update: Hahaha ,episode 15 is really funny . Dying your hair blond is really a big deal when people have fucking orange and blue hair . Oh and for the much lauded episode 16 , what’s so great about it? I will admit that it was the most well done episode but bleh ,it was nothing much right? What’s with those claims of crying buckets and shit? Fucking hyped up my expectation for nothing .

In the end , it was an alright show , a pretty great fill in .

On an unrelated note:

This is an April Fool joke pulled by Crunchyroll right?