Now that I have finished Toradora  . I decided to watch some of the Spring series and talk  about them.

I heard great thing about Kaichou wathever maid but like usual , Shoujo series make my penis shrink so I decided not to watch it as it might turn into another Kimi ni Todoke where I bitch at how gay the show is . The B Hata Kei show was bashed by ANN which means that it might turn out to be a great show because we all know that ANN reviews are for the lolz . It had been long since I watched some boobie show so why not?

Ofuri Season 2 :

It is that yaoi baseball show , can’t go wrong . Though it seems like they are building up some romance sub-plot and make it less yaoi now . Nothing much happen in episode 1 but it was still a great build-up  . Though it had been years since I last watched season 1 so remembering the names of the characters and team is quite difficult . 5/5 yaoi penis.

B Gata H Kei:

Haha , this is quite funny . I don’t know whether I laughed at it because it was really funny or because the premise is too retarded . Well , I am someone who don’t differentiate my laughter and goes by guts feeling so laughing for the correct reason or not is still laughing . However , I can’t see how it will keep up with it and span for one whole season without getting boring . What can you do with this kind of show anyway? Seduce then cockblock and seduce then cockblock for one whole season , it will get repetitive soon if it goes on like that . Will wait for episode 2 before deciding whether to continue or not but I can see myself on holding it after episode one for infinite amount of time like I always do . Oh and the main male character is pretty shitty .

It was surprisingly an alright series and it might be alright until the end if they tread on the romcom path and not the Kanokon path . That rhymes huh? 3/5 highlighted sexual terms on dictionary.


HEROMAN!! GO!! That is some funny shit there and Heroman is very evil , he(it?) only save the girlfriend and her papa and let the other drivers go to die .

P.S. Seriously though , how can weeaboo like this show? It is so Marvel Comics and we all know that Marvel is the inferior version of Shonen Jump because we are weeaboo. I am a weeaboo of course. HEROMAN!! ATTAAKK!! Oh and Joey is a girl right? 3/5 Funny English.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimau:

You know how every season , there is this seemly trashy show that got panned unnecessary because no one even give it a chance ala Book of Bantorra?  Ichiban Ushuri no Daimau isn’t this kind of show , it sucks . 1/5 generic character design.

Angel Beats

I told you , teenagers are idiot that don’t cherish life. Even Angel Beats agrees with me .

Episode 1 is boring , it’s like The World Ends With You on boring mode . Though it is still too early to tell as it does show some potential. 3.5/5 Key Can Coffees

Major Season 6:

Come on man , it is Major , you can’t go wrong with this long running dramatic baseball series . Though I wonder what obstacle Goro will faced next(actually I know because I accidentally read some spoiler) . Without watching the next few episode , I can tell you how the plot will go . Goro will lose some important matches and has a setback during the first ten episodes. He will then stand up again and become very manly . After that , he will compete in the World Series with Junior being the last batter .In between , there will be some episodes focusing on his Japanese friends and Shimizu .But who cares about that similar structure ! Major is like rice , we eat it everyday without getting tired of it .

Without saying , the rating will of course be 5/5  99 mph straight balls. Oh and there is no opening song but the ending song is the best I ever heard for this Spring Season . Major finally buck up with their songs .


You know what is a man series? This is a MAN series . Fucking Hongkong Chow Yun Fat gangster film in animated format . MAN! With a great production company Madhouse coupled with a gloomy dark manga which Madhouse is pro at adapting , what you get is this manly series. It is so manly , I shed manly tears during the first episode .  This series is surely one of the best this Spring season just because it tingle my manly sense . Watch and re-watch episode 1 and your manly power level will surely rise . 5/5 Shared Cigarette because MAN shared their saliva by sharing cigarette.

This end the part one of my Spring Series impression . Rainbow , Ofuuri 2 and Major season 6 belong in the god tier just because they are very manly (Ofuuri is “manly” in another sense)  while B Gata H Kei is the surprisingly alright one . Angel Beats is boring but does show potential while Heroman is just lacklustre . What about that Demon show? Let’s just forget that it exists and re-watch Major season 6 and Rainbow instead.