This post was inspired by B Gata H Kei because whenever I visit any blog that has a review of it , I will hear the name,Yukarin blah blah something .  It seems like people are watching this show just because of her . Man , no wonder people can have such bad taste  because they actually choose a series to watch by looking at the Seiyuu cast list . One thing I learned about Seiyuu is that if a series has an all star Seiyuu  cast,  it will most likely be bad  aka Kampfer and Akane iro Somaru – series that no one will watch without those Seiyuu .

You seldom see me talking about Seiyuu because I really don’t know any of them . I just know Marina Inoue and Aya Hirano because they are good looking .  I don’t even know which show Nana Mizuki starred in . Oh , of course I know, a bunch of shitty cartoons . If you count the shitty to good ratio , you will find that Nana Mizuki actually starred in many shitty show . Why is that so? This is because anime company know that fan will eat up any shit just because she is in the cast . So rather than casting her in a good show that will gain profit even without her , why not cast her in risky niche shitty series  to lure in retards ? Though don’t take what I said too seriously because I am just bullshitting.

If you haven’t noticed yet , this post has no direction at all . So let’s rattle on how Seiyuu can’t sing . Sorry , I am wrong , they can sing. They  can sing shitty embarrassing cutesy songs that make your mama proud ! I will admit that God Knows is pretty cool but did you see Aya Hirano live? Beside her tonguebath I make you cum twice shirt , everything about that Haruhi concert is  forgettable . Actually, it is more like I wished I can forget it because the vocal suck  so much , I rather eat the rotten skunk asshole and drown in with beer or something .

Let’s talk about Kugimiya Rie . I know her because her voice is irritating . One of the main reason why I don’t like Taiga is due to her . I don’t get why people lined up a few years before her concert(? Talk? Press conference? Whatever.) just because she can repeat Urusai three times . I can repeat it ten times per 10 second and no one get head over heels  for me .

Next , let’s talk about err who else? Yui Horie maybe? Beside her being very creepy and  loved to act cute when she is a 30 something forever young old hag , I liked her because she can uguuu . Everyone knows uguu and make fun of it because making fun of uguu is very cool but do you know who materialise that catchphrase for you to make fun at? Yui Horie . Man , uguu is awesome , I don’t search for 86 times uguu youtube video  because uguu is awesome .

To end off , let’s talk about Yuko Goto or whoever voiced Mikuru(spelling?) from Haruhi . Haruhi is a pretty enjoyable show and I quite liked it . I might look like someone that really hate these kind of series but believe me , I don’t . I have Kanon 2006 as one of my favourite series so I couldn’t complain much . So yea , let’s get back to Mikuru’s seiyuu . At first I quite liked Mikuru because she has huge breast and I am deaf when I first started watching Haruhi . Then I watched Mizuiro and guessed what?  I totally stalled Haruhi Season 2 at episode 1 and promise myself not to watch any show that have her baby voice because she make me cry in pain . My ear became black in a instant because all the cells died when she speak . To think that I am wearing a earpiece then , man , I am so rad.