I don’t really know what to write about Angel Densetsu but every time after I finished a great work , I felt compelled to talk about it . It is like giving an end to a long journey and bidding farewell to a friend .

Angel Densetsu is an interesting experience . After finishing the first volume , I couldn’t really see how I will enjoy the series as it was rather pointless and aimless . Not to mention , it was a comedy that I couldn’t laugh at due to its repetitive nature . Just think about it , 15 volumes of ad nauseum formulaic comedy? That  just make me sick . That’s why I stalled on the first volume for almost a year until I started it again recently. Then gradually and slowly , when the plot kicks in and more and more interesting characters join in the group , I felt attached to it and couldn’t stop reading . The interaction between the characters although follows a similar formula of misunderstanding before realisation , keeps the whole pacing and mood going and in the end , what you get is the feeling of  happy and bitter sweet. Happy that I had read such a great comic , bitter sweet because I still couldn’t get enough of it . That’s how attached I am to it .

One of my biggest enjoyment was derived from the beautifully drawn characters. Yagi Norihiro , the author of Angel Densetsu and Claymore really has a knack in drawing  realistic yet beautiful characters . Just by looking at his art can be one satisfying ride. I personally like the sketchy art for the side story . They are both experimental and fun to look at  . People think that Angel Densetsu has bad artwork but I personally felt that it was clean , simple and nice to look at .  But I think I am the only one that thought that Adachi’s characters are beautifully drawn as well when everyone lament about it so maybe I am just weird.

I rattle on so much about it but I didn’t really tell you what’s it about right?  Well , it is a  story of

this guy and

this girl , together with

this bunch of retards.