Giant Killing:

It takes a Deen to fuckup your anime .

Studio Deen really sucks huh? You can give them the best source material and they can still fuck it up . Long gone is the day where they can create godly and exciting animation like Kenshin ova. I don’t know what happen to them but their execution is always bad and boring . It’s not just animation that they are bad at, everything ranging from music to voice acting to pacing are horrendous .

Though , I am sure that the manga version of Giant Killing is great and the anime is just Deen being Deen . Studio Deen is actually worst than Gonzo because they suck even when they follow the original faithfully .With all that said , the anime did spark my interest for the manga  as I am sure that it will be 100 times better.

That’s not saying that the anime itself was bad though . I guess the source material is just so great that even if it undergoes the raping of Studio Deen , it can still turn out to be quite an above average show . My complain is that it shouldn’t just be an above average show  because I normally dig this kind of sport series and  think that it can actually be really good if another more competent studio adapts it . 3.5/5  Eastern Football Teams + dropped after I buy the manga  .

Arakawa Under The Bridge:

To be frank , I don’t find Zetsubou Sensei that funny but I  liked it . Why? Because it is interesting .  Arakawa Under the Bridge  again belongs to this interesting and mildly funny category .

As usual , you get tons of unnecessary photoshop filter complex thought provoking,  intelligent metaphoric static images stellar art work for you to masturbate to appreciate.This unusual direction works the first time round (Le Portrait de Petite Cossette , EF and Zetsubou Sensei) but it is getting old and add up to nothing is definitely the freshest and brilliant work of a genius that even Einstein couldn’t rival.

Oh and they have a Phoenix Wright parody and I totally didn’t laugh at it . Goes to show that even if I get it , it doesn’t mean that it will be funny .

3.5/5 moments which I  like it more when they happen in Sexy Command.

Mayoi Neko:

WOW ! This show is so average , I have nothing to say . 2.5/5 Funny looking fat cats.

PS: I watched about 6 minutes and gave up because it goes no where. But hey , I closed  that demon shown within 3 minutes so yea. To be frank , Mayoi Neko isn’t terribly bad but it was just too average for anyone to care.


I will  admit that the first minute of solo jamming was pretty good as expected from Kyoani . Then the op played and I laughed at how bad it was. After that , they went on with some useless recap and boring conversation  . I fast forwarded it and saw the  same old pointless conversation going on and on . Then they sing some school song and it sucks really bad . I closed the window and totally gave up . 2.5/5 pointless conversations.

The animation was great but that itself is a problem because why waste so much budget on this kind of show? You know , a Key adaptation rehearse might actually be better than K-on season 2 because at least it has something like a plot going on . I really hoped that Kyoani will do something different next time after earning so much money from all this shit because I do  like them as a studio . You might complain about K-on but you mustn’t deny that their animation is one of the most compelling and detailed one . Also , they can be funny if they want to as shown in FMP Fumoffu and  Kanon but K-ON’s  jokes are so bad , I forgot that Fumoffu -one of the funniest shit I ever watched- was produced by them.

Senkou no Night Raid:

Haha , I don’t know any history , all I know is watch cartoon and eat popcorn . 3.5/5 Funny Mandarin.

Though this is quite an interesting piece especially within the Chinese Fansub Group. Actually , their argument was much more interesting then the show itself.  I am also interested in reading some history guru posts on how wrong or how right Senkou no Night Raid is . It is a big fish and can create lots of controversy so why not?