So recently  I have been busy playing some hentai game called Little Busters EX by Key . However , after playing for 2 fucking long days , I have only completed less than 10% of the game and yet to seen any h scene. Wtf is that?  If you look at the guide , there is this common timeline where you get to interact with every characters before choosing a girl to pin down and it seems like this common timeline take up the huge part of the game since it spanned so many choice and days but no , fucking no! It is just the beginning !  Once you choose a girl you wanted to pin down after the common timeline, you get to interact with her in details with those pointless plot about eating lunch and coping exam . After going through all those shit , it seems like yea finally time to pin her down but no! They just continue on and on with those pointless conversation.

I gave up and fast forwarded the game after choosing my favourite character , Mio as a candidate for me to pin down but then in the end what did I got? Nothing , fucking nothing! The h scene only appears after you finished her first true end! She has a 2nd true end before you get to see some action!  Not only that , she is just one out of the numerous character and it take almost one day to complete one timeline. Think about that!

Not to mention , Little Busters’ main character is shitty , where is Yuuichi? Where is Tomoya? Where did all the wit and sarcasm go? Why is Naoe Riki so boring and average?! Fuck man ! You know , it still make some sense that girls fall in love with Yuuichi and Tomoya but for Riki? He is so plain and boring and wimpy, his whole existence was to have some ass ! He even fucking cross dressed! How can people relate to him? How can  I put myself into his shoe when I played the game? Sigh… … and you thought that Key was capable of creating interesting male lead .

So fuck it , fuck it man . Wait for the  anime adaptation , it might be faster than reading the whole shit.

Having said all that , now  let’s get back to Mio’s storyline because I am a loser and no , she is not that K-on one .