What’s the first anime which kicked you into this gooey perverted slum called anime fandom?

Those who started off this last decade most likely started off with Naruto or Bleach . For the  cool and stylish anti herd , it will be most likely some moe show like K-on or Nanoha . For the fangirls , it will be the like of Deathnote or some shitty yaoi Shoujo.  For those 90’s old kids , it should be either Dragonball Z or Gundam Wing . For those liars , they will say it is Cowboy Bebop or Lain even though the actual one is DBZ but what I am saying is that most people started off with these few series .

Me? Strange enough , I only watched Lain and K-on completely out of all the above because I am cool . The first actual anime that made me really start off this perverted hobby was GTO and it still remain as my number one favourite manga of all time . That might be the reason for my good taste because people tend to try stuff which they enjoyed for their future endeavour . I liked GTO because it was very manly . The jokes are so offensive and vulgar , it shaped my interest in comedy where penis jokes and dirty cheap shot gag fare better for me than those overrated “intelligent” jokes. I found out that the plot was surprisingly creative and great as well and that’s the reason why I am always digging out obscure series that have unconventional plot .

My point is that your starter anime might actually shape your taste in anime . If not , at least it shaped mine so I am interested to find out if others have the same experience as me . It might not be far fetch though because I found out that lots of people that start off with Lain dig complex and dark series while those that started off with Bleach and Naruto continued to stayed retarded . There are also this bunch of people that started off with stuff like Bleach but got into the fandom only after watching those moe show and unsurprisingly  , they most likely stayed as moe fan . The mecha fans have the same syndrome as well so hey , this theory which I bullshitted while writing this post might be correct!

So what’s the first anime that get you into this messed up hobby?   First anime as in the anime that made you interested in this hobby rather than the first one that you watched.