Yea baby yea . The thing about blogging is that old post get buried down. I wrote about 382 posts within a year and a half and my favourite post that I reread 100 times always seems to go unnoticed . Then this ingenious idea of writing a post to promote my old post came to me and I said to myself like some mental retard , why not? So without further ado , let’s go!!

I will first provide a link to that said post and just copy and paste the content in its raw and actual form below the link. Then I will share some thoughts about it . Also , I will make this a weekly feature because a copy and paste update is more than no update. If I am really lazy , I will make this a daily feature . With that , I can go on for forever if I featured these recycle post as well .

    Cloud Strife ultimate goal is to hit Tifa .Tifa ultimate goal is to be hit by Cloud Strife , our ultimate goal is watch them hitting each others.
    So what’s your ultimate goal in life?

    Everyone have different ultimate goal , a virgin ultimate goal is to get laid , a Holydeams’ ultimate goal is to have lots of holy dreams , a Phoenix’s ultimate goal is everyone death so he can revive them with phoenix down , a Snake’s ultimate goal is to become a wolf while a IWICSYI’s ultimate goal  is to perform a Shouryuuken .

    But ultimately , everyone ultimate goal is to see  iwicsyi rise to it’s ultimatum zenith. So how high is iwicsyi zenith?  It not high actually , but it is definitely way way higher than now. To know exactly how high is it , just look down when you are watching Cloud hitting Tifa ,  so how high can that be? At most 30 cm  I said .  So if we use the ratio  1cm : 500k units  we will get 15000000 when it is 30cm. We then apply the addition formula, 15000000+(-) 5million , we will get 10million in total.

    You may ask , what does that 10million mean?Actually , it can be anything ! It just differ from person to person. Some may think of it as the blog stats while others may think of it as the number of posts . But my ultimate answer will be wanting to waste everyone time into thinking that this post will go somewhere due to the usage of  primary school mathematics and totally atrocious English. Thank for wasting (10million X 10 to the power of -5 )sec while reading this post .

    Yea , there you have it , our ultimate goal in this blog is to supply a platform for you to waste  your time off when you have nothing to do in the interweb. You can read our blog too while waiting for the video of Cloud hitting Tifa to finish it’s buffering. KTHXBYE

I like this post! End of thought.