My friend asked me an interesting question yesterday , ” Is Book Of Bantorra a good series?” whereas I answered ,” No . But I love it”. Unlike something as solid as Haibane Renmei or Planetes , I can’t possibly be insane enough to even say that Book Of Bantorra is a great series because it is not . That doesn’t mean that it was a shitty one but rather , it has too many flaws to be safely called solid in the first place . I always find myself lament about how Book of Bantorra will be one of the best series out there if they have higher production values and more competent storyboard just because of its unique approach in terms of plot . Though ,while lamenting about the lousy animation , I am at the same time impressed by the production team because they always managed to exceed my expectation.

There are two fatal flaws for BoOB(Book of Bantorra) – the pacing and the animation .

Firstly , the pacing is awkward. It felt like a lot of stuffs from the original novel were left out and this causes some of the story arcs to be somewhat anti climatic and make a character look shittier than he supposed to be. Did anyone know that Mokkania Fleur is actually some badass motherfucker who has one of the most touching storyline and  a fujoshi bait personality?  No one does because the anime crammed one whole book worth of material into 2 episodes whereby lots of stuff happened too fast and by the time you make some sense out of the plot , Mokkania was already dead. Yea , fucking dead . BoOB was fucking awesome because it kills everybody . You don’t know who it will kill next ; it might be your Mama , your Papa or even your unborn son who travels back to time. One thing can be sure though; BoOB will always kill important characters and that’s one of the reason why it is awesome but I will leave that on the later part of the post.

However , the shitting of the diarrhoea cake isn’t its pacing as the pacing isn’t so much of a problem when compare to its animation decay . Sometimes  the animation can be so bad , it  doesn’t make any sense! For one , you will find many instances where the enemies just stand there and wait for the characters to finish their words . Not to mention , you get classic lolz like this:

Let's count to 5! 1 , 2 , 3 ,4 , I HAVE FOUR FINGERS!

Yea , how can one take this show seriously when there are decays like these?  Elites sure can’t as only the kindest , greatest human being like me can disregard these four fingers and take the series seriously because I believe the power of love. That’s right , BoOb has the theme of power of love which  is like one fucking cliché that makes everyone puke semen like some reverse engineered  sexual intercourse but BoOB reverses reversed sex and makes it awesome again . In other words , it makes the story of power of love great. If you still can’t conjure out why this is awesome , let me use this analogy to illustrate it for you .

Power of Love is like an asshole , nothing but shit and std infected semen come out of it. However , when an asshole paired together with  BoOB ,  it will become the greatest body part that turns you on . When you look at an asshole , you don’t know whether it is some gay asshole or shit like that . However , when it is together with a BoOB , you will know that it will be one fine ass from some sexy lady . Ok , the lady might not be sexy but it at least won’t make you a gay when you get turned on by the asshole and that’s why Book Of Bantorra is awesome.

That makes a lot of sense all right but let’s move on to the next point – the characters.

Anime Fans  suck because they will drop a show just because of superficial reasons like BOOHOO , my favourite character died or BOHOOOOO the character design sucks . Yea like the purpose of letting a character die is not to let you cry in the first place. What I meant is that if a death of a character incurs so much emotion in you , so much so it makes you want to drop a show , it just means that the show is great because it succeeded in getting you emotional attached to it so how can that suck?  That can’t be suckage so pick up your balls and remember the deceased character you love in your heart and goes on with the show because it might just be another Dragonball Z.

Even if he/she stayed dead , we should cherish their sacrifice and learn from their story and be pleasure when we see them make a  cameo toward the end of the story . That’s true love for anime , true love for characters . It is something that buying some dolls or pillows and literally fucked them up couldn’t compete . Book Of Bantorra gave me that ability to love  and that’s why it is awesome .

With that out off the system , let’s just say that BoOB have lots of interesting characters that may or may not be killed . Not to mention , I kinda like the idea of the lack of main character . If you don’t know yet , Book Of Bantorra doesn’t have a main character because that’s the whole point of the story : Everyone is a saviour and no one is less important than others. With love , everyone will live on and the world will become the most beautiful place ever.

Before you said that the last line was retarded , let’s remember that Planetes conveyed the same thing .