I just finished Wild Life the manga recently after almost 6 month of hiatus. At first it was dull in a sense of how the hell can it run for 27 volumes but after a while , this feeling changed to how the hell can it finish at only 27 volumes! So what and why causes this change?

I have a really first good impression for WIld Life because the first volume although started off weak  but showed what it is capable of by the end of volume one . However , as the series goes on , it will make you wonder how the series can run for 27 volumes as the rescue animal theme doesn’t look like it can run for so long . Surprisingly though , the animal trivia are really interesting and they can keep you interested till the end of the series. During mid way , they add in some romance element and other educational tibits such as how to buy stock , how to choose meat , how to train your dogs , how to date girls and etc .  It was really interesting and fulfilling because it felt like you are reading an interesting textbook with a plot. It exposes me to lots of things that I  neglect or don’t even know about.

What’s more important is the messages that the manga conveyed. They are simple messages but sometime , these messages are so simple , we totally forgot about them . I especially liked the chapter where animals were killed during WWII due to the fear of them running loose during bombing . It shows the darker side of life and bring our attention to how war destroyed more than humans . The chapter about creating an artificial leg for a Giraffe with crippled leg  is my another favourite. The chapter showed us warmth and hope . Lots of chapters are also dedicated to the importance of keeping the balance of the ecosystem while showing that no one or nothing is useless. You may call these ideals and message overly idealise but most of the chapters are based on real life happening so it just added on the impact and substance of the messages. In other words , these messages are supported with facts and proof so they are strong enough to make us believe in them .

http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20020517a7.html <- The story of installing an artificial leg for a crippled Giraffe.

Wild Life brought up the possibility and effectiveness of manga being an educational tool . Even if isn’t educational or what not ,I always encourage people – especially those that hate reading to read manga because it is a great starting point . For one , if you can’t even be bothered to read a manga , how the hell can you digest a full length novel?

To conclude , I will highly recommend Wild Life to everyone because it was one satisfying and educational ride. Although I do agree that some chapters were too far-fetched but 90% of the animal knowledge are well researched and  true. Not to mention , it has everything for everyone . It even include some tasty fanservice scenes(20+  pages in total including title page) and a romance sub-plot . For the shallow people , the female characters are hot . It contains lots of Gar and Gay as well … … Nanoha reference included.

Give it a try , it will grow into you and before you notice it , you won’t want it to end.