Why? Because the whole fandom is embarrassing . Seriously , how can you feel proud of a fandom where people said outrageous comments like 2D is better than 3D and buy sexy plastic toy while wearing some black rock shooter shirt  shamelessly? How can you feel proud of a fandom that watches and loves series where a bunch of cute girls doing cute things to satisfy one’s desire? How can you feel proud of a fandom where people openly admit that they love gay porn and fap to little cartoon girls? I always laugh when people complain about loli material being ban because when you complain , you aren’t defending your right but rather , show that you dig cartoon children because we all know that only those who are affected will care to complain about such stuff . Those who aren’t interested won’t even spare a thought about it . If people really care about freedom of speech , why don’t they complain about Singapore banning porn sites instead? I would think that that will be a more pressing matter and it  definitely affects more people .

I always thought that some of the defence  of  how anime is not porn are hysterical too. I often see fans defend on how anime isn’t porn while happily watching MOSTLY or even ONLY fanservice series like Ladies Vs Butler or scream when Mio showed her fake shimapan. Not to mention , get really excited by watching cartoon girls doing moe stuff .

Anime isn’t for kids ; I do agree because it isn’t for kids , it is for the twisted mind .  Just look at the amount of anime fans with awkward behaviour . Really , do you like being grouped with them?

That’s not saying I don’t dwell on the dark side( like some star war or something) of the fandom but long story short : I became a fan not because of such which sadly is what constitute the  majority of the fandom or at least the majority of anime fans I know or met.