It is so sad that the best series I ever watch which starts with the letter Q is Queens Blade and that is only because it is the only Q anime I watched. It is sadder when I stalled it at episode 2 and never gotten around to finish it. So what’s the reason for the lack of Q series? It is because Japanese doesn’t know how to pronounce Q and hence the lack of title that can start with Q? Or is it because the letter Q looks so stupid hence having an awesome title that start with Q is impossible? Actually , let’s don’t even mention anime title that start with Q because anime title that consist of the letter Q is scarce on its own . Even though Q has some really great conventional words such as Quest and Queen , you will be surprise at the lack of such words in anime title.

So here’s my challenge : name some great anime series that have the letter Q inside its title . It must be a tv series  and the title must also be the official R1 or R2  title and not some translation or synonym  . The reward will be me getting to watch the series because the greatest reward a human can get is the happiness of others so I am willing to be happy just for your sake .