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Answering this question might pose to be a challenge for me due to the lack of experience because seriously , after living for nearly to two decades , I haven’t really encounter any real challenges that will put my personality and survival instinct to test. What will I really do if I was in a real pinch? How will I cope with life and death matters. Which character in Infinite Ryvius will I act like? Will I be the leader? Or Will I be the follower or what? In order to answer to these questions , I will try to see how I can relate to the Infinite Ryvius cast.

First thing first , I will admit that I never found anyone in anime who I could relate to . I could identify myself in some situations from series such as Genshiken and Cromartie High School but that’s only some part of the whole scenario and not any of the characters. For example , I can relate to the feeling of building your first plastic model or get irritated if I couldn’t figure out the song I was humming but I couldn’t find myself in characters such as Sasahara or Kamiyama. However , for Infinite Ryvius , I might just find someone I could relate to since the characters are so diversified , almost every set of personalities were showcased  . Not to mention , the scope was narrowed by the scenario ; which character will I most likely act like if I were in the Ryvius. So without further ado , let’s narrow de-construct  the cast.

Stein Heigar: Heigar is a realistic and rational guy , he only care about facts and nothing else. I find it a little cheap that the series gave him a mental breakdown for such a small issue but nevertheless , his realistic mindset of outweighing the pros and cons is admirable . I will consider myself as a rational being but I do have some romantic fantasy such as hoping for miracles and saving the world , which is why I couldn’t totally see myself in him . Though in a pinch , I can still see how I might act like him but I most likely won’t . 45/100 similarity points.

Airs Blue: He is ruthless and will complete  his goal no matter what . From his character design , you will think that he will play a huge role but eh , he sort of got kicked off after mid series . It’s a shame because he is quite badass .He has leadership qualities which I have near to none because I dislike asserting power and forcing others to do stuff so I can’t see myself as him . The only thing I can relate to is getting interested in Juli . 25/100 similarity points.

Yuuki: Yuuki will be my favourite characters if he isn’t so stubborn with small issues. However , I liked him because he is like the cool pilot in war that get things done . Not to mention , he acted with his own gut feeling and think that complaining is stupid while not giving a fuck to most of the stuff. That’s very much like me actually though , as much as he disliked others to complain , he himself complains too much , especially for minute issue like getting in the same room with his brother. If he were to be more composed and attract some nice looking girls other than above average one , I can definitely see myself in him . 70/100 similarity points.

Houjou Lucson: Lucson complains and brag a lot at first but he know his own place later during the series.  Knowing your own place is the only thing I could relate to . I dislike complaining and didn’t really like to have too much attention so bleh. 20/1oo.

Oze Ikumi: Oze loves his sister , ewwww. He is like the party players with his cheerfulness and stuff like that . Though later on , we will realise that his cheerful front is forced in a sense that he tried to be friendly because he doesn’t want anyone to leave him. Though this front stays with him and became a part of his personality in the end. I might be a cheerful person but his cheerfulness is too over for me to relate to . So 30/100 .

Turtleland III Good: He is someone who takes love too seriously , I take it very seriously too but I am to manly too get seduced and get manipulated like he did in the first half . Though taking to the account where I can see myself sacrificing for my love one , I can sort of relate to him . So 50/100.

Kibure Kikki: The dino girl who mind her own business and stayed in the background all the time . Man , staying in the background is just like me. I  love to stay in the background  to keep a low profile  because you know , being high-profile is like asking for attention and that might look arrogant . Also , attention means trouble , it is easier to do things when no one notices you .It is stress free as well and I don’t get emo just because I am alone or stuff like that . Friends and being with a group are overrated anyway . However , not much of Kibure is being mentioned so I don’t know if we have the same reason to stay is the background . Can’t blame though because she appears like 5 seconds for  every episode and 0 seconds during episode 14. So 30/100

Kouji : He is like the normal guy , always doing the most predictable and conventional stuffs . Now that I think about it , the probability of me taking the same course of action as him is pretty high . So , 80% similarity point.

Finally , someone who I can really relate to and even take the same course of actions as she does .

Bahana Juli: Juli became a Zwei just for the scholarship . I took IT because it is an easy way out for me . We are both in a half enthusiastic state for the path we took . Juli sympathise someone who is in the same situation as her , in this case , she sympathise with Pat because  they are orphan . I can see myself doing the same since I can be really sentimental . Juli is wishy-washy , can only lead if forced to , doesn’t like to order people around ,sort of a romanticist , second in command  and always being relied on . Man , that’s like my carbon copy so yes , Juli is like 85% similar to me .

With that I will end my thoughts on Infinite Ryvius. However , I will like to briefly mention about 90’s anime . Infinite Ryvius( although was started in 1999 and ended in 2000 but the style is technically the 90’s anime style so…)  inspired these thoughts below.

I will definitely watch Tekkaman Blade one day

It is strange that the 90’s looks like a void in terms of anime production . Sure we have Slayers , GITS , Evangelion , GTO , LOGH, Slam Dunk , Golden Boy  Flame Of Recca , One Piece , Cowboy Bebop , Lain, Record of The Lodoss War , iterations of Gundam , Macross and etc  ,but it just felt void in a sense that a lot more were produced but not many were well-known . Like say , one will not just dive into a series like “Those Who Hunt Elves” unlike how people might watch some post 2001 series like Maria+Holic nowadays. That’s because more details were known for post 2001 series but no one really talk much about the 90’s one  much . This resulted in people not being exposed to 90’s anime enough to incur any motivation to watch any of it. To think that there are sites that covers lots of 80s series but not many for the 90s  . I find it sad because I personally like the style of the 90’s. The cell shadings ,the spiky haired characters , the vibrant colours , the awesome songs and the huge eyes art style attracted me . All in all , I will like to watch and study more on the 90’s anime so I will be watching a lot of them lately , starting with some Ova and series like Nadesico and Banner of Crest franchise. Also , I grew up with these anime so a taste of some nostalgic trip will be nice.


Woah , this must be the first time I have ever been so fast in catching up with a game. I am only 1 year late! Regardless , being hyped up by the World Cup yet couldn’t be arse enough to follow the live matches due to the lack of means , I decided to play PES 2010 on a whim just to get the feel of football hype again. First thing first , football is a wonderful sport because you just need a ball to play with , of course , same goes for basketball or any other sport but football doesn’t need a prefixed hoop or limited venue to enjoy the same experience as the real thing, you may just need some slippers , twits or a void deck that ban black coloured man from playing football in order to play the game . These equipments and venues  are as accessible as the oxygen you are breathing in and this is why anyone , regardless of poor or rich could play and win a chance for a glamorous endeavour in the numerous world wide recognised competitions. There are just so many chances and dreams to fulfil out there compare to other sport .

Ban black coloured man with no facial features and unrealistic head from playing football.

So onto the gameplay for PES 2010.

Something is weird about this game , no , not the interfaces which I don’t give a damn about unlike so many others . The commentaries are then the weird one, now pes is the abbreviation of Pro Evolution Soccer but the commentators always called the sport as Football but not Soccer ! Why the difference in translation? Why is the game released for US but uses a British commentator?! Not to mention , I played the Window version which is like a carbon copy for the xbox360 version but the sponsor board on the field showed Sony Playstation! WTF is that?!

Now onto the real gameplay .

If you read my twitter , I complained about the sluggish gameplay and some of its problems such as the abolishment of the feint shot and the insensitive controls . Never mind about that because I complained about how Arsenal is too strong for  PES 5 , how there are no difference in gameplay for PES 6 and how PES2009 doesn’t even have Bayern Munchen as a team. In other words , those are just petty complains because I am outraged at how I can’t win a game in Top Player mode or get my players with 90 dribble to break through a 4 men wall by dashing forward like how I did it in previous version. Now that I could  get hold of the controls better and probably can use UAE to win Brazil at Top Players mode , I am enjoying this sluggish play because it add in to the realism . Not to mention , to accommodate with this realism , the scoring is easier now . I could easily score unintentional scores and get away with it but that’s not saying that the opponent team can’t do that as well . That’s all for the gameplay because other than the players being shittier now , especially when they are  low in form , there isn’t  many changes from the previous version .

Now , you can’t talk about PES without talking about FIFA . I am a PES fanboy since ISSPro Evolution . During that era , FIFA 2000 just couldn’t compete with ISS because FIFA plays like some kindergarten jokes . There is this formula in FIFA for you to score and you can easily hit a 10-0 by repeating this formula. Not to mention , the graphic sucks and the players move unrealistically unlike its superior counter part which is ISS Pro 4. With that , my last encounter with FIFA is FIFA 2003 or something and it just play the same so I just gave up on FIFA and enjoy my PES goodness which is the almighty PES 5. The shittiness of FIFA forever remains as a stigma and I never dare to touch it again so I couldn’t really make a comparison now .

There isn’t really a lot to talk about and with the commence of PES2011 this October , this post is pretty useless since there isn’t any more things to add-on to the PES2010 discussion.

Nevertheless ,to end off , I will like to use the amazing statement from ISS Pro Evolution Ending Credit:

Don’t you think that football is one of the greatest languages? Because once you kick a ball , you can communicate with anybody , anywhere in the world!

Except for USA .

Multiply these by 30 and you will get half of what I”s is about . The other half is your usual top graded romcom stuff and by top graded , I meant it depend how you like this type of manga. Personally , I am a sucker for it , hugely due to non-perverted reason(believe me).

Maybe this is also why you shouldn’t read I”s .

Today , my cousin came to my house to ask me some maths questions because everyone knows that I am a smartass . Come on , primary school maths? For some one in a tertiary level in studies? You must be kidding me! I didn’t know how to do because my maths sucks ass ! Oh fuck! How? Someone with a 3.98 gpa in a tertiary level of studies didn’t know how to do primary school maths? Am I going to embarrass myself in front of my 12 years old cousin who didn’t even realise that I am his cousin? Man can’t do that , definitely can’t do that . Lucky for me , I went to a Microsoft Imagine Cup Award Ceremony and they taught us great stuff like solving your problems by creating software . So I went to google and search for the answer keys .

Here are some great links:

Ok, I got lazy but you actually just need to type in the questions on google and it will most likely appears because  everyone and their fathers are most likely doing the same set of psle ten years series for primary 6 homework .  Now you know why Singapore wanted everyone to take PSLE , no , it is not to have a world recognised standard , it is for me to slack off and google the answers. It is all just to cater for me .

When you visit any forums or blogs or sites like those, when the topic is about manga scanlation and shit like that , you will hear lots of people saying that even though they read scanlations , they bought their own manga as well . Most of them have like a dozen and some slightly hardcore one have 100 + but so what!? Man ! Your father here (who is me) have 818 volumes of manga and didn’t read any scanlation except for hentai doujin at all! Compete with that!

What’s the purpose of this post you ask? To stroke my ego and to console myself of course! Man , I am such an idiot for not using any scanlation site and dump all my money on manga when I can read them for free. Fuck , now I regret it .

When I heard that Musashi was going to be animated by Production IG ,I am thrilled because I finally can get to see the epic tale of this master swordsman , more so when it was directed by that Oshii. Even though his name sounds like OH SHIT! , I liked his work with GITS first movie . Sky Crawler even though boring , was awesome at its own right especially the slick animations and sweet dogfights .

As much as Oshii loves to talk bullshit in his film to showcase his awesome knowledge of philosophy which no one cares, he sure knows how to animate , especially the action scenes . Now knowing that Musashi is a badass swordsman who participated in tons of fights and practise Zen , you will expect the movie to be Sword Of Stranger , Musashi version 2 but no , fucking no! Oshii being the oh fucking philosopher made a documentary about some of the battle of Musashi which no one but fucking Musashi nerds understand! That is like less than 5% of the whole population!

Now you know why Musashi wasn’t publicised much even though it looks like some Production IG next big film because it is not .

You know what’s the funniest thing? I didn’t watch the show.

My favourite hobby is to visit Riuva’s Koizora post and read all the funny comments. It is like smoking cocaine , you just can’t stop it .

Hall Of Fame for 2010: Wonderful comment by BAKA-YAROU( Self proclaimed half Japanese )

  1. wth?
    japanese male actors suck they just try to look good
    um, noooo! guess what? they are alot better @ acting then you basterd, and look alot better then you.
    yes this made 11million people cry because of its touching stroy that gives you another look at cancer. i cried because of that too. on the other hand, maybe you cried because you were so touched and so jelouse at the same time, and because watching the beautiful actors/actress’ with their mavoulse acting skills that you, as an ugly, retarded human just had to write this “review” to hide it all.
    you need to crank up the volume bcuz hiro isnt after s3x, becuz his sister says, hiro has dated alot of girls, but this is his firt time being serious about it. hiro LOVES mika.
    gosh are you just jelouse because hiro and mika make a child becouse the LOVE eachother and NOBODY wants you? i thought so.
    mika goes to the field becuz her and hiro are going to go on a date. she gets there too early, the friken hired rapers find her, hiro gets to the bus stop neat the field, oh no, mikas not there, he calls and calls, but mika cant reach her phone, later after shes raped, hiro is STILL looking. her phone rings hiro finds her, and the viewers cry. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. and if u ever find a sad raped girl and try to do her, shes going to smack your ugly face and walk away.
    the baby dies, they bulid a tomb. HIRO FINDS OUT ABOUT HIS CANCER. he KISSES some random girl so that mika gets mad, so that he dosent hv to tell her and make her sad.. HE CARES.
    yu and mika go out for like 1 and a half years!! not 15 minutes. wat? u really think theyre going to show every minute of 1 and a half years?? dumb a$$
    wat? u really think hes going to loose his eybrows because he has cancer, and u really think that hes going to have no hat on and just be bald. have you ever seen a person WITH CANCER hv no hat??? donkey butt.
    oh ya, when he says lunch, he means lunch.
    your versions of the show are jelously put into words. mayb you do take ecstacy.
    and yes, his hair is professionaly styled becuz they dont want their touching, charming chatecter to look sloppy and descusting…like you.
    so how about you just stop your stupid, freaken annoying hallucintations that disgusted me so much it ahs me constantly moaning, grumbling and slamming you and your words. I shook my head so much people must have thought i was just like you! luckily im not *phew!*
    lastly, shut up and make your own movie! i cant wait to make a review about your movie just like this one :DDDDD!!


The recent comment by Rocketham has prompted me to check up the first chapter of High School of the Dead and it reminds me on why I was never a fan for horror movie – they are too exploitive with their gore. Gore is like moe , the right amount of it can be an icing of the cake(I am totally apathetic about moe though)  but purely gore is like purely moe – a waste of time .

Like how moe elicits  fluffiness and fantasy , gore elicits grittiness and realism . It shows the ugly of mankind and the tragedies caused by violence . However , with horror movie , the gore has nothing that backs it up , it is like the sex from eroge , the sole purpose of it is because people love it and my problem with it is that I don’t really adore it as much as others in the first place hence , it serves no purpose to me and the whole experience felt meaningless .

Not to mention , when gore overshadowed the whole series , people will be too hung up by the “awesome” gore and forget about the plot , it is like the plot is there to comply with the gore , not the other way round . Elfen Lied is a great example , a lot of people remember Elfen Lied as a series with badass blood shed where organs and bodies are ripped apart rather than a dark series which dealt with issues such as outcast and human experiment . Same goes with Higurashi for me , no , I don’t remember it as a mystery series , I remember it as ripping off finger nails . Of course , that’s just me and others might not be as distracted as I am but distraction is my whole point here.

Before you think that I am criticising High School of the Dead , I will make things clear  first . HSotD reminds me of exploitive horror movie and the first chapter does give off the impression of being such but just by reading the first chapter is too early to make any assumption so my complains is not totally applicable  to HSotD. Not to mention , I do like some of what I saw , especially the part where the main character’s friend(for a lack of better word) turned into a zombie and the main character needs to finish him off . I dislike how the girl is so clingy and whiny though .

All in all , even though I find that pure gore series is a waste of time , I do understand the appeal  and why it is so popular , it is just like how I will watch and enjoy anything with awesome animations /actions no matter how dumb they are.

It has been long since I did this because I am always correct with my speculation so that’s no fun in doing this. My speculations are always correct because I forced myself to enjoy series that I anticipated  . In other words , the hype and expectation heighten my mood which allows me to give more leeway to flawed series because I cannot back down from  my speculations . With that , I thought to myself , if I anticipate every series out there , will every series turn great because I will forced myself to  look only at their good? So , coupled with my quest to be very optimistic with anime , I decided to give the most bias , most hyperactive and most positive preview out there. Without further ado , let’s go to and steal his chart.

High School Of Dead: When is the last time you ever heard a zombie anime? From what I could recall , I have only heard of Zombie Loan and if I dig it down further , those awesome 80’s ova with ridiculous plot . With such conventional yet a fresh idea for anime , a new onslaught of discussion of the portrayal of Japanese animated will emerge , hence causing lots of enthusiasm and buzz resulting in a lively blogsphere with interesting thoughts and analysis. I am sure you can compile a textbook by collecting all those beautiful blog pieces , all thanks to this ingenious High School Of Dead.

10/10 Lovely penises awesomeness.

Sekimastu Occult Gakuin: Anime always bears the guilt of promoting misogyny,  however from the lovely poster , we see a girl sitting on a boy! Praise the lord , the Japanese finally love women again . With such an educational series on the upset of the gender balance and giving praise to the almighty woman race ,this will surely become a masterpiece. The rich plot and the subvert of gender balance may as well be yet again compile in a textbook named “Anime Eradicates Misogyny”. I am sure hoard of feminists will be glad to buy it and results in a sudden surge in economy. With such glamorous endeavour in mind , this anime will definitely be a masterpiece.

10/10 THUMBS UP!

Sengoku Basara 2: Sengoku Basara is the hope for game to anime adaptation . It is one of the most well loved anime by the female fans because of its awesome message – girls can treat boys as sexual objects too!

10/10 Analytical analysis on Boy to Boy Love

Shiki: From the author of  epic such as Ghost Hunt and 12 Kingdoms coupled with the fact that it will be air on the noitamA time slot , a rich and mature series is bound to be presented. With an experienced Studio , Daume who made classics  such as DearS and Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na , we are sure to be able to get into more cabbage  discussion with Shiki . Whole new awesomeness is waiting for us , let’s get on board and watch Shiki!

10/10 Real anticipation

Kuroshijitsu 2: The masterpiece which capture the hearts of thousand of fangirls even though it is serialised in a Shonen Magazine . With such out reaching hand , it just means that it is enriched with the goodness of both gender. God is fair to give half of each gender hormones to this series , isn’t that something to be GAY about! Let’s rejoice , toast and anticipate on Kuroshijitsu 2.

10/10 things for we to be gay about.

Mitsudomoe: Remember Chris Handley? If he used this series to stimulate himself , he won’t go to jail! This is the god given series to everyone who loved children ! Let’s thank Japan , our god for this beautiful gift . Thank you!

10/10 Children got raped cared thanks to this series.

Amagami SS: “Fantasize , fantasise and I will grant you your wish” , with such wise word said by wise man , we should abide to it and watch wish fulfilment series such as this. Life is hard and cruel , what’s wrong with fantasizing using wish fulfilment material? NO , nothing is wrong! Enjoy and embrace such material otherwise your wish might not even be fulfilled at all .  Delusional fulfilment is better than nothing , so let’s thanks such work for granting our fantasy .

10/10 I actually might like this series.

The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes: All good things have legend and heroes in their title , no doubt , this one will definitely be a legendary legend together with Legend Of The Galactic Heroes.

10/10 Legend being made!

Okami San To Shichinin no Nakamatachi: Remember Okami Kakushi , the awesome series that teaches and explores the issue of sex and culture through allegory. Remember Toradora? The wholesome family drama in which everyone loves and adores because it is so Toradorable? Having similarities with two such awesome series , this , will bound to be the next epic.

10/10 Friend isn’t enough  to describe us , we are NAKAMA DA!

Last but not least

Osaka Hamlet: Osaka version of the epic Shakespeare’s play which explores taboo such as the love for older women with a father fixation  , bravo , bravo!

10/10 Yea , baby , yeaaaa!

With that , I will end my summer preview . Thanks for reading and bye .

Let’s talk about technology today . It is embarrassing that an IT student like me doesn’t know any of these new techy gadgets. Believe it or not , I thought iPad is a menstrual pad that stimulate the “I” in you when it was first release. If you really believe that then you are a retard. Nevertheless , I don’t really care to read or keep up with all these gadgets because it is a waste of time . Being able to sprout off the newest processor or gadget isn’t a feat because anyone can do that by googling for 5 minute. Not to mention , I am not interested in them because they serve no purpose to me . I do agree that being able to play some iphone games are cool when you aren’t at home but the problem is I am always fucking at home . So why should I play those games when I can find more enjoyment by burning through all those novels and manga that are collecting dust?

Also , the world of technology is progressing too fast , new gadgets are  coming out every few months and things get dull and old very fast. Keeping up with an ever-changing world which I am apathetic about in the first place isn’t my kind of thing . It is like keeping up with local news . If you don’t know yet , reading news on my local newspaper is  insulting because it contains lots of useless and something misleading information that doesn’t affect anything. Seriously I am not interested in some sex scandal or girls jumping off building just because her boyfriend dumped her so I don’t make it a point to read any local newspaper .

I digress but to conclude , I will say that the only techy thing which I truly care about is computer because it is a necessity , a necessity for masturbation.


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