So today I watched “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” during my 4 hours break in school . I watched it with a bunch of friends in a multimedia room with a section for loaning dvds next to it . Yes , I know that it is awesome , my school is like a resort and I felt liking living in a resort every time I went to school. Now the story was really simple but it was made complex with lots of technobabbles , apparently about quantum mechanics of parallel world or something of that sort. However we all know that we don’t really watch Makoto Shinkai film for anything but the ambience the film emits and the novel like dialogues. Ok , and the amazing animation . Maybe the simple plot too . Regardless , the movie was beautiful looking and a great experience but that’s not the point of this post , the point is don’t watch anime with friends – they will just spoil the mood with unnecessary comments . And noises .

After watching the movie , we watched “The Day After Tomorrow”.  Ok , I glanced it more than really watching it because it felt so empty . It was exciting alright but it isn’t something memorable or something that makes you feel anything . You just watch and forget , which is something I don’t really adore especially for movie because that’s too pointless to my liking . In simpler words , I just don’t care what I was watching .

However , watching “The Day After Tomorrow” helped me to appreciate anime more because anime has something that Hollywood movie lack , the ambience and the quiet moments where we just seat back and appreciate the wonderful animation . Watching anime is the only time where I felt like I am looking at an art when normally I just laugh at all the breasts and penises displayed in an art museum . Now , even though I can describe any art piece and what they signified easily because I am great at bullshitting , I don’t feel that there are any layers or great about the art work . I know that they are great due to these layers, theme and messages but I don’t feel great while looking at them because I have no artistic sense. However , watching anime is the only time where I will focus on all the frames and how they transit while generally felt impressed and fulfilling , or so to say , it impacts me .

The quiet moments can only happen in anime because mainstream viewers will sleep during these moment . Anime , being something for the niche can do as many quiet moments as they liked because we will suck it up no matter what . Now , for example , if My Neighbour Totoro is a real life film , it will just fail not due to the fantasy elements but rather , it was too pointless and anticlimactic to keep people on their chair. Now in animated film , the pointless quiet moments became the element to keep us on the chair not because we are sleeping but because the mood makes it  an experience . Of course , depends on your preference , these quiet moments can be a snore or an experience , for example , people enjoyed these moment in Whisper of The Heart but I don’t really care about it and same goes to people finding it a snore for Ocean Waves while I enjoyed it whole heartily.

Now of course not all anime give off the same impression . However,  even for those that didn’t , I am able to be more focus and enjoy it more than live action films or series . As ironic as it is , I can take anime more seriously than drama acted by real human. Now , I don’t think it is hard to find something like  Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien in live action soap opera or such but watching it in animated form just makes me care more . Why and how? I don’t really understand. Same goes with manga , Solanin is a common story but it causes lots of impact which I don’t think I will gather if I watch a similar real life drama or film . Maybe it is due to too much exposure of anime( and too much shitty live action) that causes my subconscious to form this mindset but bleh , that’s that I guess. Now not everyone can become an anime fan because they lack  this similar subconscious/mindset, I supposed.