So recently I watched a series called Bleep Bloop from College Humour where the whole show is about a bunch of people playing and talking about games . The one that I watched was on a Japanese Dating Sim game. Now , I have seen so many of those and played some of it for the lolz , I have forgotten about how awkward , weird and embarrassing these games are . Similarly , the amount of Harem series out there makes me neglect that the plotline and formula are something that gave Japanese the name of having a weird culture. However for us , Harem series is a cliche . Wow , that’s dangerous don’t you think? After so much exposure of these supposed weird stuff , the weirdness has turned so bland  that we treated it as something so common  . It is no wonder how we find it strange that people get turned off by anime when it was this “awesome” because we are the strange one in the first place.

For example , when we watch Ghost In The Shell where the first scene is Major being naked and jump of the building , anime fan will be awed by it due to the well set up of the GITS world by showcasing their technology which is something something camouflage by reflecting something and something which needs you to be naked because your clothes can’t turn invisible. No , we won’t find it strange that she is naked  . On the other hand ,for normal people , they will be awe by it because anime is all about nudity and  then they will wonder  why the girl needs to be naked.

Ok , that actually put us in the good light by showing that we aren’t retarded so it isn’t a good example. Ok , how about this.

While watching Kanon , anime fans will criticise it heavily by stating it to be demeaning to female and how moe is evil while normal people will just watch it , like or dislike it without caring about moe or anything else.

Ok , that actually shows how nerdy and moral anime fans can be and nerd is like a badge of honour so this example put us in the good light again because stupid commoners don’t know moral values orhow moe is evil . Also , neglecting the fact that only those who know anime well enough will know what the hell moe is in the first place shows how knowledgeable we are because something as complex as moe is so common to us ,so much so we forgot that stupid commoners don’t understand. Or we actually forgot that no one cares. Regardless , we are  still in the good light.

Man ,I am too morally upright and don’t mix or pry around with the weird and dark side ( like some Star War) of the fandom so I can’t think of any example that put us in the bad light or even show how weird we can be . So the first paragraph is nullified , we are not weird at all .