When you are managing a blog , what do you look up for? Comments or hit counts? For me , I will of course prefer hit counts because I jolly well know that my opinion is the best and is always correct so there is no room for any more discussion in the comment section . Now , silent is consent , so if I have 2million hit counts per day (which this blog is pretty close in getting  if I multiply the hit count by 100000) , it means that 2million people agree with me . On the other hand , if  there are comments that state their own opinion as oppose to yours , that will just mean that he doesn’t care or agree with you and need to restate his  opinion to correct you and show that he is more awesome . I can’t have that because I know I am the best.

That’s not saying that I don’t like comments , I love them actually especially if they are all sucking up to me or admit that their opinion sucks and mine is the best after stating their own views ,but I  prefer hit counts ultimately because we all know that ultima can deal a lot of hp right?