In the past , there are only two type of results for video game adaptation , fucking bad and bad . However as the quality of storytelling improves , more and more watch-able video game adaptations started to surface. Then came the year 2003 where a bunch of crazy guys thought that adapting a third player shooting game was a great idea and thus , Gungrave the best video game adaptation was born.

Being the best in video game adaptation is like being the smartest in a retard home , however Gungrave  easily edge out smartass from college even if was born from a retarded family .

Gungrave although suffered from shitty animation and yaoi looking character design , the theme of manly friendship and betrayal  will bring you down to tears.

I cried during this epic tear jerking scene.

Similarly to BoOB , making fun of Gungrave is really easy as there are abundant of flaws and stuffs for you to laugh at. However , the gripping plots and the themes were so well presented , you will think twice to criticise its flaws . The theme of friendship is common throughout all media , however , few of them were presented as well as Gungrave did. The final dialogue from Brandon Heat to Harry MacDowell where he said ” I could never shoot you” show the gist of the whole series and how manly friendship is so awesome .

Now , it is a necessity to write their character’s names in full because the series does that so often , it is impossible not to be influence by it . No , just Burando is not enough , you need to write out Burando Heto to show that you are a true Gungrave fan . Same goes for Hally Mackutowell and Bell Volcan . Not to mention , Beyon Ta Gurevu . I highly recommend it to anyone if you are someone that isn’t who uptight with flaws because seriously , it was so good that the flaws doesn’t affect anything. You don’t need Book Of Bantorra standard of forgiving to enjoy this series too.

Gungrave is also the first anime where two same episode( episode 1 and episode 18 is literally the same) felt so different in awesomeness level.

Finally , I feel bad because I couldn’t highlight and do justice to  how awesome the whole series is . I also feel bad because I am so light hearted now even though I was crying manly tears due to the epic finale just not long ago.