Let’s talk about technology today . It is embarrassing that an IT student like me doesn’t know any of these new techy gadgets. Believe it or not , I thought iPad is a menstrual pad that stimulate the “I” in you when it was first release. If you really believe that then you are a retard. Nevertheless , I don’t really care to read or keep up with all these gadgets because it is a waste of time . Being able to sprout off the newest processor or gadget isn’t a feat because anyone can do that by googling for 5 minute. Not to mention , I am not interested in them because they serve no purpose to me . I do agree that being able to play some iphone games are cool when you aren’t at home but the problem is I am always fucking at home . So why should I play those games when I can find more enjoyment by burning through all those novels and manga that are collecting dust?

Also , the world of technology is progressing too fast , new gadgets are  coming out every few months and things get dull and old very fast. Keeping up with an ever-changing world which I am apathetic about in the first place isn’t my kind of thing . It is like keeping up with local news . If you don’t know yet , reading news on my local newspaper is  insulting because it contains lots of useless and something misleading information that doesn’t affect anything. Seriously I am not interested in some sex scandal or girls jumping off building just because her boyfriend dumped her so I don’t make it a point to read any local newspaper .

I digress but to conclude , I will say that the only techy thing which I truly care about is computer because it is a necessity , a necessity for masturbation.