The recent comment by Rocketham has prompted me to check up the first chapter of High School of the Dead and it reminds me on why I was never a fan for horror movie – they are too exploitive with their gore. Gore is like moe , the right amount of it can be an icing of the cake(I am totally apathetic about moe though)  but purely gore is like purely moe – a waste of time .

Like how moe elicits  fluffiness and fantasy , gore elicits grittiness and realism . It shows the ugly of mankind and the tragedies caused by violence . However , with horror movie , the gore has nothing that backs it up , it is like the sex from eroge , the sole purpose of it is because people love it and my problem with it is that I don’t really adore it as much as others in the first place hence , it serves no purpose to me and the whole experience felt meaningless .

Not to mention , when gore overshadowed the whole series , people will be too hung up by the “awesome” gore and forget about the plot , it is like the plot is there to comply with the gore , not the other way round . Elfen Lied is a great example , a lot of people remember Elfen Lied as a series with badass blood shed where organs and bodies are ripped apart rather than a dark series which dealt with issues such as outcast and human experiment . Same goes with Higurashi for me , no , I don’t remember it as a mystery series , I remember it as ripping off finger nails . Of course , that’s just me and others might not be as distracted as I am but distraction is my whole point here.

Before you think that I am criticising High School of the Dead , I will make things clear  first . HSotD reminds me of exploitive horror movie and the first chapter does give off the impression of being such but just by reading the first chapter is too early to make any assumption so my complains is not totally applicable  to HSotD. Not to mention , I do like some of what I saw , especially the part where the main character’s friend(for a lack of better word) turned into a zombie and the main character needs to finish him off . I dislike how the girl is so clingy and whiny though .

All in all , even though I find that pure gore series is a waste of time , I do understand the appeal  and why it is so popular , it is just like how I will watch and enjoy anything with awesome animations /actions no matter how dumb they are.