My favourite hobby is to visit Riuva’s Koizora post and read all the funny comments. It is like smoking cocaine , you just can’t stop it .

Hall Of Fame for 2010: Wonderful comment by BAKA-YAROU( Self proclaimed half Japanese )

  1. wth?
    japanese male actors suck they just try to look good
    um, noooo! guess what? they are alot better @ acting then you basterd, and look alot better then you.
    yes this made 11million people cry because of its touching stroy that gives you another look at cancer. i cried because of that too. on the other hand, maybe you cried because you were so touched and so jelouse at the same time, and because watching the beautiful actors/actress’ with their mavoulse acting skills that you, as an ugly, retarded human just had to write this “review” to hide it all.
    you need to crank up the volume bcuz hiro isnt after s3x, becuz his sister says, hiro has dated alot of girls, but this is his firt time being serious about it. hiro LOVES mika.
    gosh are you just jelouse because hiro and mika make a child becouse the LOVE eachother and NOBODY wants you? i thought so.
    mika goes to the field becuz her and hiro are going to go on a date. she gets there too early, the friken hired rapers find her, hiro gets to the bus stop neat the field, oh no, mikas not there, he calls and calls, but mika cant reach her phone, later after shes raped, hiro is STILL looking. her phone rings hiro finds her, and the viewers cry. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. and if u ever find a sad raped girl and try to do her, shes going to smack your ugly face and walk away.
    the baby dies, they bulid a tomb. HIRO FINDS OUT ABOUT HIS CANCER. he KISSES some random girl so that mika gets mad, so that he dosent hv to tell her and make her sad.. HE CARES.
    yu and mika go out for like 1 and a half years!! not 15 minutes. wat? u really think theyre going to show every minute of 1 and a half years?? dumb a$$
    wat? u really think hes going to loose his eybrows because he has cancer, and u really think that hes going to have no hat on and just be bald. have you ever seen a person WITH CANCER hv no hat??? donkey butt.
    oh ya, when he says lunch, he means lunch.
    your versions of the show are jelously put into words. mayb you do take ecstacy.
    and yes, his hair is professionaly styled becuz they dont want their touching, charming chatecter to look sloppy and descusting…like you.
    so how about you just stop your stupid, freaken annoying hallucintations that disgusted me so much it ahs me constantly moaning, grumbling and slamming you and your words. I shook my head so much people must have thought i was just like you! luckily im not *phew!*
    lastly, shut up and make your own movie! i cant wait to make a review about your movie just like this one :DDDDD!!