When I heard that Musashi was going to be animated by Production IG ,I am thrilled because I finally can get to see the epic tale of this master swordsman , more so when it was directed by that Oshii. Even though his name sounds like OH SHIT! , I liked his work with GITS first movie . Sky Crawler even though boring , was awesome at its own right especially the slick animations and sweet dogfights .

As much as Oshii loves to talk bullshit in his film to showcase his awesome knowledge of philosophy which no one cares, he sure knows how to animate , especially the action scenes . Now knowing that Musashi is a badass swordsman who participated in tons of fights and practise Zen , you will expect the movie to be Sword Of Stranger , Musashi version 2 but no , fucking no! Oshii being the oh fucking philosopher made a documentary about some of the battle of Musashi which no one but fucking Musashi nerds understand! That is like less than 5% of the whole population!

Now you know why Musashi wasn’t publicised much even though it looks like some Production IG next big film because it is not .

You know what’s the funniest thing? I didn’t watch the show.