Today , my cousin came to my house to ask me some maths questions because everyone knows that I am a smartass . Come on , primary school maths? For some one in a tertiary level in studies? You must be kidding me! I didn’t know how to do because my maths sucks ass ! Oh fuck! How? Someone with a 3.98 gpa in a tertiary level of studies didn’t know how to do primary school maths? Am I going to embarrass myself in front of my 12 years old cousin who didn’t even realise that I am his cousin? Man can’t do that , definitely can’t do that . Lucky for me , I went to a Microsoft Imagine Cup Award Ceremony and they taught us great stuff like solving your problems by creating software . So I went to google and search for the answer keys .

Here are some great links:

Ok, I got lazy but you actually just need to type in the questions on google and it will most likely appears because  everyone and their fathers are most likely doing the same set of psle ten years series for primary 6 homework .  Now you know why Singapore wanted everyone to take PSLE , no , it is not to have a world recognised standard , it is for me to slack off and google the answers. It is all just to cater for me .