Woah , this must be the first time I have ever been so fast in catching up with a game. I am only 1 year late! Regardless , being hyped up by the World Cup yet couldn’t be arse enough to follow the live matches due to the lack of means , I decided to play PES 2010 on a whim just to get the feel of football hype again. First thing first , football is a wonderful sport because you just need a ball to play with , of course , same goes for basketball or any other sport but football doesn’t need a prefixed hoop or limited venue to enjoy the same experience as the real thing, you may just need some slippers , twits or a void deck that ban black coloured man from playing football in order to play the game . These equipments and venues  are as accessible as the oxygen you are breathing in and this is why anyone , regardless of poor or rich could play and win a chance for a glamorous endeavour in the numerous world wide recognised competitions. There are just so many chances and dreams to fulfil out there compare to other sport .

Ban black coloured man with no facial features and unrealistic head from playing football.

So onto the gameplay for PES 2010.

Something is weird about this game , no , not the interfaces which I don’t give a damn about unlike so many others . The commentaries are then the weird one, now pes is the abbreviation of Pro Evolution Soccer but the commentators always called the sport as Football but not Soccer ! Why the difference in translation? Why is the game released for US but uses a British commentator?! Not to mention , I played the Window version which is like a carbon copy for the xbox360 version but the sponsor board on the field showed Sony Playstation! WTF is that?!

Now onto the real gameplay .

If you read my twitter , I complained about the sluggish gameplay and some of its problems such as the abolishment of the feint shot and the insensitive controls . Never mind about that because I complained about how Arsenal is too strong for  PES 5 , how there are no difference in gameplay for PES 6 and how PES2009 doesn’t even have Bayern Munchen as a team. In other words , those are just petty complains because I am outraged at how I can’t win a game in Top Player mode or get my players with 90 dribble to break through a 4 men wall by dashing forward like how I did it in previous version. Now that I could  get hold of the controls better and probably can use UAE to win Brazil at Top Players mode , I am enjoying this sluggish play because it add in to the realism . Not to mention , to accommodate with this realism , the scoring is easier now . I could easily score unintentional scores and get away with it but that’s not saying that the opponent team can’t do that as well . That’s all for the gameplay because other than the players being shittier now , especially when they are  low in form , there isn’t  many changes from the previous version .

Now , you can’t talk about PES without talking about FIFA . I am a PES fanboy since ISSPro Evolution . During that era , FIFA 2000 just couldn’t compete with ISS because FIFA plays like some kindergarten jokes . There is this formula in FIFA for you to score and you can easily hit a 10-0 by repeating this formula. Not to mention , the graphic sucks and the players move unrealistically unlike its superior counter part which is ISS Pro 4. With that , my last encounter with FIFA is FIFA 2003 or something and it just play the same so I just gave up on FIFA and enjoy my PES goodness which is the almighty PES 5. The shittiness of FIFA forever remains as a stigma and I never dare to touch it again so I couldn’t really make a comparison now .

There isn’t really a lot to talk about and with the commence of PES2011 this October , this post is pretty useless since there isn’t any more things to add-on to the PES2010 discussion.

Nevertheless ,to end off , I will like to use the amazing statement from ISS Pro Evolution Ending Credit:

Don’t you think that football is one of the greatest languages? Because once you kick a ball , you can communicate with anybody , anywhere in the world!

Except for USA .