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Bwahahahahaahahahahaha. Brow fetish! Knee fetish! Whats next? I’m guessing stomach fetish soon!


Highschool Of The Dead?



It is obvious from the start that Germany is going to lose . What’s with the 70% possession from Spain for the first 15 min and pathetic attacks from Germany . Even though Klose is a good striker , we all know that he can’t break through the defence wall without any assist and that’s where the 5 midfielders come in. But then Podolski looks like he is living in his own world , always out running passes and generally running to spaces where ball can’t reach while Muller is on the bench .

On the other hand , Spain is clever with their tactics ; they disrupted the pacing of Germany by going slow and played possession football  for the first 10 or so minute right after the game started. Imagine your ball got snatched away just after your first pass and didn’t get the chance of touching it  for 10 whole minutes ; your pacing will be disrupt for sure as you  lost 10 minutes of warming up with the ball . This effect is obvious ; Germany have shaky controls when they have the possession while Spain can pull off solid runs and passes. However , there is a chance of gaining back the momentum for Germany during the fifth minute or so . Too bad , a crazy guy ran into the field and stop the flow of the game .

Even though the whole game was controlled by Spain with waves of closing in and possession , they have a hard time scoring . Their only goal was from a corner kick  . Why? Germany defence is as hard as a rock and Neuer , the keeper was on form( must be due to the fact that he is the only one with more than 5 second of possession time in Germany due to so many attacks from Spain) . Tons of attacks inside the penalty box were nullified  by amazing play from the defenders but sadly , the forward can’t even pull off a pass without losing the ball to the opponent in the next second. Not to mention , what’s with the long passes and the obsession with aerial plays from Germany when no one is in reach or fast enough to run through Spain defence?

To be honest , I got bored with it after 60 minutes because it was a boring game . One side , you have attacks which got blocked down 3/4 of the time and on another side , great defence and nothing else . It is clear that this won’t be a game with high scores and lop sided attack with low score count isn’t fun to watch.

Next game will be Netherlands vs Spain . From the semi final performances , Spain seems to be having a upper hand and better form so most likely it will be a predictable match . I can’t really get my anticipation level up now since I am indifferent for both teams . Then again ,  I will go for Netherlands because they will most likely lose ; supporting the weaker team when teams I truly support have lost is my principal.

For your information , I support two teams , Mexico as underdog and Germany as giant . Too bad , sometimes I am such a jinx where team I support will never win . I remember I ignored Champion League and Bayern Munich got into the semi-final . Then when I got serious and followed it , they lost.

People always thought that I hate everything , little do they know , I gave Kanokon a 7/10 in MAL because it was the first and last of its kind that I ever watch. Thanks to its wide coverage and condensation of all your usual trashy fanservice tropes plus fanservice crap being a one dimensional genre which only has  one boring and meaningless way to be presented with no more value added or any other enjoyment incurred by watching other different variation of it because all of them are the same , I don’t need to watch anymore of its kind.

However ,you may say that this is applicable to other genre such as the sports genre as well but why do I have enough of fanservice crap yet on the other hand , finding myself wanting more sport series? Here’s my reason ,  genre like sport series even though have similar plot, evoke feelings such as passion and manliness  which I can never get tired of like how I can never get tired of being happy .  Trashy fanservice on the other hand only do as much as giving you one or two boners and nothing else in which I can do without with so I have enough of it. In other words , they have different levels in terms of enjoyment limit and trashy fanservice series has a limit that is easier to be satisfied when compared to sport series . Here’s a illustration , double click for bigger size.

Regardless , why choose Kanokon as your one and only trashy fanservice series then? Why not something shittier like To Love Ru? First , To Love Ru is shittier . Second  , Kanokon was so mind numbing and stupid , it was rather funny . Third, it is as short as a series can get with 12 episodes , and finally , it was one of the most erotic one during its time . It has balls to push the fanservice limit for tv series , resulting in more erotic series such as Queens Blade and Seikon no Qwaser to be produced. All these  add up to it being the epitome of the epitome for mediocre  fanservice crap and thanks to that , my taste got an upgrade because I don’t need to be bother with this kind of series anymore as I more or less watched the best I could find.

You might think that it will be better if I don’t even try this genre in the first place but I am glad that I did because I honestly  enjoyed what I watched due to it being such a fresh idea for me. It felt just like watching your first anime or liking your first idiotic series such as Love Hina or Inuyasha. Not to mention , it took zero effort to watch it .


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