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I totally stole this image from animenation news site .

Kawa no Hikari is a short TV special , adapted from an ecological novel by Hisaki Matsuura .It was aired on NHK and is part of the “save the future” project.

Of course , being an ecological novel , there is this preaching about how nature is so awesome and people shouldn’t forget about other existence other than the human race . They conveyed this message by showing the journey of a family of river rats , travelling through cities to find another riverside to live in after their home got destroyed by construction work. Though , this isn’t about how construction works are very evil and human shouldn’t develop the city like how Hayao Miyazaki wanted you to believe . They took another approach of showing how the rats didn’t forget their own roots by taking the risk of finding another rivers to live in rather than staying in a much more comfortable city life .  I couldn’t describe it well but  it’s more of how city life can be comfortable but we mustn’t forget the nature because it’s our root of birth rather than how cities are very evil . They did  made some slight comments like how construction noises are awful  but they didn’t really focus  much on the evilness of human beings. They also seldom complain about how men are fucking jerks who want to get these cute animals home , or at least I didn’t really notice much of it because I am not actively looking for them , just like how you shouldn’t as well.In other words , the whole environmental message isn’t really down your throat or obnoxious . However, if you are really picky , it might get to you.

I thought that the environmental message isn’t its sole focus  but rather ,  a small aspect of the whole series anyway . A bigger part of the series is more about family , bonding , friendship and remembering your own roots . Regardless , I don’t like to bring in such touché  and opinionated issue about whether or not environmental message is total bullshit or what , especially so when this series is definitely targeted towards kid so let’s focus on other aspects of the anime instead.

The plot is about a simple ,  down to earth yet enjoyable adventure of finding a new home .Nothing deep , just like Evangelion .The animation was all right and they do have some awesome scenery scenes but outside of that , there isn’t anything much to talk about . The ost was strong and definitely can evoke some sentimental emotions . The atmosphere was exceptionally well done and I could really relax and get totally engross while watching the show .

The characters are cute animals which undergoes some rat’s development after braving through lots of adventures . They meet new interesting animal friends who are all badass and friendly. The first character they met was this awesome kennel rat whose every sentence  is an awesome prose. You will always find him , looking outside the window and telling you sentimental quotes about chasing the light of the river and stuff like that . Real scholar I tell ya  , real scholar . The comedic Aya Hirano stupid dog was great and the sub-plot of the cat who don’t eat rat is interesting and heart warming as well .  The sparrows were likeable too .

All in all , it was a really great children special and I like it very much . It was very heart warming and I urge you to give it a try , especially so if you forgot how anime can be so mainstream and un-anime like at this time and day . It definitely is a fresh of breathe air , so fresh and good that I  neglected my revision when I haven’t even start on anything even though tomorrow is my exam . Ahh , anime is wonderful and is definitely much more important than exam.

PS:  You can understand everything except for maybe the awesome kennel rat’s prose  if you watch the raw … … unless you are a retard .


IF bantering and pure criticism are deemed as non-constructive comments, then what about boot-licking and comments solely stating the usual positive stuffs? Read the rest of this entry »

People don’t like negative stuff , they hate long and draggy rant . I know that but I can’t help to let off some steam sometimes . However ,  I also know that it’s crazy to have your latest post as something negative if you want to keep your viewers. So let’s talk about something happy , something positive and light hearted this time . Let’s talk about the coming autumn anime .

From my last preview post , you can sort of know that I don’t believe in this kind of previews post anymore because you will most definitely miss out something somewhere . Actually no , preview posts just aren’t cool at all because all the cool blogger don’t do it . Though I am quite serious in trying to be positive about every summer series out there . However , no matter how hard I try ,truth to be told , I didn’t  start on any summer series because I am not someone who can follow a show week by week .That’s why I am amaze how people can keep up with the huge amount of ongoing series while blogging it .

Man , how can they do that? Do they even have a life? Am I watching anime the wrong way because I am always finding myself exhausted after one episode because I put in so much effort when I watch anime?  So I thought to myself , since I didn’t try before episodic reviews and I need to build up the habit of watching anime week by week , why not I try to do it this season to see how far I could go . This is where you come in because  I need your input on which series I should blog . The first anime being voted should be the one because I doubt that there will be more than one vote.

Here’s the chart for reference

Here’s the poll

I have helpfully omitted sequels and those nippon animation series which will never get fansubbed.

Also , the poll is designed in  this way for a reason. To help me or to throw me to the hell of moe? It is all in your hand! Let there be light and god bless my success in this endeavour! Actually I don’t believe in god.

Anime fan can’t get their priority right

Like any media out there , anime has its own glamorous side such as seiyuu and merchandises . Sometimes people are too caught up with those , they neglected the most important aspect of anime – the anime and the whole production behind it  . It really sadden me when I see those self-proclaimed otaku didn’t even mention or know about Satoshi Kon’s death , when Satoshi Kon is like this big thing that any anime fans with enough worth will know his name .  This happen becasue most of them are too caught up with their merchandise and seiyuu , they can’t further improve their knowledge of how anime actually works or at least , who are the ingenious mind behind all these stuff.

Now , merchandise and seiyuu aren’t the one who create all these wonderful work , they can’t really control how good the work will be and it is actually ok without them . We watch anime because the anime is good , not because the seiyuu are beautiful or because the merchandises look nice . It’s like you don’t watch movie such as Inception to buy an Ellen Page figurine do you? The whole principle behind anime is to tell you a story , the whole video is the main focus and those toys and idols are just extra  products .

I get really dishearten when people actually care about the merchandise more than the show itself , if that’s the case , that anime isn’t anime anymore but rather , advertisement . So fuck off and don’t call yourself an anime fan because you aren’t even watching anime .

I also get really sad when idiotic fans talk about how companies should produce more merchandise to cope with the lost of dvd sales and such . No man , some anime just can’t be merchandised and shouldn’t be merchandised because its purpose isn’t to sell toys. Those who rattle off such outrageous comments just reveal the fact that they are confined in watching  moe series which could be merchandised and this is actually the next point .

Anime fans are restricting themselves within one genre – Moe

I think I mentioned this lots of times  but people still misunderstand me as someone who hates moe. I don’t hate moe , I just couldn’t be bother about it . I actually like moe fans who know how to balance their anime viewings with non moe series more than pure moe haters . It’s those fans who watches nothing but fanservice and moe show that get on my nerve. People enjoyed different stuff , I myself like some bad things . I can see how you can enjoy K-on and it’s ok to like it , but liking and watching only stuff like K-on while ignoring exceptional works like Legend of the Galactic Heroes  or even similar work of the same vein like Aria? Sorry but I can’t help but to get annoy by that because I am too much of a busybody to care about what others like .

I can’t take people who only love and watch moe series and call themselves anime fans seriously  because that’s like calling yourself  a movie buff  when your favourite movies are Epic Movie and Vampire Sucks . Ha! Worst still , you call yourself an otaku when your knowledge of anime is as shallow as the toilet bowl water.

I can’t help but to wonder whether they love lousy works  because they only watch lousy works or is it because their taste just sucks? I guess it will be the former since I still believe that other than Holydreams , there’s still hope for those with sucky taste and it’s not entirely their fault that they aren’t exposed to other great work to know what actual quality means .  You will have a higher chance to find something you enjoyed so much , it changes your life and perspective or even deepen your passion for anime if you open up to more variety . It’s not possible to learn about anime  just by watching moe series .

You called yourself an anime fan and that’s why you should embrace or at least have a taste for every part of it and not restrict yourself to one thing. You can’t call yourself a movie fan just because you like one Transformer right? I will think that it’s only natural for a fan to dig in deeper into the stuff they love .

Everyone watches anime to enjoy , but why watch something you enjoyed a little when you can watch something that has ten times the ability to entertain you?  I know it’s hard to believe but you can actually deepen your anime knowledge while enjoying a series immensely at the same time. Understanding and knowing more anime knowledge is part of the enjoyment as well.

Anime Fans Get Too Enthusiastic About Things They Love

There are two type of enthusiasm . Type  one, a positive enthusiasm that doesn’t annoy others . Type two , the over-hyping of  things you like and you can’t stop harping on about it , it backfires and annoys the hell out of people . This is especially true if that thing isn’t even great or impressive in the first place . You like K-on? Good but stop bothering me with your shitass figurines every single day and act as if they are the most impressive things in life. Like Naruto? Sure go ahead , I like it as well but please don’t over exaggerate its worth while wearing a head band and climb up trees  to show how annoying and retarded you are .

I will be the first to admit that I had knee jerk reactions and hyped things out unnecessary in the past(TM 8.0 and Durararara to be more specific) but I stopped doing that because I understand the fact that forcing stuff down people throats will only give people a bad impression about it . The best thing to do is just mention it slightly or outline lightly the greatness of it with awesome reviews (if you can) to get people interested in something . The key is to balance the right amount of enthusiasm without exaggerating the awesomeness of something. Sometimes , you just need to expose the thing you want to recommend to your readers and they might just get interested and start watching it. Even a slight mention of the interesting title can get people interested in stuff .

All in all , don’t harp on too much about things you like as it will heighten people’s expectation and we know how high expectation can ruin things sometimes , actually high expectation ruins things most of the time.

It’s dumb to dislike something just because there are too much noise about it , but like david michel once said ,” people are dumb” .

Watching Tekkaman Blade will remind you of the reason why you watch anime in the first place . During the era of American cartoons flooding your TV screen with never-ending episodes and a formulaic non linear plot , coupled with the fact that there are no such thing as human drama but just pure nonsensical scenes after scenes to make it accessible to all children , the contrast of Japanese animation where they show blood and violence while dwelling on moral issue with hints of angst and grit coupled with a “non formulaic” story with an end in mind , one will definitely get attached to it and see it as something more mature and you know , superior .

Of course after hundreds of such angst and shit like that , we know that they aren’t any better than American cartoons in terms of being non formulaic or unique . While American cartoons uses the same plot of monster per week or wacky nonsensical plot to push on the show , Japanese does the same thing with their angst and stuff . No , it isn’t anything special any more, it is just the same old same old being recycled again and again. After knowing this and got desensitised by such recycled plot but end out turning anime into some sort of habit/hobby anyway for reasons differ from fans to fans , fan will normally forgot how they got into this shit in the first place . I forgot mine , but watching Tekkaman Blade reminds me of how cool anime appears to be when I don’t know anything.

I think most people know and heard of Tekkaman Blade , but due to it being something like a cool childhood cartoon which you have no memories of , most people didn’t know that the cool cartoon they watched when they were 5 years old was this Tekkaman Blade which I am talking about now. Nevertheless , you just need to know that it is a show about a slick action hero with a dark past and bleak future going to space and kill aliens with badass moves with tons of character development.

That’s enough of an introduction and talk about things that I like and dislike about Tekkaman Blade.

1 Thing that Bothers Me:

Recap episodes . Guess how many are there? I don’t know , I lost count of it but I think there are at least four of them and most of them recapping the same shit over and over again for what I don’t know? Maybe they need to stuff in some ass to delay time because they can’t meet their deadline or what . Now being as awesome as I am  , I can’t skip the recap episodes because most recap episode has 1 min of new content .Can’t deny the effort of the animator to at least try to give you 1 minute of extra content , even though most of which are useless . Actually all the extra one minute are useless.Man , come to think of it ,  it’s a waste of fucking time! We already have enough flashback in normal episode , I don’t need a whole episode which was made out of it!

2 Filler Episodes Which I Liked

You know how all these long 50 episodes of epic journey always have those subplot which may or may not do anything at all . Eureka 7 has it own share of awesome William the Farmer and such while Tekkaman has 2 exceptional filler episodes . Now telling you what episode it is will be useless because you won’t know what the hell I am talking about anyway so I will just stuck this category in for the sake of having a sequential numbering order.

3 Minor Gripes

1. Weak Writing Occasionally.

Sometimes, Tekkaman Blade  withhold minor information and just brush off plot point easily then stalled it until later  to further explain it because the creator haven’t made out their mind on what is actually going on  , or so it seems . One instance is that we know that Omega is stuck with the Radam mother-ship during episode 24  but why? They didn’t give you any reason until  episode 41 or so , and the reason is as lazy and stupid as he needs to merge his body with the ship to repair it . Wtf? Can’t you just tell me that and not make it wait till 20 episodes later to reveal it?

Not to mention , lots of plot twist and introductions of characters happen without any build up  . I bet the producer has this kind of conversation during their meeting.

Producer A: Man , you know yesterday when I fuck my hot wife , I finally thought out of a great reason for the Radam Mother-ship to  be stuck on moon!

Producer B: How?

Producer A: We can just lightly brush off it and say that Takaya’s Father blew up their space ship.

Producer B : But we already show the audience that he got engulfed by those slimy Radam so how did he blew up the spaceship?

Producer A: Hey! We didn’t explain how others turn into bones and die after Radam rejection while Takaya’s father can be alive and kicking and even have enough time to try save his children! This shows that viewers wouldn’t care about such details , we just need to brush it off and touch on it lightly without even animating the exploding of the space ship to get off with it!

Producer B: At the mean time , let’s slap a never mention before Kengo Niisan and make him OMEGA! Yea baby yea.


2. Repetition of Dialogue

The dialogues of the second part of the series were exceptionally great but the first part? Idiotic . Many times you will find characters repeating the same conversation again and again because they can’t think of better dialogues.

Example. Episode 22


D-Boy: But .. but


or something of this effect. There are lots of instances with such redundant repetition .

3. Animation Decays

Pretty self explanatory and I am not even talking about dated animation!

Also ,sometimes the character just does weird stuff.

Now you see that hot blond guy above? What is he doing? Jumping off the window? Perhaps avoiding some enemy? Or perhaps he realise that there is something outside there but doors and hallways are for pussy so he decided to jump off the window just like that? Awesome.

4 Things  I will Love to See

1.More badass fightings like those from Twin Blood.

2. More angst

Actually , there is a lot of angst already but some of them are not quite there yet. Come on , you are fighting your siblings and friends! You just can’t kill them off so lightly without any emotion! You need more episode to suffer after killing your once comrades!

3.An episode on Freeman Fashion Taste

4.The full animation of Missing Ling(k) and the final novel

Lots of English fans didn’t know that a full script for Missing Ling exists and there is also a final novel to tie the loose end . That’s why they can’t appreciate Tekkaman 2 because without Missing Ling , there isn’t really any reason to continue the plot as it seems to solve everything during part 1.

5 Great Things About Tekkaman


2.Manly Songs

3.Awesome Static Sketchy 90’s Arts with Lots of Toning

4.Episode 41’s art style

Go and watch episode 41 and you will understand how awesome the art is . The keyboard still has no key labels though because all the Space Knight are genius who memorise the whole keyboard .

5.Great Cast of Interesting Characters

I do agree that some of the characters are underdeveloped but most of them have at least something interesting about them .

D Boy for instance is the extreme tragic hero who life is so tragic  , you can’t help but throw a 10 cent coin to him when asked for donation .

Aki is the chick who isn’t annoying until the end where she whine and cries too much but hey , you can’t find another chick as hot and as her and 2/49 episodes of being annoying is nothing when she was consistently good for 46 episodes.

Miyuki’s ending is so tragic , like all her family members are , you can’t help but ask her to go to your bedroom to console her.

Noel jump out the window for nothing ! You can’t be as cool as him .

Barnard is the badass soldier while Freeman has awesome taste in his glasses.

One of my personal favourite  is Balzac . At first , he was the evil man who diss the hero but after some off-screen development , he turned into the slickest , funniest and best character to reform the whole sub-par dialogue from Tekkaman Blade. Come on , he tells you he doesn’t have any sense of direction out of no where and cracks jokes every time he speaks . His dialogues are so awesome , something golden will come out every time he talks.

Evil , the villain  was so crazy , you need to praise his voice actor for not dying out of laughter because  his voice is so over the fucking top . Watch the youtube video , “Twin Blood” above for example . Other villain like Axe was great because he is like the shifu for Blade and Evil . Of course , Lance and Dagger and to a lesser extend , Omega are throwaway villains to fill in the space but the others are at least well written.

The other side characters served as awesome plot pusher and character driven plot point so at least they aren’t that useless.

All in all , it was a fun and interesting cast who grow into you before you notice it .

Tekkaman Blade was cheesy , but it was enjoyable and the last 8 episodes were so well written  , I felt that the time I invested in it was well worth . Also , it has everything which makes a 90’s anime 90’s . It also feature Megumi Hayashibara because all the 90’s anime has her and Aki was one of her early role.  With that said , I won’t  highly recommend Tekkaman Blade because it is too dated for the majority taste . I don’t see anyone but those who has a interest in 90’s anime to be patience enough until the series grows on them  , but then again , I didn’t say I won’t  “lowly” recommend it .

In recent years , we have seen lots of talents in the anime/manga world passing away . Just these 2 years , in the manga/light novel  industry , we lost Kaoru Kurimoto(Guin Saga) ,   Takahiro Yamato (Kaze no Stigma)  , Yoshito Usui(Crayon Shin Chan) and Tadashi Kawashima(Alive) . I have seen some of these authors’ work and can consider myself as a casual fan for them , but even though their death is sad ,  frankly , it doesn’t affect me as much as Satoshi Kon’s death . It’s not difficult to see why . When you talk about animated film, just how many prominent directors are there? On top of my head ,  I can only think of Mamoru Hosada , Mamoru Oshii , Satoshi Kon , Makoto Shinkai , Hayao Miyazaki , Isao Takahata and Katsuhiro Otomo. Man , you can even count the numbers with your fingers! And that’s the whole reason to be sad , we just lost one out of the handful directors who can create such wonderful anime films. It’s like taking away food during poverty or the death of an inventor who has the ability to do much more . It’s devastating .

Now , I don’t consider myself a hardcore Satoshi Kon fan because I have only watched his Tokyo Godfathers but even so , his death had spoilt my day . It’s hard to imagine how his  hardcore fan felt . To be frank , I am planning to watch his other works this coming holiday but now after his death , I actually felt bad  for pirating his work . With that , I decided to delete his works on my computer and went out to search for the original dvds just to show my respect for him . I managed to buy Paprika after much hard work but unfortunately , I couldn’t find Millennium Actress and Perfect Blue , which I doubt  had been licensed here in Singapore . That’s sad and I am conflicted now whether to watch the pirated version or wait till I could import it. This is not about piracy or supporting the industry  , but rather , it’s the only  way I can think of to  show my respect to him  , a way to keep the fond memory of his works.

Now I really wonder what will happen to  The Dream Machine , I really hope that it can be completed since Satoshi seems to know about his pancreatic cancer in May in which I guess it is his wish that it will be finished as well …

I am tired of people complaining about our local manga publisher where lots of people made lost of unfair claims and panned it unnecessary. So to relieve some of these anger , I will try to refute some of these complains but first thing first , I will agree that Chuangyi’s paper quality is inferior to the Taiwan counterpart.

Complain number 1 : Comics Titles

People always complain about how Chuangyi has lesser title than Taiwan Companies while neglecting the fact that there are 5 and more companies publishing manga there while we only have one Chuangyi . Not to mention , the Taiwan companies are more well established and started off earlier so they have early dated manga which most likely won’t sell anymore like Madbull 34 , Houto no Ken and Orange Road while Chuangyi was too late for the game. Not to mention , Chuangyi has to deal with English manga as well so even though it is a fact that Chuangyi carries lesser titles , I think this argument is unfair. This is my personal peeves but I will like to poinnt out that those who complain about this wanted less then stellar work like Lucky Star and those Kodokawa visual novels adaptation manga which no one should even care about in the first place. These people neglected great license such as Blade Of Immortal , Vagabond ,H2 and many others.

However the complain about the limitation of new titles is valid but you need to understand the risk of publishing new titles. Not to mention , they need to calculate whether this title will make any profit when the same new titles are carried by Taiwan company as well . I will reckon that Taiwan can publish new titles like how they do is due to an established fanbase where you know , people buy comics , lots of them . That’s not saying that we locals don’t buy them but do eradicate this limitation of new titles , all we need to do is actually showing our support . Chuangyi has lots of channel for you do give recommendation and such.

Complain 2 : Translation
Funny how people complain about this when you can never know whether a translation is correct or not unless you have the Japanese one . The awkward sentence structure might not be a translation error but actually an error from the Japanese counterpart . Let me assure you , the Japanese make errors as well . That’s not saying that Chuangyi doesn’t make any mistakes , they made a lot as well . Detective Loki is almost unreadable. Flame of Recca was bad as well but surprise surprise , the Hongkong and Taiwan versions have similar problem. I blame it on the early establishment.

Now , people always use the Taiwan version to make comparison ,but then how will they know that it is not the Taiwan company’s error? Oh , because the grass is always greener on the other side and local company always suck ass . Go to Taiwan and people complain about their translation when compared to Hongkong or else where. Go to USA and people complain about how Scanlations have better translation .

Now , I do agree that some of the Taiwan version flows better in translation but on the other hand , some of our local translation flow better as well . Also , let me assure you the Taiwan companies have their fair share of errors as well , lots of them actually . I put Eden; the endless world on halt because the translation was horrendous . It doesn’t make any sense most of the time! Though it might be the author’s mistakes but it is quite impossible to have errors for every 5 page or so . Well , it was a difficult comic to translate so I have no complains.

I am still able to follow like 4/6 of the ongoing titles I have so I am ok with that.

Nearly forgot to mention one point , Chuangyi has their own localisation , same goes with Taiwan Companies and all this is just preferance choice , it is really unfair to complain about it just because you prefer the Taiwan’s one.

Complain 3 : Price

You go to Taiwan and can eat a bowl of noodles with $2 but you need $3 in Singapore . Come on , go complain about that then . Though Taiwan comics are more expensive here due to import fees . Now people say that they are willing to fork out 50cent more for Taiwan company but they forget that the 50cent will compile for every volume you buy . The reason they forget about this must be because they are always reading comics that got axed early on due to sucking too much.

Complain 4: Speed
For Taiwan company , I have been waiting for 7 billion needles for god knows when even though it sucks and also , they are late for GTO Shonan 14 days . Same goes for some of the Chuangyi titles. Both have same speed issue for different titles . It’s funny how people are willing to go to such extend of complaining about a slower release when it was just like a few weeks late . Man , must be cheapo that only follow one title so they can’t read other comics before the new one is released.

Well , all in all , to get the good from both of them , you just need to balance your collection from both different publishers.

Views on Loli :I don’t even like lolipop – a sweet which look like giving blowjob when people eat them so why will I care about some cartoon small girl?

Views on Censorship: It’s not like I watch cartoons for uncensored boobs.

Views on Moe: It’s great excuse for me to skip a show.

Views on Slice Of Life: It’s not like K-on will turn good if it was call Kuuki Kei or something.

Views on Japan:In the past , they made 90% of the great games , 80% of the great television , 78% of the
oh so weird and awesome technologies but now? Pretty much the same still but I don’t know Japanese.

Views on Dropping Show: No time for things that suck.

Views on Otaku: In this time and day where people pride themselves for being nerds and jerks , you just couldn’t care anymore.

Views on Stopping Scanlation: It’s good so I can flung my e-penis by posting pictures of 989 manga and on facebook to show my awesome collections and use it as an excuse for me to pirate more anime because I SUPPORTED THE INDUSTRY!!! YEAH!!!

Views on Simulcast: I am always regional restricted .

Views on Fansubbers: They have their fun , I have my free anime . When they die , people just rip off official dvds and simulcast so no one really care about fansubbing anymore.

Views on Piracy: Hey! I bought like 989 volumes of manga so it’s ok if I pirate things right? No , I am just cheap.

How wrong was I when I thought that the post frequency will increase because I am very free . The problem I am facing now is a stagnation in my progress of anime/manga viewing . That’s not saying I don’t watch anime nor read manga anymore but rather , the stuffs I am reading and watching now are long series which couldn’t stimulate any ideas or motivation for posting . For your information , I am  reading Naruto  and School Rumble now while watching Tekkaman Blade for anime . Not to mention , playing hours and hours of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 before 2011 release didn’t help as well.

Let me tell you , as enjoyable as the series I am reading and watching now are , they can sometimes be such uninspiring topics to talk about due to their nature . I was late for the School Rumble bandwagon and what needed to be discuss had been discussed. Not to mention , it was so popular , I don’t think there’s a need for my impression .

Discussing about Naruto is as good as talking about yesterday catching session in the playground when you were young .

Tekkaman Blade did garner some interesting ideas  but those ideas are rather complicated and I doubt I could pull it off . Not to mention , my ideas lingers with a lot of unfamiliar topics , namely how anime-ish anime were like in the 90s .

So the only way to breakthrough this stagnation is to hasten my pace with all this series and play less PES 2010 . It might prove be difficult though because my Become a Legend player is really becoming legendary soon .

Oh , and I watched Inception , the few Hollywood movie that I actually watched in theatre . In short , it was great and inspire me to watch Paprika . Arthur second layer kick scene using the elevator is my favourite scene. Not to mention , I am going to watch The Expendables  this week because in every 90s kid’s heart Stallone , Arnold , Jackie Chan , Chow Yun Fat and Stephen Chow are great men who appears in the great almighty TV.

Sometimes in life , you need to post something to kick start the gear for subsequent posts.

The manga that is . Funny how all these work out and how on earth will some one in my phase as a fan gets into Naruto!? Only beginners are into it and supposedly “jaded” fans like me who hates on moe and everything popular won’t even touch it .

Anyway , I completed the first volume just recently and I must say that it wasn’t really that bad . It stayed on to the tried and successful formula of friendship , gut and action for Shonen manga and did it rather well . Also , even though I did laugh at some of the genuine jokes , I can’t help  but to laugh at some of the stuff in which I know will become bullshit during mid series such as the rule of ninja is to hide your presence . Yea totally right, throwing kamehameha during mid series really hide your presence well .

So what’s my verdict for Naruto? Well , it was an entertaining Shonen and the hate for it is unnecessary . If it isn’t so popular or the fan isn’t so annoying , it will just become another Kenichi or Kekkashi – a shonen series enjoyed by many without much hate.

Fuck , now I am a sell-out! I promise that I won’t read Bleach .


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