If you want a fresh breath of air from your usual anime series with common animeish plot line , it will be good to just catch some animated movies. Maybe due to its theatrical nature and how anime movie tends to be more mainstream as its purpose isn’t just to please otaku , their style is really different from your usual series . Actually , most of those non fantastical one are similar to any live action movies out there but because it is anime , it became different.

Like how Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 being one of the few natural disaster anime or Highschool of the Dead being the few Zombie Apocalypse one , all those done to death plot from other medium seems to be something new and never done before just because of the change of medium. This is actually due to a belief , a belief from us anime fans that anime could revolutionise and make a difference with these usual plot from other mediums, though I really don’t concur with that because Highschool of the Dead remained as one cliché Zombie Apocalypse flick and even though Tokyo Magnitude was actually different ,  it was way too different to be seem as clever or great enough to subvert the cliché.

In other words , even though I must admit that I have the same belief in the past , but after watching quite a handful of anime , I know that I am expecting too much . In return , I enjoyed these live action like anime with another set of expectation – I just want a simple , inspiring feel good movie but I couldn’t stomach live actions due to many reasons so I have to make do with it using anime . It is just like reading a comic of a novel , different medium with similarities but one is easy to digest than the other so you just have to make do with one of them to enjoy some of the similar experience while not facing those nausea evil stuff like bad acting.

Regardless , I think I have rattle enough and need to talk a little about Nitaboh . Nitaboh is a story of the founder of  of the Shamisen of Tsugaru in which you follow his journey of learning and becoming the master of Shamisen . It was produced by WAO Corporation which little details was known about them because apparently , they only created three or so animated movies so far.  Now I am downloading their next work Furusato Japan in which I was interested in since god knows when . Regardless , Nitaboh is an inspiring movie about following one’s ambition . So what if you are blind , so what if your status couldn’t play Shamisen , so what if ONE MANGA is down ! With a will , there will be a way! Now that’s a simple and common plot line but it was well written and the ost enhanced the mood so well , I was exhilarated by the whole feel of the movie , I actually felt kinda awesome after finishing it.

In other words , it was damn good lah , go watch it .

PS: Apparently , WAO Corporation is an educational business company in which they offer stuff like prep school and err e-learning?  Nitaboh , Furusato Japan and the newest 8-gatsu no Symphony – Shibuya 2002-2003 are educational movies. I sort of have guessed that from the start of Nitaboh but I have to make sure but man , some educational company is creating such high quality movie( ok , not that high in quality bit hey , it is above average)  when Gonzo is dying while Xebec and Bee Train can’t even put out a great show? How embarrassing is that! I have high hope for WAO.