The manga that is . Funny how all these work out and how on earth will some one in my phase as a fan gets into Naruto!? Only beginners are into it and supposedly “jaded” fans like me who hates on moe and everything popular won’t even touch it .

Anyway , I completed the first volume just recently and I must say that it wasn’t really that bad . It stayed on to the tried and successful formula of friendship , gut and action for Shonen manga and did it rather well . Also , even though I did laugh at some of the genuine jokes , I can’t help  but to laugh at some of the stuff in which I know will become bullshit during mid series such as the rule of ninja is to hide your presence . Yea totally right, throwing kamehameha during mid series really hide your presence well .

So what’s my verdict for Naruto? Well , it was an entertaining Shonen and the hate for it is unnecessary . If it isn’t so popular or the fan isn’t so annoying , it will just become another Kenichi or Kekkashi – a shonen series enjoyed by many without much hate.

Fuck , now I am a sell-out! I promise that I won’t read Bleach .