How wrong was I when I thought that the post frequency will increase because I am very free . The problem I am facing now is a stagnation in my progress of anime/manga viewing . That’s not saying I don’t watch anime nor read manga anymore but rather , the stuffs I am reading and watching now are long series which couldn’t stimulate any ideas or motivation for posting . For your information , I am  reading Naruto  and School Rumble now while watching Tekkaman Blade for anime . Not to mention , playing hours and hours of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 before 2011 release didn’t help as well.

Let me tell you , as enjoyable as the series I am reading and watching now are , they can sometimes be such uninspiring topics to talk about due to their nature . I was late for the School Rumble bandwagon and what needed to be discuss had been discussed. Not to mention , it was so popular , I don’t think there’s a need for my impression .

Discussing about Naruto is as good as talking about yesterday catching session in the playground when you were young .

Tekkaman Blade did garner some interesting ideas  but those ideas are rather complicated and I doubt I could pull it off . Not to mention , my ideas lingers with a lot of unfamiliar topics , namely how anime-ish anime were like in the 90s .

So the only way to breakthrough this stagnation is to hasten my pace with all this series and play less PES 2010 . It might prove be difficult though because my Become a Legend player is really becoming legendary soon .

Oh , and I watched Inception , the few Hollywood movie that I actually watched in theatre . In short , it was great and inspire me to watch Paprika . Arthur second layer kick scene using the elevator is my favourite scene. Not to mention , I am going to watch The Expendables  this week because in every 90s kid’s heart Stallone , Arnold , Jackie Chan , Chow Yun Fat and Stephen Chow are great men who appears in the great almighty TV.

Sometimes in life , you need to post something to kick start the gear for subsequent posts.